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Was ist denn Bewusst sein?! Video!

Ihr lieben, wie versprochen, künftig alles auf Video.

Lets go.

Another Day – Time

I have currently quite a good time to spare for many other things. My business is doing well and i wont hunger – this should be the important part!

Now lets get to the point where i can finally meet my lady!

Somehow the sun is back up and back on 36° degrees when it wants to.

I dont understand the weather here and would really welcome few chemtrails to take out the sun for few hours.

Anyway lets get back to work, a view videos should be alright today.

Wishing you all the badest luck friends! See ya soon.

Doubtful Adventures – Moving Forward

After the sudden loss of energy i felt destroyed because i now knew what brought the problems of using blood magic. But yet i didnt knew the whole truth about it… As i was laying on the bloody grass and looking into the sky, i wondered what the village meant before they got killed by […]

Doubtful Adventures – The Price – Part 2

As i saw the village from far away, i wondered how the villagers could turn their heads simultaneously at me and than block me completely from seing further. A couple hundred meters ahead was the village but as i came closer, the picture of the village became blur. I didnt thought much of it but […]

Just another zombie dream

It was a normal night. Eyes closed and hoped to not dream something completely fucked up… I was standing in a long hallway and suddenly someone rushed through a door and yelled at me „WE GOTTA GO NOW, I HAVE TO LEAVE“. I didnt knew if she was meaning me because she looked at me […]

World of nightmare – Close the door, dim the lights!

In the day of 2022, all lights went out and the nightmare came upon from the dark. The calm oceans which were unexplored for more than 96% were unvailed once the dark had taken the world. The governments had no possibility to return electricity due to solar winds which caused an electromagnetical pulse through the […]

Nach Blogcrash nix mehr los hier?

Hey ihr Lieben, noch mal zur Erinnerung. Unser Blog war tot und alle Follower waren weg, als fühlt euch frei uns neu zu abonnieren.

Das lag nicht an uns! WordPress hat das verursacht. Bzw der ´Versuch“ ein neues Plugin zu installieren. Ein falscher Klick und ALLES war weg. Leider auch ihr!

Wir wünschen euch einen schönen Start in die neue Woche.

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intervall fasting

INTERVAL FASTING #6 – Discipline

Today a short treatise, which is clearly the most important thing in any kind of fasting at all, discipline.

Most of us, who have no or no significant success, say first of all „I don’t know why I don’t lose weight, I do everything right“.

And when you start asking questions, you quickly realize that „they cheat“ and maybe not even fully aware of it, but they just do it and talk themselves into it and don’t even check that it is their own fault that they don’t have any positive results.

They simply lack the necessary discipline to do the whole thing seriously and actually.

There the chamfering phase is shortened sometimes, which one had planned with excuses, like „my husband comes so late home, I do not want to let him, sit alone at the table.“

Or „me is before the television always so boring, there I needed something to eat and it were only carrots etc.“.

In principle you can book this under „excuse“, because first of all you can also sit down at the table with a tea and don’t have to eat out of „sympathy“ and sitting in front of the TV is often no reason to eat.

Apart from the fact that you often spend your time in front of the TV without any sense of purpose. Above all, please, you are bored in front of the TV and instead of turning it off, you go and get something to eat? What kind of logic is that? Well, never mind.

Anyway. But exactly these people are the ones who tell me „I haven’t lost any weight.

I don’t know what I did wrong.

“ Simply my friend, you have no discipline. You really believe that your excuses don’t cause any harm and you don’t take it seriously because the end of your comfort zone is not yet reached!“

You’re not doing too badly yet, even with umpteen kilos too much.

You still make excuses for your failure instead of admitting,that it is your own comfort zone that you don’t want to leave.

You haven’t thought enough about what you really want and how you want to achieve it and you thought fasting would be easy.

Discipline is something you have to work for!

As a child, you still have this discipline when it comes to learning to walk or other things, the older you get, the harder you have to work to regain this discipline.

Nobody may say that fasting is simple and easy!

No, that is not it.

You have to keep in mind that our body has raised us for years or even decades and now we want to turn the tables on it and demand that it does what we want.

We have to be aware that he might not want to do that, because he likes his food in front of the TV or his food at midnight.

We have to regain control and this requires discipline, which some people have to fight back with great effort.

Therefore it is also advisable to start under medical or therapeutic control.

And not to declare it a simple walk in the park.

Above all also nourishing advisors can provide you a purposeful nourishing plan, with which you can avoid also the traps, which can consequences.

In addition once again a detailed blog in the next days.

Stay healthy and tell us what you have experienced.

Blog Crashed – Womans fault xD

So dear ones, I have accomplished a real „masterpiece“…I have almost completely crashed our blog.

The replacement blog has completely disappeared into nirvana.

All followers are gone, except for a few from Facebook.

But the Email and WordPress followers are actually at 0.

That means we have to start all over again.

The website is also almost empty. All of them so nice and with a lot of effort, sorting blogs are gone.

Don’t ask me what exactly I did, I just say…plugin…

Well, okay.

Why don’t you help us to restart and follow us again!

No one got kicked or else, so please excuse me and thank you so much for following. 🙂

A Killers Diary – Lockdown Problems

Hello humans, As well as you experience right now, nations are under lockdown and many have lost their work. The lockdowns affect many in our society and iam one of them, since i cant get enough bodys to kill and feast on. My pallet is only made from the finest human flesh, but with the […]

Astral travel – does it work again?

Yesterday i was annoyed because of the new years celebration outside my house. I though i understand, i couldnt really sleep but this seemed to helped me out. I wasnt even trying to get out of my body, but luckily i was laying down on my back and i realised that my body was sleeping. […]

A Killers Diary – The Doll Collection

Its me again my dear diary,

Today i made new outfits of human skin and organs. I prepared them very well.

The blood still drops from them.

I couldnt finish two of the dolls, i still need four eyes and the bodies arent enough. I costumise the kill will the outfits and tomorrow is the pig day.

The floor is always so full of dirt and infectious things when i cut and rape the dead bodies. And as you know, i really love to swim with the dead bodies first, and after that i take their organs out and sometimes make a casket out of it.

Just like a new human skin for my beautiful skin..

Yes you might think „This person is crazy“ but its not true, i just love to cut and kill things but im no human either. I just incarnated from the lower evil realms and well.. my parents have a special room.

I call this room special because i hanged my parents bodys upside down with nails and chains on the ceiling. I made it look like a big horrorscene because in our world its considered wonderful.

After pig day i will continue my collection and present it to the world by summoning some evil spirits, they like it here because they can eat the suffering energy from my prey when i kill them slowly.

What i like the most are babys and woman, because they got so nice skin and look after it too.

A fresh baby face skin is always so refreshing and tasty that i cant contain myself to rip its head off fast. But let me tell you a secret.. humans eat babys too! There are dozens of evil places on earth but they are in secret and ruled by money.. Some of you would be very surprised if they saw high rank politicians there right?

Anyway, blood is dripping on the page and that will be it for today diary, see you for pig day tomorrow .. Wish me a good appetite and a nice collection.


Empathie und Egoismus vs Illusion – Realtalk

Heute mal zum Einstieg ins Wochenende, ein kurzer Realtalk.

Ich gehe davon aus, dass viele das was ich jetzt sage verstehen und auch nachvollziehen können.

Geht es euch auch so, dass ihr euch fragt „Was zum Geier ist nur mit der Menschheit los? Werden die alle immer dämlicher oder werde ich immer dünnhäutiger?“

Diese Frage kann ich euch nun nicht so unbedingt beantworten, weil die muss jeder für sich selbst beantworten, aber was ich dazu sagen kann. Dämlicher wird die Menschheit, gefühlt auf jeden Fall.

Jeder ist nur noch auf sein eigenes Wohl aus, sein Seelenheil steht im Vordergrund, was oft leider bedeutet, dass man nur noch das macht was man selber will und cool findet und was anderen Leid bringt, dass juckt einen – wenn überhaupt – nur noch temporär.

Kindern wird beigebracht, dass Gehorchen was ist, was ins Mittelalter gehört. Statt klarer Ansagen hört man fast überall nur noch weichgespültes Blabla und wenn man eigentlich ausrasten möchte, muss man ruhig sein.

Sollte man nicht die Meinung der Allgemeinheit vertreten, ist man mittlerweile der Gefahr ausgesetzt direkt beleidigt, verunglimpft oder ausgestoßen zu werden.

Von einem Einheitsgefühl oder wenigstens der Empathie, andere zu verstehen, ihr Verhalten oder ihre Aussagen nachzuempfinden um es zu verstehen oder gar mit ihnen ordentlich kommunizieren um ihre Gründe zu erfahren, ist fast nichts mehr zu spüren oder zu sehen.

Menschen werden direkt gehasst, wenn sie nur einen falschen Satz sagen und die Medien fördern dies derzeit hochgradig. Ich kenne mittlerweile etliche, angebliche Satiresender deren einziges Hobby es zu sein scheint, sich über andersdenkende lustig zu machen. Wohlwissend das sie damit die Massen gegeneinander aufwiegeln.

Mal eine Frage, WAS soll das?

Wie kann es sein, dass wir im 21 Jahrhundert als Menschheit schlimmer sind, als Tiere es je sein könnten?

Ich weiss genau, dass ich nicht die einzige bin, die das Verhalten eines großen Teils der Menschheit aufregt und tatsächlich krank macht.

