Planet’s Doom or Rise?

We all feel it …something is coming up. But is it good or bad?

If we look at the current world situation, it looks pretty bad right?

Bill Gates is funding a mass vaccination for Covid-19 which wont be tested much. People still die and get experimented on. No-one can travel freely to their loved one’s. Children still get kidnapped. Power is given to people who got big pockets while someone else has to find drinking water for a day.

Money isnt bad, but the greedyness of those who just cant get enough of it and start to feel like a god..

I ask you..How can the will of one man and a piece of paper decide what will happen in the world?

Do we really need someone who leads us?

NO WE DONT! We could achieve so much more than this if we would work together for a better planet..

Using money to help those who need. Getting rid of all plastic on the planet. Stop killing each other and animals. Stop spraying metals in the air and poison us. Stop giving people power but instead helping everyone to grow in knowledge and consciousness. Taking down every fence that holds us back from anybody for absolute planetary freedom..

How should we be instead?

Understand and feel the other person in discussion. Dont hate and love yourself and others…I dont talk about loving everybody because you dont have to. But just be peaceful without hate. Watch around you and dont throwing trash into the woods. Helping each other to become better and dont fall to our ego. Help the animals and share the planet.

We have to do so much more than this.. Imagine how absolutely great this place could be without any restriction and hate. Everybody would understand each other and know how it feels. We could laugh the whole day and have fun while traveling around the world.

People start to realise slowly what is going on .. It is slow but it is happening and a group that holds power try’s to suppress it with more and more stress for everybody. They enhance the misinformation and increase the poison .. They fear the outcome and the time is running.

A little more and either this planet will start rise, we will take down the evil in this world and create the planet everyone deserves.

Or this planet will completely die and be under total control with the major population being irradicated and all knowledge gone with it.

If all this brings us to a total war, it will be Knowledge, consciousness and love against misinformation, suppression and hate!

The winner is already decided

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