About Love

„trying day in, day out

you have to look around to find it,

and when you think you have it,

…it is discovered,

she wont like to be bounded.

After reading all the blogs around here, i think i just figured it out.

A little bit i have the feeling that many people are constantly looking for THE person they want to blame for their happiness in the future.

They feel lonely and alone and abandoned and forget that true happiness is already hidden deep within themselves.

Only those who draw from the full inner self can give to others!

What happens if I, out of desperation and the thought of „never finding the right one“, randomly meet dates and people constantly?

Does that make me happy?

One date or one night stand after the next? One short relationship after another?

What makes people do this? Do they think time is running out?

Do they think it takes two people to make a whole person?

Or don’t you want your children to grow up alone without a mother and father? THAT my friends are the worst possible reason to look for a new partner. Ask your children…

What if I tell you that neither the next Tinder Date nor the next horny mouse from the disco will be able to fill the hole in your heart?

Friends, the only one who can fill the hole in your heart is you!

Stop jumping from one bed to the next like desperate maniacs, always hoping to find your face great the next morning and saying suddenly „THIS is where eternal love comes from“.

With very few couples this happens too.

If it is not your twin soul and you have planned your meeting in exactly this way. So it has probably only been the next futile story on your way towards true love.

Of course there may be people for whom this way of life is temporary enough but in the long run it only makes them more unhappy and frustrated.

What if I recommend you „do everything you do in the future for yourself“ and not for your potential partner.

Gym and gym? For your body and your health.

Fancy clothes and great hairstyle? For your reflection and your well-being.

Learn to eat healthy food and cook? For you and your five senses. And cooking is always great.

And so on. You know what I’m trying to tell.

Start to fill the hole in your heart with yourself and you will see that the more love you feel for yourself, the less you will have the need to look for the love of your life in smoky places late at night. (Or on apps on your mobile phone.)

Remember the law of attraction, you will attract what you radiate! And if you radiate desperation i feel sorry for you. It attracts just as desperate singles, just waiting for you to fill the hole in their heart, even if it’s only for one night.

Be worth more than that.

Waiting for the right one is definitely worth it. That doesn’t mean I have to search like crazy for it or even stop looking, but maybe it’s already waiting or already in the gym or somewhere where you never expected it to come!

Good luck and write me sometime what kind of experiences you made.

All the best and stay healthy!

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