Und ich finde es unter aller Sau, wenn man dann zum Beispiel zu hören bekommt, solchen Bullshit wie: „jeder hört das, was er hören will, jeder ist seines Glückes Schmidt, du bist selbst dran schuld wenn du dich triggern lässt.“

Nein, Leute. Nein. Ich kann nicht Tag für Tag die Augen und Ohren und meinen Mund verschließen, wenn ich sehe das der derzeitig vorherrschende, teilweise wirklich extreme Egoismus der Menschheit dazu führt, dass hier menschlich gesehen, vieles den Bach runter geht.

Jeder ist sich offenbar nur noch selbst der nächste, hat man ja schon bei den Klopapierkämpfen im März gesehen, was völlig bescheuert war.

Was wir alle derzeit scheinbar wirklich vergessen ist, dass alles nur eine Illusion ist.

Wir erfinden unsere Realität mit dem, was wir denken und mit dem was wir in unser Gehirn lassen.

Wir müssen uns nicht wundern, wenn wir angesichts dessen was derzeit in der Welt passiert plötzlich depressiv werden und verzweifeln, weil es offenbar genau dass ist, was passieren soll!

Es hat scheinbar nur derjenige seine , imaginäre, Daseinsberechtigung, der die meisten Likes und Follower hat und die meiste Kohle reinspült.

Die Medien versuchen am Puls der Masse zu sein, indem das was sie zeigen immer schlimmer, grauenvoller und damit dem Zeitgeist entsprechend ist. Je abartiger, desto mehr Menschen schauen hin. Damit lässt sich Geld verdienen.

Die meisten Gelder bekommt der, dem die meisten Menschen hirnlos hinterherennen.

Die Leute, die versuchen diese Welt zu verbessern, müssen sich Massen von Andersdenkenden gegenüber stellen, die ihnen die ungebremste negative Aufmerksamkeit entgegen schleudern.

Da kann man schon mal die Lust verlieren, seine Meinung laut zu äußern oder überhaupt noch zu vertreten.

Dabei ist alles die jeweilige Illusion desjenigen der sie denkt und je nachdem auf welcher Frequenz dieser Mensch schwingt, zieht er leider entweder nur noch Konflikte an und gleich negativ schwingende Personen oder er zieht sich zurück, weil die Hand voll Menschen die eigentlich positiv denken, sich auch schon zurück gezogen hat und man gar niemanden mehr findet, der sich nicht in Jammern, Meckern, Wut und Hass ergeht.

Ich halte es für empathisch und hochsensibel veranlagte, also positiv gestimmte Menschen, für derzeit sehr schwierig, sorgenfrei oder gar glücklich zu leben.

Die Suizid und auch Suizidversuchsraten zum Beispiel in Amerika zeigen das auch ziemlich deutlich. Und selbst da, werden zig Menschen kommen, die das ganze relativeren und als Bullshit hinstellen.

Weil sie selbst vor krankem Egoismus nur so strotzen und nur ihre eigenen Meinung zählt. Und jeder andere, der was anderes erzählt spinnt.

Ich kann derzeit nur dazu raten, achtet auf eure Frequenz und haltet euch wirklich strikt von solchen Menschen fern, weil sie nicht nur nichts positives im Sinn haben, sondern weil der derzeitige Geist, das Wesen des kollektiven Bewusstseins, einfach sehr niedrig zu schwingen scheint. .

Es wird einfach Zeit, dass wir alle uns besinnen, das jeder seinen Teil zum Gelingen des ganzen beitragen muss, einfach um es für alle besser zu machen. Und motzen und meckern oder gar haten und anderen Schmerzen und Schaden zufügen, sind der falsche Weg.

Vielleicht kriegt die Menschheit das ja hin, ansonsten wird es sein, wie es schon immer war. Und wir vernichten uns selbst. Wäre ja nicht das erste mal.

Wie geht ihr mit negativen Dingen und Menschen um?

Erzählt mal.

Tragt Euch ein, für unseren neuen Newsletter. 

Blogcrash dank meiner Dummheit 😅

So ihr Lieben, ich habe ein echtes „Meisterstück“ vollbracht…ich habe unseren Blog fast völlig gecrasht.

Der Ersatzblog ist komplett im Nirvana verschwunden.

Alle Follower sind weg, außer ein paar von Facebook.

Aber die Email und WordPress Follower sind tatsächlich auf 0.

Das bedeutet, wir fangen noch mal von vorn an.

Die Website ist auch fast leer. Alle so schön und mit wirklich viel Mühe, einsortieren Blogs sind weg.

Fragt mich nicht, was genau ich gemacht habe, ich sag nur…Plugin…

Naja gut.

Teilt uns doch bitte weitläufig und helft uns, beim Neustart und folgt uns wieder.

Wir arbeiten daran, die Webseite wieder herzustellen.

Einen wunderschönen Abend wünsch ich Euch.

intervall fasting

Intervallfasten #6 – Disziplin

Heute eine kurze Abhandlung, was eindeutig das wichtigste bei jeder Art des Fastens überhaupt ist, Disziplin.

Die meisten von uns, die keine oder keine nennenswerten Erfolge haben, sagen erst einmal „ich weiss gar nicht, wieso ich nicht abnehme ich mach doch alles richtig. „

Und wenn man dann anfängt, nachzufragen, erkennt man schnell, „sie cheaten“ und das vielleicht nicht einmal vollbewusst, sondern sie tun es einfach und reden sich das ganze selber schön und checken gar nicht, dass es ihr eigenes Verschulden ist, dass sie keine positiven Erfolge haben.

Ihnen fehlt einfach die nötige Disziplin das ganze ernsthaft und tatsächlich durchzuziehen.

Da wird halt mal die Fastenphase verkürzt, die man sich vorgenommen hatte mit Ausreden wie „mein Mann kommt halt erst so spät nach Hause, ich will den nicht alleine am Tisch setzen lassen.“

Oder mir ist vorm Fernseher immer so langweilig, da brauchte ich was zu essen und es waren ja nur Karotten etc.“

Im Prinzip kann man das unter „Ausrede“ verbuchen, denn erstens kann man sich auch mit einem Tee an den Tisch setzen und muss nicht aus „Sympathie“ mitessen und vorm Fernseher sitzen ist oft auch kein Grund zu essen. Mal davon abgesehen, dass man vorm Fernseher oft seine Zeit sinnlos verbringt.

Vor allem bitteschön, ihr langeweilt euch vorm Fernseher und statt den auszuschalten, holt ihr euch was zu essen? Was bitte ist das für eine Logik.

Naja egal. Sei es drum.

Aber genau diese Leute sind dann die, welche mir sagen „Ich habe gar nichts abgenommen. Ich weiß gar nicht was ich falsch gemacht habe.“

Ganz einfach mein Freund, du hast keine Disziplin. Du glaubst wohl wirklich, dass deine Ausreden keine Schäden anrichten und nimmst das ganze nicht so ernst, weil das Ende Deiner Komfortzone noch gar nicht erreicht ist!

Es geht Dir noch gar nicht so schlecht, auch mit zig Kilo zuviel.

Du erfindest immer noch Ausreden für deinen Mißerfolg, anstatt Dir einzugestehen dass es deine eigene Komfortzone ist, die du nicht verlassen willst.

Du hast Dir vorher keine ausreichenden Gedanken gemacht, was du wirklich willlst und wie du das erreichen willst und dachtest fasten wäre einfach.

Disziplin muss man sich erarbeiten!

Als Kind hat man diese Disziplin noch, wenn es darum geht laufen zu lernen oder andere Sachen, je älter man wird, desto härter muss man daran arbeiten diese Disziplin wieder zu erlangen.

Niemand darf behaupten, Fasten wäre einfach und leicht!

Nein, dass ist es nicht.

Man muss sich vor Augen halten, dass unser Körper uns Jahre oder gar jahrzehntelang erzogen hat und nun wollen wir den Spieß umdrehen und verlangen von ihm, dass er macht was wir wollen.

Wir müssen uns bewusst sein, dass er das unter Umständen gar nicht will, da er halt sein Futter vorm Fernseher mag oder sein Essen um Mitternacht.

Wir müssen die Kontrolle zurückerobern und das erfordert Disziplin, die sich manch einer mühsam zurück erkämpfen muss.

Deswegen ist es auch ratsam, dass ganze unter ärztlicher oder therapeutischer Kontrolle anzufangen.

Und es eben nicht als einfachen Spaziergang zu deklarieren.

Vor allem auch Ernährungsberater können Euch einen gezielten Ernährungsplan erstellen, mit dem ihr auch die Fallen umgeht, die Folgen können.

Dazu noch mal ein ausführlicher Blog in den nächsten Tagen.

Bleibt gesund und erzählt mal, was ihr dazu erfahren habt.

Bewertung: 1 von 5.

Ein virtueller Kaffee für mich?

Damit ich weiter aufführen kann, wie man gesund und mit Spaß sogar durch fasten abnehmen kann.


Think Twice – Say Once

This is a saying from the chineses monks as i know and this has a deep meaning.

If you dont want to repeat yourself, you should think twice about it and only say once. And if someone didnt listen, it will be their problem.

It doesnt matter at what discusion it is, just think about what youre going to say and if the person doesnt like it, well… then thats their problem!

Only yourselve decides what gets close to you and what not, so dont get triggered by anyones thoughts.

For today theres nothing much to say, but anybody know whats going on with wordpress? It seems slow since the last weeks ?

