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Fit sein, fit bleiben, fit werden – Teil 1

Noch niemand konnt es fassen, /

wie Seel und Leib so schön zusammenpassen, /

so fest sich halten, als um nie zu scheiden, /

und doch den Tag sich immerfort verleiden.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hallo meine Lieben,

nehmen wir dieses kleine Zitat von Goethe einfach mal als Aufhänger für meine neue Reihe, zu einem meiner Leidenschaften „Gesundheit und Nahrung und Unterstützung durch alles, was es so gibt.“

Diese Leidenschaft, hab ich so lange ich denken kann und so richtig ausgeartet ist sie das erste Mal, als ich erst in Pflegeheimen geholfen habe und Praktika machen durfte und danach noch Krankenschwester lernen durfte.

Und dann dauerhaft als ich meine Kinder bekam und feststellen musste, dass man als Mutter eigentlich am besten niemals krank werden darf und lieber „immer fit“ ist.

Ich habe auch ein paar liebe, bereits in sehr jungen Jahren verstorbene Freunde im Sinn, die nicht zuletzt ihre Leben verloren haben, durch ihren Lebenswandel und vielleicht regen meine Texte den ein oder anderen dazu an, sich künftig zu überlegen, ob er mit seinem Körper besser umgeht.

Also lasst uns heute starten, mit den grundlegendsten Sachen und Gedanken.

Ich muss mir aber ehrlich gesagt, ganz getreu meinem Sternzeichen, noch eine Struktur erstellen, WAS ich in welcher Reihenfolge veröffentliche, ihr wisst ja vielleicht schon, dass mein Liebster und ich auch an einem großen Buch schreiben und das wirklich mehr Zeit kostet, als gedacht.

Um den, wir wir finden wertvollen Content, immer zu erhalten, wäre es am besten, wenn ihr uns aboniert und bald gehts los.

Mit Kursen und exklusiven Content und ein paar schicken Gadgets.

Ihr werdet uns hoffentlich auch verzeihen das wir diese Seite ein wenig monetarisieren, da wir von dem leben wollen, was uns Freude bereitet und diese gehört dann wohl dazu.

Hier erst einmal noch ein Aboformular, wo ihr informiert werdet, 
wenn wir neue Blogs draußen haben. 
Und wo ihr auch zuerst Ausschnitte und Inhalte aus unserem neuen Buch erfahren werdet. 

Wir freuen uns, wenn ihr uns abonniert!

Liebe Grüße

Katja und Aslan

Repetitive Dreams #4

This time i landed somewhere within a class. It seemed like a vacation and i knew few people.

We were inside a classroom with sleeping bags and the entire scene seemed odd.

Than a guy came up to a girl in the class and pushed her away because she said something like „Whats with you?“. Well i came up and asked why he pushed her for no reason and was so angry about it.

He came closer to my face and i said „I wont hurt you but whats wrong?“

He looked pissed at me and wasnt saying anything. A few awkward seconds later he answered „I know how that you will hit me while i speak“

Appearently i had no idea what he was talking about but in that moment that wouldve been true. I wouldve punched him when the reason was stupid.

I mean who comes up and threatens a woman out of nowhere for saying whats up .. pretty dumb right?

He walked back to his friends and i said „i would never hit you and why do you think of me like that?“

He was still pissed and in the moment of his answer, i woke up!

In another dream! The same class but it was dark and somehow a bit creepy. Most of the class was missing and only woman were sleeping in their bags.

I woke up quite .. energetic because i thought they went off without me and yes… a lot did.

But all the woman stood xD

I was shirtless and in the middle of the room a few woman woke up on the left side and asked what i was doing.

Well….no idea what i was doing ..i just walked around and looked who was there.

Another two woman which slept side by side woke up and looked at me. One of them i thought was my wife but she didnt looked exactly like her ..only a bit and she wouldnt such stuff like those two.

Then i saw someone sleeping away from all of them …It was my wife but why was she sleeping alone and without me ??? She looked exactly like her. Was it her?

So i jumped on her and kissed her until she woke up. She smiled but she didnt behaved as how i know her.

She said „I am too fat and need to get rid of it“ … I said nothing because i was feeling that maybe she wasnt my wife.

She stood up and walked to a near by room which appeared out of nowhere again. In that room was a long pipe – looking small bed which was made out of old and rosty metal. Next to it a few bit of melted metal was flowing somewhere.

A guy which looked like an executioner from hell with a leather apron came up while she was lying down and he fixated her on both arms and legs.

Everything was fine right ?

Well… the hell executioner guy than layed molten metal over her face on a metal plate which was held by 4 small rosty pipes across the bed. Than 6 lasers appeared from the metal piece and he began to slowly go from her head to her feet while it was burning away her fat …

It looked like sharpening a pencil with a saw.

Now i knew somehow that it was okay and suddenly the location changed and a bunch of freaks came up and told that no one withstood 4 back and forth shots from the weight cutting laser.

She did it two times and stood up.. She really did cut weight off.. that was impressive but the problem was it wasnt enough and she was deformed and looked like a burned form of a human.

She got back to the bed and did it another seven times and now comes the best part.

I felt all the pain she was experiencing… It hurt really really bad… even for a fucking dream! XD

After it was over she had not only broken the record but looked absolutely stunning and was wearing a new outfit..

A black hair turned to a blonde … well if that says nothing i dont know .. right dear? 😉

Her face changed entirely but it seemed her attitude did too. She didnt even looked at me and walked away like she didnt knew me …

Than i knew that she was definetly not my wife.

The scene changed again and that woman was wearing a power ranger outfit which let her look like a guy but now she had super powers and a total idiotic fight broke out between her and those freaks from earlier … ive had enough of it.

That dream was really shit … the pain part was the worst ..

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