Why anybody still can lie after death

Hello friends,

This time i’ll talk about why its still possible to lie in the after world.

Many say that you cant lie when youre in the next world/spiritual world.

That is wrong! You definetly can!

How does it come that many believe stuff they read somewhere or anybody tells?

They believe it because they dont know better and want to be cared by others to their path.

They dont go and take a better look, they accept and thats it… Look at the bible and many other religions .. Its the same everywhere.

People dont like to think and take care for themselves. Giving away your mind and believing none-yourself-proven information is a big mistake.

Now lets come back to lying.

The spiritual worlds sit in different dimensions but that doesnt tell you that the beings there cant lie. You can feel it when someone lies and often see it when you’re in the other world.

How can you do that ? Well you will see a lot of colours around you and others. You will just feel when something feels wrong and their aura just like here, will change to a different colour.

It all depends as well how good a lying being can cover their aura to a point, were you simply cant see it.

Yes the upcoming worlds talk about „Love and Light“ and that is the problem. The mind games take a whole different level and the ones who die and had no idea about that, will get captured very easy on that!

Specially near the light traps and portals!

Many think when they die, that they dont have to be careful anymore or watch out because „God“ will take care of them or something else.

Of course not everybody lie’s to you there, but always be critical, specially in the after world!

I give you this information to secure it in the back of your mind and use it when the time is right.

Some beings are not what you think they are…even if they look „special“ 😉

Stay sharp and clear!

See ya later 🙂

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