Why you loose Motivation

We all know the problem..

Starting with the own business or writing, drawing, building something new and suddenly stopping..

Why is it, that people and specially the young stop so fast when they have an idea?

The real problems occur when you tell it someone. This is the first and strongest indicator to give up something, simply because you said it and now it starts to add up. The person you told it will think that they have to give a comment or their opinion about it and mostly its always negative dumb talk. This ruins everything!

Specially family members or near friends who dont have the same goals will tell you how bad your idea is and all your motivation will die out quickly. Its not just a simple sentence „Never tell too much“!

Use it!

The second problem is the inconsistency with the project or the lack of ideas.

The brain and body needs time to adapt to the new game and so it will be often rejected in the first phase, its just like a new videogame.

If you get through the first phase it should be a great way to continue!

Now one of the biggest problems is the lack of ideas … to counter this youll need a plan! A strategy! Without it you will not know how to hold it up and give 100%. Many only follow something when theres a plan and a plan with your goals should be structured, clear and POSSIBLE!

You cant just write „I will rule the world“ and do that in two weeks…

For myself i noticed, writing half an hour new ideas helps alot and gives me more options about what iam going to write. I can only recommend it because sometimes even the most productive doesnt want the map in their head.

And the last thing you should know is that you never should work on your business when you only feel well, because a boss over you will not give a fuck when you feel bad, you will still come to work to not loose your job!

Summary: A written plan with real and managable goals while being consistent and coming with new ideas will only benefit you and your goals.

The key to motivation is to let your soul burn for it without a log! You simply become the fire!

Spiritual dangers..

Since i read so much trash about light and love on the internet, i have decided to tell you a few secrets that either only very very few know, or dont want to tell you! It makes me angry if i see people online talking about „the planet will rise to the fifth dimension and […]

Spiritual advances…

So im stuck, unable to move around while my physical body sleeps because something is holding me. I meditated and tried various things to know whats going on but found not much.. The thing i noticed is, when you stop talking about it, it becomes possible again after certain amount of time. The time youre […]

Spiritual Problems ..

Hello everyone, The reason for the absence of spiritual stuff lately, is because the usual stuff isnt working. Well how am i going to explain it.. I cant get out of my body and i try to understand whats causing this problem. Some people said that talking too much about it, can cause this problem […]

Secret Society Secrets – The Three Dots

Welcome to the world of secret society. A world in which a broke person has nothing to do. A world in which only the really rich can enter. Today, i will tell you the beautiful art sight of this world and how we handle the doomed and useless humans in the lower parts of the […]

intervall fasting

Intervall Fasting #5 – Benefits, disadvantages

Today we come to the advantages or disadvantages, if I find some that interval fasting has compared to other types of diet or even diets.

Benefits of interval fasting

  • what I personally like best is the fact that you can basically eat everything during the meal breaks, as well as that you don’t have to change to a completely new way of eating.
  • You can choose yourself, the variant that best suits you. Whether it’s just dinner cancelling 3 times a week, fasting 2 days a week and eating the rest of the week or fasting, on self-selected days between 12 and 20 hours.
  • With a manageable time window, it is easy to plan what you eat and you can prepare your food in advance.
  • You can stay flexible without having a bad conscience, because you don’t have to count Kcal or points or whatever.
  • If you extend the fasting phase, you simply extend the meal phase and vice versa.
  • Fasting relieves the body and the longer you fast, the better the body can repair itself – autophagy is called that.
  • Those who fast will find that from a certain moment they will have much more energy, because the body can set new priorities, as it will be much more relieved in terms of digestive processes.
  • The immune system is improved as the body will repair itself very well during the fasting phases.
  • Hot hunger attacks become less or disappear completely with increasing discipline – as the body will better control insulin levels, as blood sugar levels are no longer exposed to constant fluctuations.
  • Insulin resistance is thus prevented, I know many diabetics who have been able to significantly reduce their medications because the body has reacted very well to fasting.
  • Oxidative stress in the cells is reduced – this allows the body to heal inflammation better and you feel generally, at some point much better – some even call it anti-aging program.
  • The body can break down fat and repair the liver better – our liver can regenerate as well as you can imagine, but it needs our help.
  • With fasting, we reduce hormonal roller coaster rides and thus also fluctuations in the body that affect our health.
  • Our brains can repair and reconnect better, which will be beneficial to our mental health.
  • With a body that can and will repair itself very well, medical measures are much better than if we continue to overexploit.

These are the advantages that spontaneously come to mind. This list is not complete and extensible.

Fasting also has a positive effect on the muscles, but I am still a little ignorant.

Disadvantages of interval fasting / Exclusion criteria

  • It requires, especially for beginners, despite everything really discipline and readiness! change his lifestyle in favor of fasting!
  • It can be again and again that you want to cheat, so you fast much less and eat tons for it, because you think the fasting phase regulates this already – no! Excessive calorie intake can actually cause you not to decrease or get fitter.
  • So it can and will be advisable to think about your diet!
  • Those who rely only on the fasting phase and continue to feast unrestrainedly will have no success.
  • You can be mercilessly overwhelmed because you are over-motivated, then the whole thing may backfire!
  • Fasting is only suitable for people who are mentally able to understand the whole thing at all! So neither for young or younger children, or for people with physical illnesses or the elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Pregnant women should not fast, nor should breastfeeding. But as soon as one is fed or the child is only partially breastfed, one can think about moderate versions of fasting.
  • If you have a serious illness or are dependent on regular medication, you should definitely discuss the whole thing with a doctor BEFORE, whether he can and can fast at all and above all, if so – how.

My experiences and conclusion

Let’s face it, interval fasting is nothing for people who want quick success in playful form

Whoever wants to fast MUST be aware that it will not be a walk, especially at the beginning.

It really requires discipline, consistency and perseverance.

If you don’t have that and don’t have control over your body and mind, you won’t, or you’re very hard to do that, and you’re going to have success.

He will start cheating step by step until he realizes he has achieved nothing, except maybe even to gain weight.

JOJO effect?

Definitely! Those who have managed to reach their desired weight and fall back into old habits will soon be back and probably even faster than expected, at their starting weight or even weighing even more.

Accustomation effect?

There also seems to be interval fasting, which means that our body has then become accustomed to fixed times and we can no longer expect any special advances.

This would be the ideal time to change the whole thing, right down to other fasting times and possibly the inclusion of more exercise up to sports or strength training.

intervall fasting

Intervallfasten #5 – Vorteile, nachteile

Kommen wir heute zu den Vorteilen oder auch Nachteilen, sofern ich welche finde, die das Intervallfasten gegenüber anderen Arten der Ernährung oder auch Diäten hat.

Vorteile des Intervallfastens

  • was mir persönlich am besten gefällt, ist der Fakt das man in den Essenspausen prinzipiell alles essen kann, wie auch sonst, dass man sich nicht auf eine völlig neue Art der Ernährung umstellen muss.
  • Man kann sich selbst, die Variante heraussuchen, die am besten zu einem passt. Sei es nun 3 mal die Woche einfach Dinner Cancelling – Abendessen auslassen, sei es 2 Tage die Woche fasten und den Rest der Woche essen oder man fastet, an selbst gewählten Tagen zwischen 12 bis 20 Stunden.
  • Mit einem überschaubaren Zeitfenster, lässt es sich ganz gut planen, WAS man isst und man kann sich seine Nahrung auch schon im voraus vorbereiten.
  • Man kann flexibel bleiben, ohne ein schlechtes Gewissen zu haben, weil man eben keine Kcal zählen muss oder Punkte oder was auch immer.
  • Verlängert man die Fastenphase, verlängert man einfach die Essensphase und anders herum.
  • Fasten entlastet den Körper und je länger man fastet, desto besser kann der Körper sich selber reparieren – Autophagie nennt man das.
  • Wer fastet wird feststellen, dass er ab einem gewissen Moment, viel mehr Energie haben wird, weil der Körper neue Prioritäten setzen kann, da er viel mehr entlastet wird, was Verdauungsvorgänge betrifft.
  • Das Immunsystem wird verbessert, da der Körper sich sehr gut reparieren wird in den Fastenphasen.
  • Heisshungerattacken werden weniger oder verschwinden mit steigender Disziplin völlig – da der Körper den Insulinspiegel besser kontrollieren wird, da der Blutzuckerspiegel nicht mehr ständigen Schwankungen ausgesetzt wird .
  • Einer Insulinresistenz wird damit vorgebeugt, ich kenne etliche Diabetiker die ihre Medikamente deutlich verringern konnten, weil der Körper sehr gut aufs Fasten reagiert hat.
  • Oxidativer Stress in den Zellen wird verringert – dadurch kann der Körper Entzündungen besser heilen und man fühlt sich allgemein, irgendwann deutlich besser – manch einer nennt es sogar Anti Aging Programm.
  • Der Körper kann Fett abbauen und die Leber besser reparieren – unsere Leber kann sich so gut regenerieren wie man es sich kaum vorstellen kann, dazu benötigt sie aber unsere Hilfe.
  • Wir senken mit Fasten hormonelle Achterbahnfahrten und damit auch Schwankungen im Körper die sich auf unsere Gesundheit auswirken.
  • Unser Gehirn kann sich besser reparieren und neu vernetzen, was unserer seelischen Gesundheit förderlich sein wird.
  • Mit einem Körper der sich sehr gut reparieren kann und wird, schlagen ärztliche Maßnahmen deutlich besser an, als wenn wir weiter Raubbau betreiben.

