How to Fall Asleep in 15 Seconds

Hello everyone,

This little blog will tell you how to sleep in under 15 seconds to a minute. For people who dont wand to wait too much.

The very first and easy way would be to take melatonin to your body. 0,5mg would be enough to make you sleepy. This is not a medicine and for older people, the production in the brain stops more or less and sleeping gets harder.

Lets get to the one minute technic:

Close your eyes and relax everything. Dont move and start to take very deep breaths until your body accepted the breaving. It takes few breaths and will feel a bit uncomfortable while starting.

By taking these breaths, too much oxygen will enter your brain, making you fuzzy and lowering your heartrate to under 60 beats per minute. Which will make it way easier to drift away. By not moving, it will be even faster due to relaxation.

Now the hardcore version:

**Note that this technic is not recommended and could cause serious health problems!

Now for this youll need a partner.

You will stand with your back behind a wall. And than will start to hyperventilate for 30 seconds. Your partner will make himself ready. After the thirty seconds you will take a very deep breath and hold it while leaning to the wall. Your partner now will press hard against your breast until you pass out.

You will slowly release the air in your lungs and fall unconscious.

The problem with this called „Game of unsconsciousness“ is that it takes away the oxygen from your brain and causes cell death and death in some cases. Some do it and nothing happens, other get epileptic attacks, live threatening cramps and very low blood pressure in the brain.

Dont ever try this! I just listed it here for you to know.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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