Dedicated to Love

Als hätte sie unsere Geschichte geschrieben. Zu 95%


Dedicated to Love

„A picture of myself, drawn by love. I still see love in every pencil stroke. I even see the love caught in my eyes.“

Two strong souls lingering on this planet. Past previous life, they are restless. Searching for answers. They weren’t supposed to meet. Not yet. Life already had made other plans for them. Two lifes originally taking place far away from another. Two different life, age, circumstances, places and all those challenges and fears they had to face. At the same time, it seemed like almost anything worked towards a big collision.

They met.

As they first exchanged
e-mails online, they sensed something big was about to reveal itself.
From the very beginning they knew they would only have a few weeks
together, maybe one month. It was their karma and strong connection,
that brought them back together. At least for the moment, the place

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