Das sind so die Vorteile, die sich mir spontan in den Sinn ergeben. Diese Liste ist nicht vollständig und erweiterbar.

Fasten hat auch einen positiven Effekt auf die Muskeln, allerdings bin ich da noch ein wenig unwissend.

Nachteile des Intervallfastens / Auschlußkriterien

  • Es erfordert, vor allem für Anfänger, trotz allem wirklich Disziplin und die Bereitschaft! seinen Lebensstil zu Gunsten des Fasten zu ändern!
  • Es kann immer wieder sein, dass man cheaten will, also deutlich weniger fastet und dafür Unmengen isst, weil man sich denkt die Fastenphase regelt das schon – nein! Ein zu hoher Kalorienüberschuss kann tatsächlich dazu führen, dass man nicht abnimmt oder fitter wird.
  • Es kann und wird also schon ratsam sein, sich über seine Ernährung mal Gedanken zu machen!
  • Wer sich nur auf die Fastenphase verlässt und weiter hemmungslos schlemmt, wird keine Erfolge haben.
  • Man kann sich gnadenlos überfordern, weil man übermotiviert ist, dann geht das ganze unter Umständen nach hinten los!
  • Fasten ist nur geeignet für Menschen die psychisch in der Lage sind das ganze überhaupt zu verstehen! Also weder für kleine oder jüngere Kinder oder für Menschen mit physischen Erkrankungen oder Ältere Menschen mit Demenz oder Alzheimer.
  • Schwangere sollten nicht fasten, Stillende auch nicht. Aber sobald man zufüttert oder das Kind, nur noch teilweise gestillt wird, kann man über gemäßigte Versionen des Fasten durchaus nachdenken.
  • Wer eine schwere Krankheit hat oder auf regelmäßige Medikamente angewiesen ist, sollte unbedingt das ganze mit einem Arzt VORHER besprechen, ob er überhaupt fasten darf und kann und vor allem, wenn ja – wie.

Meine Erfahrungen und Fazit

Mal ganz ehrlich gesagt, Intervallfasten ist nix für Leute, die sich schnelle Erfolge in spielerischer Form wünschen

Wer Fasten will MUSS sich darüber im klaren sein, dass es vor allem am Anfang eben KEIN Spaziergang sein wird.

Es erfordert wirklich Dispziplin, Konsequenz und Durchhaltevermögen.

Wer das nicht hat und auch nicht die Kontrolle über seinen Körper und Geist hat, der wird es nicht oder nur sehr schwer schaffen, dass durchzuziehen und damit Erfolge zu haben.

Der wird step by step anfangen zu schummeln bis er feststellt, er hat gar nichts erreicht, außer vielleicht sogar noch Gewicht zuzulegen.

JOJO Effekt?

Auf alle Fälle! Wer es geschafft hat, sein Wunschgewicht zu erreichen und zurück in alte Gewohnheiten fällt, der wird bald wieder und vermutlich noch schneller als gedacht, bei seinem Ausgangsgewicht sein oder sogar noch mehr wiegen.


Auch den scheint es in Bezug auf Intervallfasten zu geben, dass bedeutet dass unser Körper sich dann an feste Zeiten gewöhnt hat und wir keine besonderen Fortschritte mehr erwarten können.

Dies wäre dann der ideale Zeitpunkt das ganze zu verändern, hin zu anderen Fastenzeiten und eventuell dem Einbinden von mehr Bewegung bis hin zu Sport oder Krafttraining.

intervall fasting


I wish you a wonderful and hopefully not too hot Sunday morning. THAT would have been my greeting this morning, but you know what? WordPress was of the opinion to delete my finished and saved blog instead of publishing it. Oh guys, I was sooo mad.

I had researched and written for over two hours and, contrary to my habit, this time of all times I hadn’t written on paper but in the Blog. That means I start all over again.

So, here is the second version of my blog. And a warning for all bloggers, don’t rely on the fact that what is shown as saved is really saved. WP clearly proved me wrong today. Soon I will host the whole thing myself.

So now let’s start over again.

Interval fasting part four, a review

A small review into the nourishing habits of earlier humans and why for these interval chamfered was normal, but nevertheless an involuntary exception.

As we already learned at school, the Stone Age people were first probably collectors. That means, they ate what they found in nature. Do fruits grow all year round?

No, if they didn’t find anything and didn’t think of stocking up, there was nothing, if nothing grew or nothing was edible.

How did Stone Age people actually find out what was edible and what was not? Perhaps they observed the animals and what they ate without dying was edible. Maybe there were tasters, who knows.

Fasting in the cradle of mankind 7 million years ago, in Africa

At the origins of mankind, we know that the weather and vegetation were quite inhospitable.

It is known that people were constantly busy to survive. So they ate what they found. If there was no fruit, they ate grass or even tree bark in an emergency. But one can assume that they ate simply everything that seemed to be edible.

That means in reverse, they found nothing, no idea, maybe they ate themselves to survive. But presumably they had also at that time already really long chamfering phases. Involuntarily.

One can also assume that milk, eggs and processed products like bread were simply completely unknown.

Since these people, neither fire, nor tools had or even knew.


In principle, the first humans or human ancestors were collectors who ate everything they could get.

Their only goal was to survive. But they were neither blind nor stupid, and were probably pretty good at one thing.


So of course they saw what the animals they were observing did, they hunted and killed their prey before eating it.

So what could be more obvious than to do the same? The first hunters emerged. Especially since people quickly noticed that meat had much more nutritional value than tree bark…


So they had looked at what the animals do following their instincts and started to do the same. Hunting and catching animals.

The beginnings of hunting were clumsy and not yet specialized. It was also quickly realized that this required the fastest and strongest members of the community.

The gender roles were born. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, sick and weak people suddenly had different tasks than those who were able to hunt.

People began to organize and specialize. Nevertheless, if nothing was found, one had to fast.

One can assume due to the weather that these chamfering periods were quite very long. On the other hand these humans could move on simply in periods of drought, since they were not settled and open so new sources of food.

Humans had found fire also after a few million years and knew quite fast to use fire.

For about 700000 years he has also been able to light the fire himself, making it easier to catch animals and prepare food. 2 million years earlier, he was still dependent on preventing found fire from going out. But even then they could keep their burrows warm and roast meat and fruits over the fire.

They had probably already recognized that collecting and hunting alone is not enough, but that one must also build up stocks in order to always have food. There are archaeological reports according to which one knows that whole peoples had to fast, when the supplies were simply rotten, because one could not decide before to use them up.

We can infer now however from the fact that freiwilliges chamfered probably rather NO component of the everyday life was, but always only from the emergency out was carried out!

Which means for us that we cannot use it unfortunately as statement that THIS represents the original nourishing form.

Regardless of this, I will nevertheless deal with it further in detail. Since I and many others with interval chamfered make very good experiences.

Look forward to the next blogs about it.

0108 – The House

We were a team of six and our objective was to secure the house from every corner. We didnt knew with what we were dealing with and the situation seemed strange… We secured the villa inside the forest which was told to be a safe house for certain terrorist members, but after discovering that nothing […]

The others Problems.. – Not just Earths

Ive had a dream last night in which i was suprisingly conscious. I didnt knew where i exactly was but i was wondering how i got there. It was late in the night and i was walking down the streets. I wanted to find somebody i can talk with and suddenly there was someone on […]

How does the „Matrix“ work inside the planets ?

You may think that this question sounds weird because it doesnt make sense, but let me explain what the matrix really is. The matrix is a „cell“, a being, an organism that is placed upon a planetary biosystem. You could call it an invisible cage around everything that exists on this planet and dimension. How […]

What is the biggest problem of the people?

In my opinion the following: You are a spiritual being who is having a human experience. You could not be a human having a spiritual experience. People die, their soul remains eternal. But the bad thing about it is, who sees himself only as a human being, often has an insanely large EGO, a false […]

The New Pills

It was a normal tuesday and i was heading as always to my 9 to 5 job and after that to my psychatrist.

I had depressions over a year because of my job. It was boring and depressing to work there. Nothing new happend. The boss of the company was quite nice and actually friendly compared to my co-workers which were zombies.

Typical movie scene were everyone sits in front of their desk and type something, looking busy.

After work i took off to my therapist, he had told me last time that he had new pills which would show me „the truth“ as he claimed and why i was depressed.

I was excited and liked talking to him, he actually was listening… Not many listened what i had to say and no one cared in this system fucked world… How many kill themselves because no one just could listen ..

Anyway i made it to my destination after a few minutes of walking from the city center.

I went in and „Hey hello Anna how are you doing?“

„Hey Alex thanks im good, hope you do well too! Dr. Oppenheim is expecting you – you can go straight through the door“ said the lovely secretary.

I walked through the door.

„Klick“ pressed the handle down and went inside.

He was sitting in his leather chair „Hi alex, good to see you! Today is a special day!“ he said.

„Hi doc, good to see YOU! What will we talk about today?“ I asked.

„Well as i mentioned last time, the new pills arrived but first let me tell you something and hear well! Nothing of this is allowed to enter the outer world understood! Not a single word! What youre about to see will show you the real world we live in!“ he said silently.

I got really excited and nervous, what was he talking about?

„Okay i understood!“ i replied.

