Repetitive Dreams #2

This time i woke up in some sort of a place where 5 to 6 schools were available. It was a really wide area with shops, markets and many more.

I seemed again in a hurry. I was searching a school or my class. A train appeared out of nowhere and i was standing on a plattform few meters above ground. It was a train that transported students right to the school doors across the area. Since i had no idea where i needed to go, i asked a pretty looking woman who was with her son with me on the plattform.

„Hey do you know where i can find school number 6 ?“ I asked. She said „Yes its on the train“.

Ive had no idea what the hell she was saying with „on the train“ so i just hopped in there, drove three stations to three different schools and took the stairs back to the area… I found nothing and had already forgotten why i took the train xD.

Down stairs some sort of a mall apeared, a small diner with many guests. I sat down on a small couch, crossed my legs and just sat there… A few moments later a waiter came to me with a brilliant looking piece of a steak and placed it on the table in front of me.

Appearently it wasnt for me.

A second later another pretty looking girl came up to me and sat left to me on another couch. She was ….well throwing some signs at me. I had no interest in talking but then she came up and asked „What kind of being are you?“ while i could read that she liked me very much.

I started laughing loud and said „im a god“ and in that moment she got crazy and flipped out but more like a „OH MY GOD I WANNA RAPE YOU“ – style while she started to move like a zombie.

I stood up and walked away but the scene changed immediatly…. Now i dont know if i should tell this… but the scene became even more screwed short after.. I stood inside a flying chopper and two pilots navigated the chopper over the area. I saw again that crazy girl from earlier and she was looking at us from the top of a building while she fucked herself with something or somebody from behind.

We all three were looking down and i was disgusted .. and the pilot on the left said „this bitch is trying it so hard“ XD

Now why the fuck would anybody dream such a thing ? I hope im not the only one

Give me a break now

Donate me cocaine so i can come back to my senses! 😄


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