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How to do the „Right“ Thing?

You certainly know this feeling… Something came up and you have to make a decision. It doesnt matter what the situation is, but that it doesnt harm yourself or negativly effects you.

Now, how do we know, that our decision wont backfire at us ?

Depending on the situation, you have to listen to your inner voice.. The gut feeling .. Your soul knows whats good for you. If you have a bad feeling about the situation, you clearly shouldnt do it.

It happens very fast to make mistakes when your mind comes in the way and starts to sweet talk everything…

You start to ignore your gut feeling and phrases like „It wont be that bad“, „It will be all good“ or else start to appear.

Thinking positive is great but starting to deal with cocaine while the police is watching and telling yourself „it will be fine“ is just delusional.

Close your eyes and state both decisions against each other, while only listening to your gut.

If you let the „..but maybe…“ come close – you will NOT feel the voice.

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Repetitive Dreams #1

I woke up somewhere i didnt know. 4 people where standing next to me and somehow it seemed that we were talking about something. My wife was with me and the guys in front of us looked quite a bit like us.

They were asking where we came from and i answered „from a different reality which is similiar to yours“. They all looked at each other and laughed a bit. That made me look stupid at them because i knew i was dreaming but was bothered by their reaction. I said „If i leave, this reality will be on stand by or just be deleted“. Of course they didnt believed anything so i ripped myself out of it.

It became dark and the scene stopped, i was looking for a second at a screen and saw those guys frozen in place and a half eye blink later, i landed in the middle of a zombie apokalypse…

My favorite dreams to be honest… Its fun to be chased from highly aggressive freaks that want to eat you alive….right???

So i was flying around to check the situation. It seemed like an old bunker in the middle of nowhere. The bunker was slightly hidden in a crater and green gras was around. I seemed a bit in a hurry too and after looking over the crater – i knew why.

Unending masses of zombies where coming and suddenly 3 people showed up and run a maze down to the bunker. One girl was there and she said „Fast we have to drink the sand“. She took sand from the ground and covered her head and mouth full while the two others helped her. She then just vanished and the two guys became black in appearance. The zombies got inside and closed by fast so i decided to jump away from this dream because i was scared….. Yes i was scared even if i knew i could fly… Dont ask me why i didnt…

I was unconsciouss about my situation and landed again somewhere else but the coming dream was very boring… I broke into someone’s house as it seemed and didnt know what the hell i was doing there while i talked on a phone. So i took the ventilation system which was just a piece of carton to push in to the wall to get out…. Dont ask me why i dream such shit xD

I woke up

The reason why i ripp myself out of a zombie dream when im unconscious is, that i exaclty know how painful it will be. Ive experienced it often enough but i didnt die, they chewed on me until i went away. Trust me DO feel pain in a dream ..even if its not often! 😄

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