What use has energy cleansing ?

What is energy cleansing in the first place ?

To answer that you have to know that as a human, you posess several chakra points or lets say energy points.

These energy points contain power and regulate how your body will feel. As well they all are marked with colours and show differences.

When you get ill, these points will become dirty and packed with energy that will change the colour and how you feel.

Now please note that simple meditation and cleansing will not help you to get rid of a parasite or else that is seriously threatening! Go to a doctor and dont risk something!

Cleansing while being ill can be very tough and wont do much for you.

Instead, do it when you feel good. It will help you to get rid of bad thoughts and negative energy’s and doubts.

Plus: the more often you do meditation that cleanse’s all your energy points, the more likely you’ll get lucid dreams and out of body experiences. Now yes, just meditating without a goal wont do much either. Someone who meditates to be more calm, will cut their thoughts and this will have the effect to think lesser during the day.

Someone who meditates to regain energy from the cosmos has to do way more than the one who just wants quietness in heir head! And someone who wants to travel out of their body, will have to do more than the one who just wants energy!

So what does it mean?

That it all depends on your goal!

Cleansing energy can be very helpful in many ways but when being seriously ill, it isnt recommended.

Yes i agree that every illness comes from the soul and their own life – plan (later more to that). But trying to heal it with just energy instead modern medicine is like trying to convince a religious person to understand that he himself is god…. It simply isnt time yet for many to understand!

See ya friends! 🙂

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