Clarity trough Neutral Positioning

Hello people,

Today i will talk about „How to gain clarity trough neutral positioning in any situation“

Lets start with an argument which you and your friend got. It wont matter what the argumentation is because our goal is always to stay clear and above the information.

So we got 2 info sources and 2 opinions clashing together and of course everyone wants to win the argument right?

What if i tell you that theres a method to never lose but neither to win the argument? In the end it doesnt matter if there was an argument because if you fight against a person you love, the result will be always bad and destructive. Youre not together with that person to argue over stupid info’s are you?

A little explanation what opinion means: A form of personal judgement about something that may or not may be based on facts but experience.

So how do i neither win or lose an argument?

It is simple. After you tell the person a „maybe form“ of what you may think of the situation, you will start as well to understand and accept the other persons opinion and how they feel about it. That means that the other person is right too! Like this you will place yourself to a neutral position and not really have an opinion but more a info based discussion.

When the argument is about information that the person picked up from somewhere and now believes it, well okay but you can still place yourself to neutral instead fighting on who is right or not.

If the argument is about definite experience the situation can be played in more than a neutral position. Example: When you tell something about your personal experience about something and the other person looks differently to it, it is still okay because everyone has a different reality. So you should either defend yourself and what you experienced and or let it as it is.

If the person is not accepting it because he/she cant see what the difference in fact based argument and experience based argument is, you shouldnt talk with them anymore because it will be pointless. They might get angry or whatever but that would be the problem of themselves.

It always depends on your ego too. If you want to win and feed your ego you will fight. If you dont give a fuck and just say it once and that will be it, the persons ego wont have anything from it and they will feel either stupid or embaressed about it.

Shortly said if you dont really argue but see the other persons opinion and what he/she means, there will be no room for discussion. Dont repeat yourself and always say the source of your info because „fact“ based arguments are just mostly repetitions of what you somewhere had heard or read about.

If you stay above, you will see their sources, their intentions and what they mean because you will be clear instead trying to counter.

This can be used in any situation and does NOT mean that youve got no opinion. You just understand both and avoid useless conversations.

Always ask: Is it worth it ? And if so, play above the raining information. Like this, there will be no winner nor loser!

Have a good one, See ya 🙂

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