Repetitive Dreams #3

This time i woke up standing in a military control station with my brother.

As it seemed we were both prisoners or spies i couldnt tell because we could walk outside and the soldiers saw us few times without doing anything.

We stood to the middle of the night at a small fence which was across the station. Few soldiers were walking around and checking the situation.

Than one guy appeared out of nowhere and took a run to escape and i think he made it. No one saw him.

But when me and my brother wanted to take a run it became morning and the sun was shining. It really looked nice to be honest because near that station was a big waterplace and the gras was green.

So we wanted to run silenty but for ever reason i decided to throw two granades to the signal station before taking of. One was suddenly in my hand and the other by my brother.

He didnt liked the idea but i said fuck it and pulled the trigger… Than i said „oh no lets do it later“ and put the key back in the granade to stop it from exploding. Now i have no idea if this would work in real.. i dont think so but it worked there so it was cool.

Few seconds later i pulled it again and threw it to the signal point of the center and we both ran but the granade blowed up the entire station and german soldiers as well as russian soldiers were coming on horses at us from every direction.

They were shooting and out of nowhere we had weapons with 37 clip magazine’s. The weapons which the soldiers wielded were the MP 40 (Yes i just found it on wikipedia lol). And it has a clip of 38 bullets.. I didnt even know that my dream was this close ..

So we started to shoot at them and we took out several of them with one clip. Few horses died too …but not from me! I tried to shoot them of the horses! xD

After the clip was empty we took the weapons from the dead and suddenly a screen appeared in front of me which showed me that i had over 286 bullets in the clip and i could shoot without reloading.. That was fun until the number dropped so fast to zero that i needed to switch the gun again.

No i was getting shot too but i had no feelings of pain or whatever. They only hit me when i thought i get hit soo…. they didnt really hit me at all i would say.

After killing over 50 of everyone i lost the sight of my brother but didnt cared and stood maybe 20 feet away from the station. The soldiers then swarmed us and even if i knew that i wasnt going to die when i turned my back towards them, the scene ended and went dark.

I woke up.

Spend the war veteran some milk

It helps to compensate the horrible memories


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