Negative Astral Monster’s

People who travel astral to the negative frequence worlds, end up getting chased or scared the living daylights out.

Sometimes it happens unconsious in dreams or you do it fully aware.

These beings are very real and do exist.

((How to prove?
Well…these things live in the next world and i dont think there is technology that can capture one yet.

Sooner or later you will see one…most lately after death, when you decide to go „down“ there.))

However they can not harm you at all. Only if they find a way to 3D – To the physical world.

NO they’re not demons (trans.: “Ghost”) or whatever you may think.
Just a being like you and me with bad or none intention to harm you…And some are really ugly too!

They may not be souls but do posess a sort of awareness.

So what can they do?

If youre not careful enough, you can take some of them with you to your house.

They will suck your energy dry or do nothing at all. By sucking you dry, i mean negative energy.
Transforming into someone you like, know or not know and silently feasting energy while having sex.

They live of fear and negative energy.
You may get angry faster or else when you took some of them with you.
Their powers are different.
Some are reptile aliens and can do similiar appearance transformations.

Some powers:
°Increase negative emotions,°do mind games,°place fears in your head (for certain time), °Having sex with you (happens often) while sleeping (only with your astral body)

Yes having sex with your astral body is a power from them because not all can do that.

How to get rid of them?
Dont worry, most dissapear within hours, seconds but sometimes they stay way longer!

Well it depends on your own behaviour. If they cant get what they want, they leeve.

If you fight against them in a dream, it will be a total different situation. No harm to expect at all. Except in the dream!

Good to know: They swing always in frequency like everything else. Meaning that if you leave and someone wants to come with you, they mostly fall back to their frequency.

Negative beings stay mostly in negative realms because they cant go higher.
The higher the frequency – the sooner they fall!

Never forget: Astral negative beings are real and only in the fourth dimension. But because earth is near the frequency, some may come. What you dream is mostly different and depends on how you understand the situation.

In the end its a funny place if you dont get scared. The smallest amount of fear can suddenly skyrocket and make an unforgettable time.

Stay safe happy friends! Because being positive in life brings you a shield!

See ya and leave a comment 🙂

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