How to Induce Nightmare’s

Hello friends,

This time i will tell you how you can induce nightmare dreams if you should get bored in your dreamworld.

So first of you need to know that watching a horror movie before bed, wont help you with that. It will not let you sleep in the first place.

So how to do it?

You will just not cover you body when you go to sleep! That it!

Why ?

When you dont cover up your body and the cold comes up to you, your body will start shaking and it will feel horrible in your dream. Because you shake while dreaming, it can be easily misplaced in your dream as fear. You wont feel cold as long as you dont wake up. But you will shake!

What you currently dream will be changed immediately to a horror trip – not because its cold, but because when you start shaking in your dream, mostly youre going to associate fears..

The colder it is while you sleep, the better nightmare you will get.

Fear and feeling cold and shaking has nearly a very similiar feeling. Of course many dont start shaking when theyre afraid of something and thats why we make a headstart straight to level of fear that you may have never experienced before.

It will wear off very quick when you wake up and it may not work anymore that night. Sometimes it doesnt work always because as a individual, everyone has a different cold feeling level.

Make sure not to catch a cold! 🙂

Thats it for this little post, See ya around happy tree’s

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