Projection Screen of Dreams?

Hello, everyone,

Today I would like to tell you about an experience that happened to me a while ago when I was dealing with OBE’s and leaving the Matrix (out-of-body experiences). My question was if we all really lived in a kind of cocoon with our soul while we were in 3D, the lowest of all dimensions. (4D – Astral plane, 5D etc.)

I woke up right next to my physical body and the thought came back to my mind „Show me the projection site“ – and in the middle of it, on the astral plane, absolutely everything stopped, time, all colours and everything else that was flying around.

My vision widened and I flew very quickly upwards out of the astral body. I didn’t know what was happening but it didn’t seem to bother me.
Like through a kind of wormhole I came to a place that changed my complete view to the spiritual and also to all other worlds.

I noticed that all existences were planes and dimensions in the middle of a screen.
So i knew there were several exits and the escape from the cocoon to the real outer universe was only one.
(Later i will explain why i say „outer universe“)

As i ascended out of the astral dimension, my soul pushed itself out of a kind of screen, as if one would tear one’s eyes off a screen that was glued on, but this went essentially without problems.

I saw before me, very colourful, fine, vertical colours which were projected by 2 pointed, spiky nozzles.

The image i came out of was brightly coloured and stopped as i left it, but the surface changed…As if the thumbnail had been changed. Myself had no body anymore, everything was only possible with the power of my mind and i could see hands in front of me when i wanted to but they were gold. The nozzles drew how it looked to me, electricity or energy, which they got from the shell/cocoon out.

It arrived visible from the outside and projected the image in front of me. I was also very conscious of this and my vision and consciousness were clearer than everydays life. I looked around and somehow knew that i only have limited time in this state and so i looked around faster before it went back.

The „cocoon“ or wherever i was, looked pink and electricity flowed out of the walls? towards the nozzles. Behind the screen i call it, was empty cocoon space. The nozzles were very bright and it seemed to me that this „thing“ was a bio-machine place? No idea how to call that place.

The picture in front of me was scrollable to the left and right! As strange as it may sound. I could move the picture back and forth with my mind, but a slight warning signal came up inside, as if my over consciousness said to myself „If you don’t dive back into that picture you came from, you will wake up somewhere else“.

The pictures in front of me turned to beautyful colours and i thought to myself if these pictures were perhaps lifes or worlds where i could dive in and stay. But since I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and my consciousness was gradually fading. I didn’t risk anything and at the last moment scrolled back to the picture i came from and was torn back in.

Trust me, You would’ve never chosen something else there. The fear level started to rise after i thought a second about jumping to a different picture! I knew that there would never be a „lets go back“ option + i didnt knew what i could expect there.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to break out of the cocoon, it was more like i knew the seconds and milliseconds ive had in that state before I was torn back. Falling slowly back into the image created another wormhole in front of me with nice colors, releasing pigments in my direction and i could feel the wind again and saw my astral body as well that time was still stopped.

The most interesting thing was that when i saw my astral body from above and had no body, (which seemed to be the most normal thing in the world) the time/movement continued from the moment i was back in the astral body. I would say the frozen scene continued. And as i crashed in the astral body which was still standing in the same position, i was pulled back towards the physical body and woke up clear and very charged.

I still don’t understand how it could be that all the movement in my scene and everything else i saw flying around, had suddenly stopped just because i was rising up. Or did it just seem that way to me? And if it seemed that way, why did the particles only continued to move after i was back? I know from experience that particles, colours and other traveler’s in the astral world cant be just paused.

I spontaneously reached this state only once and than never again. According to my experience, something like this is only possible if you have the will, a high portion of curiosity and very important, the conscious last thought before falling asleep! Because this can/will decide about it. It was the best that ever happend to me and after that, i knew there was so much more…

So much for this experience… Did you ever had something like this before?

Have a nice day 🙂

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