Value Your Time!


We all know how easy it is to waste so much time scrolling on our phones.

If we want to be productive we really have to value our time! How do we do this ?

Here is all little help: if you think that 1 hour of your time is worth 50$ than it would be quite .. attractive… right?

What happens when you say your time is worth 100$/hour ? and you just wasted another one scrolling more in facebook or instagram?

Once you start to value your time, a lot will change. Our problem is being either unmotivated, having no ideas, dont want to solve problems or just telling ourselves that we got no time… funny.

Now scrolling a minute is okay but wasting hours on it is a bad habbit and wont do much for you. The guy or girl you watch online does get paid, YOU dont .. This gives me often enough reason to shut it off and do what i need to.

It is often your own disbelieve to yourself and having no patience specially the young people.

If you would point every minute you spend on distractions to business and independency,

How far could you come?

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