My Childhood Dream

Hello everyone,

In this little article, i want to share the very first experience ive had right in the beginning of my birth.

I remember it still very clear. I was reading a book in the sky’s, in the so called “akasha cronic”, in the astral world.

It was a big and wide library, very similar to the one’s in a university but way oversized with very long floors.

Suddenly i felt something on my back, pulling me stronger and stronger while i realised i was loosing memory.

In the same moment i got pulled so strong, that i flew from the front door and saw two other people staring at me while i was heading to earth with my back towards it.

I flew trough the very clear and daylight sky downwards, while it started to become darker. Logically it was the space i think.

I was loosing my memory and i knew it. It was like a freezing moment and i tried to do anything i could to stop the pull but i couldnt.

As i realised i was thrown trough a portal, right into the body while seeing the portal close before my eyes and my astral body taking the shape of my upcoming costume.

I arrived but wanted to go back, however i couldnt and i was losing more and more of my consciousness and memory.

I tried to talk but the baby body wasnt able too. I tried to move but neither that was possible. I saw those people before me who would soon call themselves parents … I wasnt happy at all i tell you that! I just didnt wanted it. It felt way better up there and why at all ? ..Ive had forgotten..

It was so intense that i still see it before me..

Later i came back after loosing consciousness for maybe two weeks – I just knew how much time was passed and than i heard what my name would be.

I still cant stand it but im happier than taking the previous one’s!

Thats it for this little story of mine. Did any of you had something like this before?

Let me absolutely know it in the comments!

Thank you all for reading and see ya soon! 🙂

For the german speaking people under you, a favorite book of mine and no i dont get any conversion for it, its just a really good eye opener:

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