I Wont Let You

We live apart this distance between us.. We chat and argue about nonsense.. Why do we get angry? You know very well why..

I dont want to argue, i really try.. Instead of laughing we go further in.. cant stop the rolling train.

You are the half part of me .. How can i argue with you? I love you too much for that!

Yet we do this every day .. We should stop that.. And start to remember why this happens

Forget the sometimes ugly words i say.. I dont mean it.. I just really miss you.. Would do anything to be with you..Again

We are both frustrated.. Not knowing how much longer it will take.

I dont want to waste time anymore – Even if i can grab you just for once, i would like you to feel it..

No price is too high for me – You know me

We have chosen us before this all – And whatever i or You might say, whatever may happen or time it takes,


I am your all loving curse..

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