„I already took a few myself and my heart nearly stopped from the reality slash … so be prepared! You will take one pill now and one in the evening“

It was strange to hear that a psychatrist had a reality slash, what did he ment by that ? Well i was going to find out really soon!“

He gave me the pills and i took one.

He said „whatever you do, NEVER look surprised when you see them! Otherwise youre in big trouble not only when youre alive!“

I laughed and thanked him. Maybe this would give me new essences to my boring live.

„We will not talk today, go out and see yourself … and remember .. dont loo…“

„Yes i know… dont look surprised! I got it!“

We shook hands and he said „see you around because this roller coaster will be whole different trip!“

I laughed loud and left.

Twenty minutes left until i took the pill but i didnt felt anything .. was it a psychological test or something? i thought.

Than i walked beside a restaurant and the first heart race started… Why? because i saw how babys and animal heads were took inside the restaurant. It was bloody as hell and my eyes nearly popped out.

„What the fuck ?! Is this what he meant ?! This is insane!!“ I screamed silently inside myself.

Than i saw a octopus looking being in a suit coming my way … This was even scarier and i started panicking..

He said dont look suprised … i stood there normally and as he looked at me, i looked rather shocked.

This was definetly an alien and he was there in daylight with a damn suit! And no one seemed to bother?? Why couldnt we see them ? How was this possible?

My head was running crazy and i couldnt contain myself.


I said nothing and started running, i didnt felt safe anymore anywhere.

I needed to go back to the doctor.

As i run, i saw more and more of them watching me… It was scary. The world was completely different than the world i knew before and those pills showed how it really was. This wasnt a hullucination right?

So many questions and no answers.. i finally came to the doctor and slammed the door open. The secretary stood up and said „you cant be here!!!“.

„I have to see the doc now!“ and knocked on the door while going in.

The doc was sitting there .. and his client was looking at me.. he was one of them… The doctor was one of them.. and he was smiling ..

„Hello Alex.. Good to see you…“ as he stood up and so his client, while slowly walking towards me…

My head couldnt take it, i faded away..

After i woke up in a hospital, the doc was there too. I was surprised why he had come at all.

„Did you see it alex ? The real world? .. This is just the beginning!“

He smiled.

My heart started racing.

My second time trying DMT ..

So it happend again. I closed my eyes and slept straight to wonderland. I was on an island with three people and we all wanted to take DMT again. The island was high over the sky’s and i didnt even questioned how i got there.. The guy who would give us DMT had long hair, […]

Dangerous Adventures

I just landed there.. i dont know why but as soon as i slept, my consciousness switched to that place again. I was in town but the whole place was a mix of high developed ice cream station and old class mates outside. I was taking green and blue ice creams, spending few bucks on […]

COVID 22 – Grey Phase

This is a text from the future if the globalists arent stopped. This is what happend to our planet in our universe. It all began with the great war before the human was built and controlled to a slave. A very high intelligence species drew a plan and copied it to set earth as a […]

Rosty Knifes and Crystal wars

We are in the middle of war right now.. Our people get murdered, gangs emerge and steal, hunt, kill for the crystals. It happend few years ago.. a group of expeditors as they claimed, came to this land to investigate an energy source. But after what they discovered, all hell broke lose. They had found […]

Smart Zombies – The Maze of Traitors

It was a dark night. Our team of 34 people including civilians and fighters and including me, arrived at the market center. We didnt knew exactly what was going on but our spy team dissapeared three days ago and our mission was to secure the civilians and the rest of the team. We knew that […]

intervall fasting

Intervallfasten #4 – Zurück in die Vergangenheit

Einen wunderschönen und hoffentlich nicht mehr allzu heißen Sonntagmorgen wünsch ich Euch. DAS wäre meine Begrüßung heute morgen gewesen, aber wisst ihr was? WordPress war der Meinung, meinen fertigen und gespeicherten Blog, statt zu veröffentlichen, zu löschen. Oh Leute, ich war sooo sauer.

Ich hatte über zwei Stunden recherchiert und geschrieben und ausgerechnet diesmal, entgegen meiner Gewohnheit, nicht auf Papier, sondern IM Blog. Das heißt ich beginne noch einmal von vorn..

So, hier nun die zweite Version meines Blogs. Und eine Warnung für alle Blogger, verlasst euch nicht drauf, dass das was als gespeichert angezeigt wird, wirklich gespeichert ist. WP hat mir heute deutlich das Gegenteil bewiesen. Ich werde demnächst das ganze selber hosten.

Jetzt also noch einmal von vorn.

Intervallfasten Teil vier.

Ein Rückblick

Ein kleiner Rückblick in die Ernährungsgewohnheiten früherer Menschen und warum für diese das Intervallfasten zwar normal, aber dennoch eine unfreiwillige Ausnahme war.

Wie wir bereits in der Schule gelernt haben, waren die Steinzeitmenschen zuerst wohl Sammler. Das bedeutet, sie aßen das was sie in der Natur fanden. Wachsen Früchte das ganze Jahr?

Nein, wenn sie nichts fanden und noch nicht daran dachten, sich Vorräte anzulegen, gab es nichts, wenn nichts wuchs oder nichts genießbar war.

Wie fanden die Steinzeitmenschen eigentlich heraus, was genießbar war und was nicht? Vielleicht beobachteten sie die Tiere und was diese fraßen, ohne daran zu sterben, war genießbar. Vielleicht gab es Vorkoster, wer weiß.

Fasten in der Wiege der Menschheit vor 7 Millionen von Jahren, in Afrika

Zu den Ursprüngen der Menschheit weiss man, dass das Wetter und die Vegetation durchaus sehr unwirtlich waren.

Man weiss das die Menschen ununterbrochen damit beschäftigt waren zu überleben. So aßen sie, was sie fanden. Gab es keine Früchte, so aßen sie im Notfall Gras oder auch Baumrinde. Man kann aber durchaus davon ausgehen, dass sie einfach alles aßen was irgendwie essbar erschien.

Das bedeutet im Umkehrschluss, fanden sie nichts, keine Ahnung , vielleicht haben sie sich selbst gegessen um überhaupt zu überleben. Aber vermutlich hatten sie auch damals schon wirklich lange Fastenphasen. Unfreiwillig.

Man kann auch davon ausgehen, dass Milch, Eier und verarbeitete Produkte wie Brot einfach komplett unbekannt waren.

Da diese Menschen, weder Feuer, noch Werkzeuge hatten oder gar kannten.


Im Prinzip waren die ersten Menschen oder menschlichen Vorfahren, Sammler die alles aßen, was sie kriegen konnten.

Ihr einziges Ziel war überleben. Aber sie waren weder blind noch dumm und konnten eine Sache wohl ziemlich gut.


So sahen sie natürlich was die von ihnen beobachteten Tiere machten, diese jagten und töteten ihre Beute, bevor sie diese fraßen.

Was lag also näher als dies auch zu tun? Es entstanden die ersten Jäger. Vor allem da die Menschen schnell bemerkt haben, dass Fleisch viel mehr Nährwert hatte als Baumrinde..


Also hatten sie sich angeschaut, was die Tiere ihren Instinkten folgend tun und begannen das selbe zu tun. Tiere jagen und fangen.

Die Anfänge der Jagd waren unbeholfen und noch nicht spezialisiert. Man merkte auch schnell, dass dazu die schnellsten und stärksten Mitglieder der Gemeinschaft nötig waren.

Die Geschlechterrollen waren geboren. Hochschwangere Frauen, stillende Mütter und kranke, sowie schwache Menschen hatten plötzlich andere Aufgaben, als diejenigen welche fähig waren zu jagen.

Die Menschen begannen sich zu organisieren und zu spezialisieren. Dennoch galt, fand man nichts, musste man fasten.

Man kann aufgrund der Witterung davon ausgehen, dass diese Fastenperioden durchaus sehr lange waren. Andererseits konnten diese Menschen in Dürreperioden einfach weiter ziehen, da sie nicht sesshaft waren und so neue Nahrungsquellen erschließen.

Der Mensch hatte auch nach ein paar Millionen Jahren das Feuer gefunden und wusste ziemlich schnell, dass Feuer zu nutzen.

Seit ungefähr 700000 Jahren kann er auch das Feuer selbst entfachen und sich dadurch leichter Tiere fangen und Nahrung zubereiten. War er 2 Millionen Jahre zuvor noch darauf angewiesen, gefundenes Feuer am Ausgehen zu hindern. Sie konnten aber auch da schon ihre Höhlen warm halten und Fleisch und Früchte über dem Feuer braten.

Sie hatten wohl auch schon erkannt, dass alleine Sammeln und Jagen nicht reicht, sondern man auch Vorräte anlegen muss, um eben immer Nahrung zu haben. Es gibt archäologische Berichte nach denen man weiss, dass ganze Völker fasten mussten, wenn die Vorräte einfach verrottet waren, weil man sich vorher nicht entschließen konnte sie aufzubrauchen.

Wir können nun aber daraus entnehmen, dass freiwilliges Fasten wohl eher KEIN Bestandteil des alltäglichen Lebens war, sondern immer nur aus der Not heraus vollzogen wurde!

Was für uns bedeutet, dass wir es leider nicht als Aussage heranziehen können, dass DIES die ursprüngliche Ernährungsform darstellt.

Dessen ungeachtet, werde ich mich dennoch weiter eingehend damit befassen. Da ich und viele andere mit Intervallfasten sehr gute Erfahrungen machen.

Freut euch auf die nächsten Blogs dazu.

