car accident

Yes it happend… my first car accident …today.

I should’ve waited until the mercedes got off the road.. but i let my foot loose of the brake and my car rammed the backside.

The problem is ..that the car was a fucking mercedes… for my luck, nothing much happend.

It couldve ended with alot of money loss, but i managed to talk the guy down, somehow.

My car took the most damage and needs a fix, but who cares about a car which can be taken away by police every moment. The first guy bought it with a loan from the bank and after a history of bullshit and corrupt police, the car ended with us and now the bank wants the car back. XD

Next time i will know for sure.

…or take the bus 😂

4 Gedanken zu „car accident

  1. Rushi

    Sorry to hear that man, car accidents happen just gotta be safe out there, glad to hear that you talked him down price wise that’s always good. May I ask though what do you mean necessarily by the car can be taken away every time by the police? Around where I live that shouldn’t be a thing lol

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    1. Arslan_M. Autor

      Hey thanks for the comment.
      The problem is the huge corruption here, my car can be taken away because of A LOT bullshit that happend with a russian bank and the cops.

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