Truth or Joke ?

We see…We talk…We hear…We read… We discuss.

But do we know ?

We see but do we know what we see ?

We hear but do we know what we hear ?

We read but what do we really read ?

We discuss … but dont come to solution’s..

Do you really know? Or does a joker play?

Can we trust the source as they say?

Seeing, Hearing, Reading, Talking – is just what we do – aime to the truth is what we should too!

Follow them is what they want – while counting bodie’s as we blindly walk. Hearing scream’s and laughs out loud – dissapears your line of your freedom cloud.

Bring fourth the control command – give away your bloody hand. And while you scream in your pain – you deeply knew – You Would Die in Vain.

– A nobody

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