Repetitive Dream – The Hospital Sirene

This time ive had the dream the whole night..

It was about a thing that left 80% of its soul somewhere in a hospital and it wanted it back.

Eherytime someone come close to it, the things in the room changed rapidly to monsters like: a cane of cola had suddenly two eyes and a really ugly face which could talk.

The being was screaming through the whole hospital but no one was hearing it accept me and another guy who saw it. He flipped out and tried to tell anybody but the hospital was empty and many were dead.

Everytime i tried to tell someone about it, my voice dissapeared and the others couldnt hear me anymore. That thing followed you when you started to talk about it.

A doctor and a child knew about that thing and they wanted to catch it but got killed instantly.

After i made it out of there because the hospital was deep undergroung, it came too and there was a big mall with many people. I was going to run outside but than it appeared in front of the street and completely wrecked everything and everyone outside.

I knew that it was a global threat so went back to the hospital and it followed me back.

We found a piece of paper which was his soul and we bargained a deal with him or we would kill it.

Now yes it was just a piece of paper and the ghost didnt actually gave a fuck about it. The point was ive had enough of that dream and i decided that this piece of paper would be very important to the ghost.

So it happend and … the dream got cut off because i have to get up ! 😄

But it was really bad to loose my voice or just few words which could expose the ghost to others.

Useless dream like the rest xD

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