How to do the „Right“ Thing?

You certainly know this feeling… Something came up and you have to make a decision. It doesnt matter what the situation is, but that it doesnt harm yourself or negativly effects you.

Now, how do we know, that our decision wont backfire at us ?

Depending on the situation, you have to listen to your inner voice.. The gut feeling .. Your soul knows whats good for you. If you have a bad feeling about the situation, you clearly shouldnt do it.

It happens very fast to make mistakes when your mind comes in the way and starts to sweet talk everything…

You start to ignore your gut feeling and phrases like „It wont be that bad“, „It will be all good“ or else start to appear.

Thinking positive is great but starting to deal with cocaine while the police is watching and telling yourself „it will be fine“ is just delusional.

Close your eyes and state both decisions against each other, while only listening to your gut.

If you let the „..but maybe…“ come close – you will NOT feel the voice.

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