Our bad „karma“

Currently me and my wife live worlds apart from each other… Its real pain

Since corona came up, we started to write books based on our experience and become more efficient with understanding the plattforms then ever.

The problem is still that we are not together..

She lives in germany and myself sits in russia and anybody who wants to visit these country’s, knows how much useless paperwork needs to be done..

Well i did it now twice and spend quite a good amount of money but it failed… Screw these borders, lands and islands with their fucked restrictions towards anybody who want to travel.

We need to be together because destiny wants it so. Doesnt matter what i have to do, i just know that i need to be with you and you know that very well too. Iam not scared from anything to reach you my left side 😉

When we start to bring up our courses, we really need to be together but that would be only the second reason.

The first is because we want to show it ourselves again…that love which can only be experienced when two souls have been together since the very start as pure energy forms… The love which rivals „home“

Our current situation is probably because we killed and enslaved a bunch of souls few hundred million years ago and im not even kidding. Nothing can hurt us but only the distance to each other.

That is our bad karma for playing the king of gods…which …we actually knew too! XD

When you paint your plan in this universe, everything will be up to you and how it will end.

Karma is not something that comes back, it is the check after a very expensive dinner in a even more expensive restaurant! – You just knew what the price/pain would be to pay when you ordered something from the menu.

If you want to know more:

Check out our book

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