Bewertung: 1 von 5.

The Dream Well

It was summer and my parents had new jobs in a different city with more income.

This meant that i had to change the school and friends again, it was tough but i accepted it and the new house was huge and even had a well.

After we got into the house, we were all surprised by lets call it „hidden“ doors which brought more and more places were the sun shined on. It looked really beautiful and we loved the house already.

I stood in the garden and looked at the well, it was big and the water inside was really high. Someone who would fall into the well could easily come out, even a ladder was constructed there but what for?

After we got all comfortable in the house, i started to hear the sound of flowing water at the night.

My room was facing the garden in the second floor and i could clearly see the moon shining in the middle of the well. The water seemed to flow to the circle and… it was getting less and less.

I took my clothes on and run slowly down to see what was going on.

My eyes did see it clear, the water got less and the ladder was build to the ground.

Should i go down there? Or rather call my parents to see what was going on.

I stepped slowly on the slippery ladder inside the well and went down. The ground was slimy and my feet were sinking inside the mud. If i hadnt gripped myself back i wouldve been completely sunken and i dont think that anyone could hear me here at all.

After i looked around, i noticed few paths in which one was filled with water, but what mechanism could drag down this amount of water ? I was twelve meters under the ground and nowhere was a lake or else, maybe there was a underground flow?

I couldnt stay too long on one point otherwise i would get drawned back down.

I choosed the middle path and wanted to go but it was dark. Movement was impossible and stepping somewhere unknown was dangerous.

So i went back up the ladder to call my parents.

They came fast and were annoyed …

„What is it ? The well is empty?“

And as i was about to show, the well was completely filled up again.

„That is strange, i was down there and the water was gone but now no one heard a thing when it came back up?“

„Go to sleep youre dreaming dumbass“ said my mother and pushed me inside the well.

„WHAAAT“ i screamed and woke up in my bed.

I was sweating a lot and this dream was weird. I watched outside and the well seemed normal… and yes.. i screamed the word „what“ because i couldnt believe what my mom did.

The days went by and i watched the well several times at night but nothing happend..

Was it all a dream ? Why did it seemed so real..

Visit in Hell – The Judge of Torment

I was struck by lightening.. and went straight from laughing, to lights out. It went quicker than i thought but i wasnt expecting hell nor heaven when i would die. But i found myself in a open cell in hell.. It seemed i was alive at first but than i knew i was dead because […]

How we created the world – Beyond Afterlife

To begin with, ive had very strange moments in my life without the knowledge that came with spirituality.

As i grew, those experiences increased randomly and things happend that i cant talk with anybody at all.

After a intense remembering on what happend and whats really going on, me and my wife found us back together and packed our knowledge inside this book.

This book contains several experiences and answers for question beyond the afterlife.

And no just to tell you, we never used any drugs or whatever to provide you this info. There are many things which words cant explain, so we made it hopefully enough that everyone understands it.

There is soo much more you have to know specially about yourself and what is really going on here, that is why the book only comes to those who will be prepaired for it and least expecting.

This book might cause visions or strange feelings for a person with zero idea about the material, just to warn you a bit.

We know what we tell inside this book will sound crazy for many because there arent many who know that and even lesser who saw any of it.

But most what is read will be heard by the soul, so that one day the eyes open from the dirty dust.

Another Day

Its raining over 15 hours now and it doesnt look like stopping.. This was really needed.

This year not many trees survived due to heat, it went up to 47° celsius over few weeks and killed many things xD

Sind wir, was wir zu sein glauben? Glaubenssätze einfach erklärt.

Zunächst einmal, ihr könnt auch sehr viel über das Thema in meinem Buch lesen. Gern auch kostenlos über Kindl. Einfach im Kindl oder auf Amazon „Glaubenssätze spirituel betrachet“ eingeben, das Buch ist von 2018 und ich bin Katja Kubiak. Es freut mich sehr, wenn meine Leser auch eine Rezension dalassen. Ich bekomme zwar sehr viel […]

Dailylook #1

Warum weiß der eine mehr, der andere weniger übers Leben? Wir sagen es euch, kurz und knapp.

The Cell and Earth

We were 30 kids inside a big cell.

I dont remember how i got there, neither who my parents are. That was very strange.

The cell or lets call it room was shiny white and had no corners, i dont know how to explain it. It looked like a fortified room and there was a door which was only possible to open by voice.

The instructors came in … there was only one and she had white clothes and a mask over her nose.

She started screaming that every hour one kid had to be killed or all would die. She than mentioned that weapons of all kind will be placed to help the execution and left the room.

Some of those kids were merely 8 to 10 years old and had no idea what that meant. They all started to cry and help each other somehow to stop.

A red timer appeared on the wall .. „3:00, 2:59, 2:58, 2:57..“ the clock was ticking ..

„And remember kids, only one will survive, no food or else until you havent killed all of them!“ Said a womans computer voice on the ceiling.

The kids still cry’d and some started to randomly attack each other and bite.

Knifes, scissors and a small axe came up from the underground.

I was 11 years when it happend and it still is fun when i think about it.

I run to the axe and waited in the corner, not knowing what would happen when the timer hits zero.

The others bashed their heads, cut themselves or just randomly went insane and attacked everybody. In the first 3 minutes, half were injured and 10 kids were dead and their corpses were still moving. It was very strange i thought. I expected blood to come out inside that massacer but … all i saw was green liquid.

One of them ran into me, holding a knife and wanting to kill me. I ran away with the axe … i couldnt kill it.

As i tried to tell „HEY STOP IT! EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!“ He still ran.

I stopped and waited for him and was ready to chop his head off.

Suddenly a voice „ALL T-17’s STOP“

And all the kids stopped. Only me and one other was looking scared and shocked.

The woman and a guy walked in. „Kill them all NOW! These are robots and were under a war, if you cant kill them, we will kill you!“

… „I see..“ And rammed the axe into the head of the T-17 cyborg.


„Your childhood was fucked up man ..“ said Set.

„And now were fighting off some even more fucked up robot planets which obliterated earth …“ i said..

The humans shot down a ship which was a peace symbol without asking and the robo’s replied with a super nuclear beam which… blew away everything on earths surface.

The blast was incinerated with the suns power. These robo planets had material which withstood and even held pure solar power. In connection with atom bombs and a quantum particle accellerator it amplified the power over 19.000 times.

Dont ask me what kind of might THAT canon got .. We are still fighting and currently try to programme the weapon to our side.

These robots are extremely intelligent … They dont use any troops or army’s … They just built weapons and blow us up before we can train any troops..

Is there any hope?

Not even nuclear weapons work against their „Solatarum – Wall“ That damn material is the heaviest and hardest metal we currently know. Somehow the robots managed to nullify the heavyness and increase the density.

If this goes on… the entire universe will be wiped out by them..

A Days Purpose

A day has two purposes. The first is to either listen to the ego and do what it wants, based on the conditioning and self awareness of oneself Or Just dont give a fuck about anything and chill your soul … But lets be real, everyone wants number two.. Right?

A late smoke session

The last few days i was smoking a bit of green grass and relaxing, asking myself what i could know that is not new because i had always the feeling that everything we see and hear wasnt new in any way. It was an ally all along and the strange things which happend to me, […]

intervall fasting

Interval Fasting #3

I wish you all a wonderful, but again much too hot for me, August-Summerday.

Let us talk again about interval fasting. Today part three.

As a small reminder Part One: general introduction to the topic

Part Two: the most common methods briefly explained

Who may fast? For whom is it unsuitable? Are there any pitfalls, if so, what are they?

There are always people who want to make their own opinion universally valid for all and generalize the whole thing.

That is far from my mind. I know several diabetics who fast very strictly 16:8 and have considerable success with it, also in the health area. I know of non-diabetics who fast very strictly 16:8 and where nothing happens. Neither weight loss, nor improvement of health, nothing.

This is simply because every body is different, even if anatomically perhaps the same, but even that is not really so. Where one person may already have no gallbladder, the adrenal glands or thyroid gland may not be working the next, and so on.

So you can’t say in general, this or that person must not fast at all, because there are enough methods nowadays, that everybody can find the right one for him – even with medical or therapeutic help.

It is always important that you listen to your body and if it says „stop“ then you stop (for now).

Pregnant women should not, of course, be prepared to diet or fast for a longer period if the gynaecologist or midwife does not advise it. There are also pregnant women who should not gain weight, especially if they already have a very high initial weight. In this case, however, the whole thing is done under medical supervision anyway.

In my experience, breastfeeding is no obstacle if you choose the shorter and simpler fasting methods. Breastfeeding mothers usually only want to lose weight when they notice that the often quoted belief „if you breastfeed, you lose weight all by yourself“ is somehow not true for them. I can sing more than one song about that. Which is why I was already engaged in short-term fasting at the time.

The real problem is often that you don’t listen to yourself and your gut feeling, but always ask others first and they then often, all in all, simply advise against it.

Children and fasting

Most children are slim by nature and very active, so fasting is completely unnecessary.

If you are already overweight at a higher age, you will probably have to see a pediatrician first, who often refers you to a nutritional coach.

I was there with my daughter and fasting for children, is cancelled. Even with overweight. You should try to get back to normal weight by taking more exercise and choosing more nutrients.

Which, for example, does not work at all with my daughter. But you can actually try to create meal breaks in which access to the refrigerator is blocked, as stupid as that sounds. And to take the nightly meal break as a meal break, too. And in the evening, just leave out sweets and nibbles, and not replace them with anything else.

