Marihuana – Side Effects?

As we know there is no physical or mental dependence on marijuana but why is it actually still illegal in many countries?

Well first there might be the biggest problem, it can actually help against many health problems. This means that pharma industries dont make money when someone is healthy!

The secondary problem which was tested by myself, is when you consume it daily. It wrecks your memory when you do it too much. It will not destroy anything but things like thinking will become sometimes harder and you will forget thinks way faster and will have a tougher time remembering them.

Shortly said it affects your brain RAM (Access Memory)

It can be relaxing and funny but shouldnt be taken too frequently. Now this happend to me, it doesnt mean that it will be the same for you.

Some say that it can dumb effects when it does get consumed with other drugs like alcohol.

Anything else?

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