Can you forgive me?

My heart.. i want to say sorry for what i may did with our plan to our life’s and how it all came up like this..

I know that you were there.. screaming why i did what i did.. All i can tell is that i dont know..

I simply cant remember and screwed it up.. I only can give myself the blame even if i dont know why it really happend.

If i could return to that moment, i wouldve heard to what you said.. I wouldve looked more than 5 times ..

Why cant i hear it when i remember ? … All i know is „it wouldnt work otherwise“ …

I saw trough everything ..every possibility for us to be together here .. But i knew …WE knew that our upcoming life’s were not going to be a cake.. I am sorry if i did a mistake.. Yet i dont know why.. Was it the only way ? Why couldnt i find something better than this??

All we ever wanted to do here .. we possibly never had … or maybe we did? .. We dont know..yet..

All i want to let you feel is my soul be with you.. Like the time before this all.. Before we came here..

I know i will be with you soon … I cant, WE cant take it much longer..

You are my left side .. Nothing can stop us. Nothing ever did. Nothing ever will!

I love you .. My heart

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