How to trust Yourself?

Is this a question that can be asked? The only one who can answer this question is You.

If you know what youre capable of, you can always trust yourself! It is always depending on the situation. If you want to jump over a cliff but you that you cant really jump far at all, you shouldnt try right?

Know your strenghts and skills and increase them even more or know your weaknesses and make them to strenghts!

Youre the one who is currently using that body and the only one who can tell about it. BUT test it before! Someone who doesnt test things wont know if they could make the jump.

Trust not only your body but your mind as well when YOU are in control. If your mind controls you, forget it.

The cliff will not get smaller if you should fail and when your mind says ‚dont jump because this or that might happen‘ Even if you knew that you easily would make it,- You will be lost already.

You talk! Not your mind.

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