The pain of freezing to death

Last night ive had a dream which first time was blurry and become more and more clear.

I was standing in space and my wife appeared in front of me.

I saw a small screen again in front of me and all my body functions were written on it. I didnt knew why and suddenly one word of the screen become to ice, and so did the function inside me.

With every second more and more functions froze and i wanted to tell her what was going on but she didnt moved ..or was she really there?

After my body froze and died, i switched to another world for few seconds which was more dark than any astral world could be. Than i came back and saw a giant ice meteor flying towards earth but that didnt bothered me.

I understood that night, that it is very painful to freeeze to death. It equals burning to death .. im certain of that.

Now comes the interesting part, me and my wife we are connected very strongly and after i woke up, i told her about it and she said:

„That is why i rather choose suffocating to death than freeze“

And that surprised my a bit ..because i remembered the blurry part, she said the same thing when she „stood there and watched“ me freeze.

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