How to burn fat most effectively ?

In todays talk i will tell you everything shortly about burning fat in the best way possible.

Lets begin

First of you have to know how much calories you need in your day to function normal + how much you need for your work.

After you calculated how much energy is needed, the only thing you need to do is cutting of a tiny bit from your menu.. Sounds easy ? It is!

For example: If your daily dose is 3000 calories, you need to cut 100 to 200 or as i say 300 calories away.

Everyone needs to test things out and know how their body will feel! Dont start with -500 calories. It will take a bigger toll on your body. Even -150 can be sometimes a challenge.

Of course for results, it will take two months! The less you eat – The faster you will go down. If you do it slowly and give your body time to adapt, it will be way healthier and long time helpful!

How do i mean that ? Well..ever heard of the „Yo-yo“ effect ?

This effect will come straight after a diet when you start eating again at full amount. After teaching your desired wheight, it is absolutely crucial to NOT go back to the normal eating cycle.


When you start a diet, your metabolism starts to slow down and dont do much anymore. This causes your body to take energy from fat cells which leads to wheight loss.

When you start eating again, your metabolism starts running again and uses the full energy from your food to replace the fat cells with new. In the end it will be a never ending cycle.

So what to do against it?

After starting the diet, you will need to cut away all processed and chemicals containing food! Start to eat low calorie foods and a lot of fruits and specially vegetables. And yes i know, fruits contain a lot of sugar sometimes! But the body acts differently on them than pure refined sugar which has zero vitamins and minerals.

Your body will need fruits as energy supply and it will help your body and brain with a lot of functions too. When someone tells you that fruits can make you fat, better laugh at them because for that to happen you would need a ridiciously amount ..daily!

Vegetables will help you maintaining and increasing your metabolism in the diet. Causing to burn faster, repair tissues and skin problems and more. And of course, letting you not feel hungry because who wants to suffer during a diet right?

Cooking yourself is always the best way because knowing what is in the food might give you a better feeling.

So we got veggies and fruits, what else?

Start to exercise daily for 30 minutes. Build some muscles because this will increase your well being drastically! Muscles themselves are very power draining. That means when you build some, you will burn fat while doing nothing.

And no woman will ever look like a muscle house by training their muscles.. I dont understand why still many woman think that these days. Its impossible just to let you know.

Exercising and sweating will get off all the toxins in your skin. You can freeze as well if you want to loose wheight but be sure to not catch a cold!

By freezing, your muscles start to shake to cause heat. Otherwise your organs will shut down if it gets too cold. The shaking will burn many calories but you decide if it is something for you specially when you need it to do daily.

Drinking cold water will help too. Why? Because your body needs to warm it up using energy supplies otherwise the water will be useless.

And please ..dont use any electrical device that gives you false hopes…Its not worth it.

Start by sorting out all useless foods with too much energy and low filling effect from your fridge.

If you combine all together, it will be the beginning of a new live! And trust me, you will not stop after reaching your goal. But instead will maintain it because you will feel too good and thank yourself for doing this!


See ya friends! 🙂

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