The Tunnel-System’s after Death

Hello Everyone,

Today we talk about the tunnel systems after death. Many people had told that they’ve had near death experiences were a tunnel appeared in front of them. Or they were walking to a end of a tunnel.

So what exactly is that system?

These tunnels are nearly everywhere! And in a lot of dimensions too. Its a warping and fast travel system to different dimensions.

After death, your speed will be higher that light! So why would we need tunnels for?

One thing is the trap placement like the end of the tunnel! It would be the best way to place one to the end right? Because not many know what comes when you go trough it!

The other thing is as i said earlier, the fast travel method between dimensions.

It would be possible to do that if you would accelerate your speed of course but for many who dont know, these tunnels do come convenient.

Some are empty, shiny, small, big, all mixed and a lot can happen in there.

As well there are tunnels which orient in your expectation. This means they form their colours like you want but you just dont know what will be in the end of it.

Note: a dark tunnel will either bring you out of the matrix itself or emptyness where you can simply fly out.

AND the tunnels are fixed! But some seem to move as well! Like a collector …specially the very nice and love filled tunnels! If you dont want to in there, just wait till it goes by.

The tunnels to freedom exist besides the light tunnels. This means that you should walk around the light and watch to smaller tunnels. Never listen to anybody when you want to make the jump. There will be beings that will tell you to not do it and go to the light.

The tunnel systems were made to transport a lot of souls straight from one point to another without really letting them know what will come.

Only a small amount of tunnels bring you out. Not all! Many teleport you completely elsewhere.

When you know how to fly and teleport – USE IT. Dont use the tunnels! You just dont know what will happen.

Now many tell that they simply went up without any tunnels or control. This means that they were 100% unconscious about what they were doing.

It is like walking trough a tunnel with the intention to go through as soon as you stepped in. Never let your guard down and be concentrated! Nothing can hurt you anymore but deceiving will be on a whole different level.

See ya people! In the next blog i will tell you why lying is still possible in the next world..And not like some tell you „impossible“.

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