The main problem of most people is not the regular food, but that they constantly put something in their mouth. Sometimes a few nuts here, then a candy bar. With every coffee a few small snacks. At the computer a few salt sticks, while driving a car the sweet thing might lie on the passenger seat.

One thing you can learn from fasting is that constant food is wrong for everyone. Not only dentists and dental assistants pray that probably day by day. Also all the nutrition experts know this.

Eating constantly or constantly „something small“ puts our body under enormous stress. It is practically constantly in working mode and that for years.

At some point, this takes its revenge, not only through overweight.

Especially when you consider that the largest number of people have also given up on simply drinking water. Go to a big beverage market and look around. Sugar everywhere…

Eating less won’t help if I drink two litres of sugar water a day. That would be a trap.

I may not need to count calories and weigh my food, but I should still think about WHAT I eat, WHEN I eat and WHAT I drink!

We have to find back to what our body really needs and that is basically water for adults! Not coloured water with chemicals and sugar or chemical sugar substitutes.

Another pitfall of fasting is to shovel unrestrainedly into oneself during the eating phase, thinking „I’ve earned this or I’m going to indulge myself“.

This may go well for a while, but in fact it’s revenge.

We have to find back to what our body really needs and that is basically water for adult people! Non-colored water with chemicals and sugar or chemical sugar substitutes.

Another pitfall of fasting is to shovel unrestrainedly into oneself during the eating phase, thinking „I’ve earned that or I’ll treat myself to it.

This may go well for a while, but actually takes its revenge by gaining weight instead of losing it.

I’m talking about normal people who are not into extreme sports. A strength athlete or professional athlete has completely different primes and his advisors, who tell him exactly what to eat and when to stop eating.

I assume that these people have no need to read such a blog. After all, I am more likely to read about how these people manage to get to a competitive level in terms of their fat content. I admit that I have never managed any of this. Such a high body fat loss. On the other hand, I’ve never had the desire to do it either.

Since my body weight is normally only 52 kg.

We’ll continue with part four tomorrow.

What’s that about? I think, let’s find out a little history on the subject of fasting. Okay?

See you tomorrow then.

Take a look to the previous storys and fasting blogs for more info.

The deleted World of History

There was once a world before the modern day took the lights. A world before the counting.. Where animals and humans lived together, where no government was trying to restrict the movement of anybody across the country’s and no one had to fear consequences for rude behaviour.. there was no crime, no hate and many […]

intervall fasting


Applause, applause. Who should pat me, or us, on the back, if not WE ourselves.

First of all, today there is an invitation to the Fasting Motivation Group, which I reopened 2 years ago, because many apps only want to earn money, but do not want the members to get to know each other.

Here the link to our motivation group and off you go,

Part 2 of our topic Interval Fasting:

Interval Fasting for Beginners

Yesterday we learned that interval fasting, in general terms, means nothing more than fasting in intervals. In German, this means nothing, nothing to eat at fixed times.

But it doesn’t have to be quite so simple and we start with the explanations, which periods and possibilities are there?

Periods of time / intervals in fasting16:8

This is probably the best known variant, which is propagated by many. Called sixteen to eight.

Sixteen hours not eating is also feasible for beginners if they shift the time window to the night.

Depending on whether one prefers breakfast or dinner, it is advisable to adjust the period accordingly.

During the week I prefer to fast from 7 p.m. to 11 a.m., because first of all I never eat breakfast anyway, I always have not. And then I don’t mind and on the other hand I can still eat together with the children in the evening.

The good thing is that I can drink coffee until 11 a.m. and pretend that there is milk in it with carbohydrate-free almond drink. I don’t like to drink it all black.

Black coffee, unsweetened tea and lots of water are allowed during the fasting phase. As a beginner I wouldn’t look at the type of tea, but as an experienced fasting person I know that you should use herbal tea and not fruit tea. Due to the fact that fruit teas in particular often contain sugar, which is sometimes even added. You can deal with this as soon as fasting has become a part of your body and soul, as a beginner you have other problems.

14 : 10

The less frequently propagated variant, with a longer period of eating, which I personally do not consider as effective, because 14 hours of not eating is not necessarily abnormal.

Here you can change the period of time to the night and then, contrary to what I said yesterday, you should pay attention to WHAT you eat.

The danger here of not achieving any success at all if you do not change your entire lifestyle is very great.

14:10 In my ears it always sounds like „I want to fast, but not really“. And I would recommend this version especially to people who suffer from physical illnesses and take medicine and therefore have to eat something, where it might already be Lent.

17:7, 18:6

the somewhat lengthened versions of 16:8 and suitable for people who want to lose weight quickly, a lot. Trying the long phase of 18 hours in a continuous state will eventually lead to the need to consider WHAT the body needs for nutrients and then supply them to it permanently.

If you want to lose weight in a moderate range, 16:8 is completely sufficient for the beginning.

20:4 „Warrior/Warrior Diet

for me one of the most difficult styles, because here you shouldn’t eat intuitively, but give your body exactly what it needs. Which means that you have to know exactly WHAT your body needs.

Doing 20:4 for a short time may be okay, but in the long run (as with 18:8) there is a danger that you are not supplying your body well enough in terms of nutrients.

Then there is the threat of damage, which you will not immediately recognize as such.

Hair loss due to malnutrition, for example, occurs several weeks AFTER the deficiency! Where you may no longer have any reference to what was there and what exactly is the cause of the hair loss.


I personally have not tested this version yet, except maybe from time to time involuntarily when I was sick.

Five to two means that I eat normally on five days of my choice and on two days, not consecutive days, I eat nothing at all or take only 500 kcal in the modified form.

This is rather not a method to lose weight, but it can help to relieve the body.

You can safely try the 500 kcal method as a fasting start.

Tomorrow it goes on with WHO can and may fast everything and what pitfalls are there.

intervall fasting

Intervallfasten #3

Einen wunderschönen, aber mir schon wieder viel zu heißen, August-Sommertag wünsch ich Euch allen.

Lasst uns wieder über Intervallfasten reden. Heute Teil drei.

Zur kleinen Erinnerung Teil Eins: allgemeine Einführung ins Thema

Teil Zwei: die gängigsten Methoden kurz erläutert

Wer darf fasten? Für wen ist es ungeeignet? Gibt es Fallstricke, wenn ja, welche?

Es gibt immer Menschen, die ihre eigene Meinung allgemeingültig für alle machen wollen und das ganze pauschalisieren.

Das liegt mir fern. Ich kenne etliche Diabetiker die ganz straff 16:8 fasten und damit beachtliche Erfolge, auch im gesundheitlichen Bereich haben. Ich kenne Nicht diabetiker die ganz straff 16:8 fasten und bei denen gar nichts passiert. Weder Gewichtsverlust, noch Verbeserung der Gesundheit, nichts.

Das liegt einfach daran, dass jeder Körper anders ist, auch wenn anatomisch vielleicht gleich, aber selbst dass ist nicht wirklich so. Wo dem einen vielleicht bereits die Gallenblase fehlt, funktionieren beim nächsten vielleicht die Nebennieren oder die Schilddrüse nicht und so weiter.

Man kann also nicht pauschal sagen, dieser oder jeder darf auf gar keinen Fall fasten, weil es genug Methoden heutzutage gibt, dass einfach jeder die für ihn passende – auch mit ärztlicher oder therapeutischer Hilfe finden kann.

Wichtig ist immer, dass man auf seinen Körper hört und wenn der sagt „hör auf“ dann hört man (erst einmal) auf.

Schwangere sollten sich natürlich nicht auf eine Diät oder längeres Fasten einstellen, wenn der Frauenarzt oder die Hebamme dieses nicht rät. Es gibt auch Schwangere die nicht zunehmen sollten, vor allem wenn sie schon ein sehr hohes Ausgangsgewicht haben. Dann erfolgt das ganze aber ohnehin unter ärztlicher Aufsicht.

Stillen ist meiner Erfahrung nach, kein Hindernisgrund, wenn man die kürzeren und einfacheren Fastenmethoden wählt. Stillende wollen meist auch erst Gewicht verlieren, wenn sie bemerken, dass der oft zitierte Glaubenssatz „wenn du stillst, nimmst du von ganz alleine ab.“ bei ihnen irgendwie doch nicht zutrifft. Davon kann ich mehr als ein Lied singen. Weswegen ich mich bereits zu der Zeit auch mit Kurzzeitfasten beschäftigt habe.

Das eigentliche Problem ist oft, dass man nicht auf sich und sein Bauchgefühl hört, sondern immer erst mal andere fragt und die dann oft, pauschal einfach abraten.

Kinder und fasten

Die meisten Kinder sind von Natur aus schlank und sehr bewegungsfreudig, so dass fasten da völlig unnötig ist.

Sollte ab einem höheren Alter dann doch schon Übergewicht bestehen, muss man wohl erst einmal zum Kinderarzt, welcher oft an Ernährungscoaches überweist.

Ich war mit meiner Tochter dort und fasten für Kinder, fällt aus. Auch bei Übergewicht. Man sollte da versuchen über mehr Bewegung und strengere Auswahl der Nährmittel das ganze zurück zum Normalgewicht lenken.

