Sleep Paralysis – What’s behind it?

Hello everyone,

Today’s topic is sleep paralysis. What is it anyway and what is behind it? From the spiritual side.

Some people and also some people I knew reported about the experience of sleep paralysis. This process happens while sleeping. The heart reduces the beating frequency and at the same time paralyses the body in the REM phase, so that it doenst make any real movements for your own safety while you sleep. – So according to science, the real reasons are unknown.

We are going to shed some light on this.

Many of those affected get tremendous fear because they cannot move and „hallucinate“. Combined with a shortness of breath on the chest which is not supposed to be real and black figures that come closer and closer and sit on you or something else.

Science cannot really explain this unless it brings in the existence of consciousness and doesnt label it as a hallucination.

We will explain in this blog now how it actually behaves, but I cannot provide you with any photos or evidence of this as these things happen between 3 and 4D. It is difficult to make subtle things visible on 3D devices.

Sleep paralysis from a spiritual point of view:

Once the heart paralyzes the body in transition to the dream world, the body is asleep. Your consciousness never sleeps and because you lack the practice to hold it, you get into a kind of consciousness – trance which clouds your dream and you will be controlled with your subconscious.

So your consciousness is on its way in the dream worlds and processes/acts with yourself. I cannot explain to you why consciousness loses consciousness/awareness, what I know is that there are more mechanisms that simply want us not to become conscious in any way! More to it later.

If you wake up earlier than your body, it means that your consciousness was back in your physical body faster than your astral body.

The reason for immobility is that the astral body must be back in the body! Without the battery that needs to recharge for a few moments every night in the astral worlds, your body will be useless.

That means you are in the awake „death state“. Everyone who leaves his body, and we all do, is spiritually dead because the body will no longer function.

But now it is so that a small part of our consciousness must remain in the body to keep the heartbeat going so that the silver cord is not cut. Without it we would really be gone which will not happen so easily.

So what to do when you can no longer move? Just wait for the 2 minutes! The astral body is immediately on its way back and you will see it as a dark blue or rather often black figure that comes closer and closer.

This is YOUR astral body and nothing more. It needs to synchronize with the same body position for you to move and it will feel like someone is pushing your air away.

The soul is multi-active and capable of anything, so if you close your eyes at this moment and concentrate a little bit, you could easily end up in the astral body and see your physical body asleep.

If YOU are not consciously controlling the body, your subconscious mind takes over as another aspect of the soul. But if you are conscious of this, you will be able to control several bodies at the same time except the physical body, because this requires the astral as a drive.

The shortness of breath is caused because your body is „dead“, or at least it will feel that way while your astral body synchronises.

You are not awake with the body in the process, but you are conscious in the ‚leftover mini piece‘ of your soul you left behind, so that your heart will continue to beat once or twice a minute.

Every little bit of soul that you leave somewhere makes it possible for you to interact with it because well…it is You. Humming and or loud tones are often standard in the process of detaching as well while merging back.

So don’t be afraid of this phenomenon, it is only the unknowing that scares you.

Have a nice day 🙂

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