How „Law of Attraction“ actually works

Hello friends,

Today we talk about the law of attraction.

What is that?

Its a „tool“ or let’s say a rule from the universe for you to use to make your dreams come true … So it is told ..

How does it work ?

Well first of all what you need to know is that everyone has a magnetic field. In this magnetic field, every thought and desire is placed as information which has a certain frequency. Everyone’s thoughts are different of course and so will be their reality.

Shortly said your magnetic field is your field of concentration where your energy flow’s towards when you think about stuff.

To use the law of attraction, you have to concentrate on what you really want to have and where you want to be. Every negative thought should be taken out.

What will happen if you do that ?

You will drag the possible reality near you which can be made real when you work for it! Yes even you have to do something to be there!

I always dont like people who fool others by telling that every desire will be fulfilled when they imagine themselves having what they want.

Its absolute bullshit! You only get want you want when you work for it. This is how the game works unfortunate..

I mean where is my own penthouse and Ferrari when it works like some people tell you? I know where it is… just in my head.

Let’s take it together:

To use this law you need to first of imagine a possible reality that can be reached. Dont imagine owning the entire world in 3 days, its not going to happen.

After you know what you what – imagine how you will get there. This means you have to do something instead just imaginating and going back to bed. The more often you imagine it and do something for it, the more the reality will come towards you.

This gives you the meaning of „creating your own reality“!

Dont forget, you drag towards yourself what you think and what is shown in your info field. If you always think negative – you will only get negative!

But this all depends as well on what is written from you, in your plan. More to it later.

See ya people! 🙂

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