Was zum Beispiel bei meiner Tochter gar nicht funktioniert. Aber man kann versuchen tatsächlich Essenspausen zu schaffen, in denen auch der Zugang zum Kühlschrank versperrt ist, so blöd das klingt. Und die nächtliche Essenspause auch als Essenspause zu nehmen. Und abends einfach Süßigkeiten und Knabbereien, weglassen und auch mit nichts anderem zu ersetzen.

Das Hauptproblem der meisten Menschen, ist nicht das reguläre Essen, sondern dass sie sich ständig irgendwas in den Mund schieben. Mal ein paar Nüsse hier, dann ein Schokoriegel. Zu jedem Kaffee ein paar kleinere Snacks. Am Computer ein paar Salzstangen, beim Autofahren liegt das süße womöglich auf dem Beifahrersitz.

Eine Sache die man vom Fasten lernen kann, ist dass ständiges Essen für jeden verkehrt ist. Nicht nur Zahnärzte und Zahnarzthelferinnen beten dass vermutlich Tag für Tag. Auch die ganzen Ernährungsexperten wissen das.

Ständig oder andauernd „etwas kleines“ zu essen, versetzt unseren Körper in riesigen Stress. Er ist quasi ständig im Arbeitsmodus und das über Jahre.

Irgendwann rächt sich das, nicht nur durch Übergewicht.

Vor allem, wenn man bedenkt dass die größte Zahl der Menschen auch davon abgekommen ist, einfach mal nur Wasser zu trinken. Geht mal in einen großen Getränkemarkt und schaut euch um. Zucker überall..

Weniger zu essen, bringt nichts wenn ich am Tag zwei Liter Zuckerwasser trinke. Da wären wir auch bei einem Fallstrick.

Ich muss vielleicht nicht unbedingt Kalorien zählen und mein Essen abwiegen, aber ich sollte dennoch drüber nachdenken WAS ich, WANN esse und WAS ich trinke!

Wir müssen zurück zu dem finden, was unser Körper wirklich benötigt und das ist im Prinzip für Erwachsene Menschen Wasser! Nicht gefärbtes Wasser mit Chemikalien und Zucker oder chemischen Zuckerersatzstoffen.

Ein weiterer Fallstrick beim Fasten ist der, in der Essenphase hemmungslos in sich rein zu schaufeln, weil man sich denkt „das hab ich mir verdient oder Gönn ich mir mal.“

Das mag eine Weile gut gehen, rächt sich aber tatsächlich mit Gewichtszunahme statt Abnahme.

Ich rede hier von normalen Menschen, die keinen extrem sportlichen Betätigungen nachhängen. Ein Kraftsportler oder Profisportler hat ganz andere Primessen und seine Berater, die ihm genau sagen was er wann zu essen oder lassen hat.

Ich gehe davon aus, dass diese Menschen auch keine Bedarf haben, einen solchen Blog zu lesen. Immerhin habe eher ich den Bedarf bei solchen Leuten im Blog mit zu lesen, wie sie es schaffen auf Wettkampfniveau zu kommen, was ihren Fettanteil betrifft. Ich gebe zu, nichts davon je geschafft zu haben. Einen solch hohen Körperfettverlust. Andererseits, hatte ich auch nie das Verlangen dazu.

Da mein Körpergewicht in Normalfall auch nur 52 kg sind.

Weiter geht es morgen mit Teil vier.

Worum geht es da? Ich denke, lasst uns ein wenig geschichtliches zum Thema Fasten herausfinden. Okay?

Bis morgen dann.


A wonderful and hopefully rainy good morning at a Monday. With us nature finally breathes a sigh of relief, it is fresh and raining really well.

I, on the other hand, have to put on my pants and hold my breath, otherwise they just won’t close.

So I put myself on the scale and fell down backwards… because it shows – from March until now – over 6kg more.

On the one hand this is related to the big operation, after that I couldn’t do anything for my body for a long time, but I took the „doing nothing“ too literally.

Because there is still a big operation to be done, I don’t have much time to get the 6 kg off again and because physical training doesn’t work so well anymore, I start my old hobby, interval fasting.

I start yesterday with 68,2 kg on 1,62m.

And yeah, that’s too much purely optical, because I have really fine bones and it also looks just wrong optically.

Since I will not count calories, which I do not consider necessary with the small sum of kg, which I would like to get rid of, and I also do not want to calculate a BMI, because it seems nonsense to me, I leave in principle also the calculation of basic and achievement conversion away and try to nourish myself sensibly.

However, it may be that I inform myself about it again. How do you handle that?

WHAT is interval fasting?

Simple interval fasting does not mean anything else (sounds simple, but requires real willpower, discipline and endurance – not necessarily my specialty)

means „nothing more“ than to choose a period of time, which should be at least 14 hours, preferably longer, in which you do NOT eat anything.

Nothing at all! My preferred time is from 19:00 to 11:00.

But it’s not easy in the evening, if you have younger children like me, who often eat dinner at 7 pm. There one must look exactly at the clock that one does not eat too far into the Lent, that one regrets on the next day often.

So there are two phases – the fasting phase and the eating phase.

In the fasting phase, we eat, as already mentioned GAR NOTHING and remember that milk is a food, which we also do not eat! So during the fasting phase, coffee means to eat black and sugar-free or, for example, carbohydrate-free almond drink.

During the fasting phase we drink unsweetened tea, and I take the tea I like. Hardcore fasters also have limitations here.

Or sufficient water. I prefer sparkling water here as well. I’m incorrigible. 

In principle, we can really eat anything we want during the eating phase. But since we often want to lose weight and get fitter, it is advisable not to do this.

Take the start with interval fasting as an opportunity to rethink your diet in general!

More about this in the next blog.

Dreams – Death Parkour

After falling asleep i found myself back in a once dreamed area with the same people. I didnt really knew who all these people were but i was sure that i needed to search my wife. We were all suddenly in a parkourish – texas chainsaw massacre movie alike place. It was a wide area […]

Story of Last Night / a nice dream?!

quietly, very quietly – carefully putting one foot in front of the other, she crept meter by meter, slowly through the forest.

From time to time, when the moon shone through the high treetops, she stopped and looked around.

In these moments she did not dare to go further for fear that her pursuer, whom she thought was already close behind her, saw her and the game was over prematurely.

But when hours later still nothing had happened and he hadn’t caught up with her, she thought she was the winner and went back to the camp with her head held high.

Everyone was still asleep. As the tiredness overcame her, she did not wonder why nobody came to receive her, but went straight to her tent.

As soon as her head touched the thin pillow, she was already fast asleep.

Hours later, she woke up from a dreamless and restless sleep and felt numb.

A cold shiver ran down her back when she noticed that apparently everything was still sleeping outside.

„How long have I been asleep?“ she thought, got up, put up her tent and looked around.

Nobody was to be seen and also far and wide nothing to hear.

No laughter, no dog barking, even birdsong could not hear them. Strange. The tents of the others, were all firmly closed.

Judging by the position of the sun, it was already noon.

A little perplexed she walked towards her sister’s tent. This tent was also tightly closed, nothing moved inside.

A few meters before she stopped, not sure if she should open it.

But in the end it did, the tent was empty. Looked like it had never been inhabited. The blankets lay carefully folded, on the thin mats.

Nothing was lying around. You’d think nobody had ever been in here.

But something scared her.

Her sister was a year older than her and back in the old days, before the epidemic, they lived together in a tiny room in her parents‘ small apartment building.

While she was the neat one who never left anything lying around, her sister was chaotic.

Something crunched behind her and let her drive back, scared. Cold sweat broke out of her pores, which could have made the crunch.

The camp stood on earth and lawn and especially the area around her sister’s tent was very clean.

Not a branch that could have cracked.

The hairs on her neck stood up when she heard sounds coming towards the tents.

Vocal murmurs, voices unknown to her. What to do?

Whatever had happened, it was definitely not a good thing and she had only escaped the whole thing because she had played the game.

Kai, the man chasing her, hadn’t shown up either. He was the best of them.

The voices came closer and she was almost stiff with fear when an idea came to her.

„Hey Kati, hey. Wake up. “ Someone shook her, moaned, her eyes opened. Her head was pounding and blood was throbbing in her temples.

She rubbed her aching head and sat up.

The members of her clan stood in a semicircle around her.

Their pale faces glowed in the moonlight, strangely bizarre.

She looked around questioningly. What had happened, wasn’t she just in the tent?

Uwe, the leader and friend of her sister, bent down to her, „Kati, what happened? Kai was looking for you all night. He just came back to camp alone.“

You had been missing for 48 hours and we looked for you several times and we were also here and now, on the way back to camp, you are suddenly lying here unconscious.“

She started shaking and her head hurt so much.

„Take me to camp.“ That’s all she could come up with.

When she arrived in her tent, her head fell on the thin pillow and she was fast asleep.

The Human Rings

There was once a cave in which a titan lived.

This titan consumed those who dared entering the cave.

Any traveler who crossed that path, never returned..

But there was one… who came out disturbed and who took his own life few hours later…

The only sentence he said was .. „It makes rings of human bodys“ …

„Are you sure it wasnt ‚i need food‘ ? This story cant be true!“ Said a guy in a bar.

„Few hundred years had passed since that time, does the cave still exist ? Or was it all just a legend ? Well.. no one will bother anymore, and if so, who will dare?“ Said an old man in a bar.

„I will go and take a look at probably a none existing place …“ said the younger guy.

„Good luckhaha..“ said the old man.

Both drank their drinks and the young guy went home to prepare the trip.

…. Nah.. dont need anything, ill be right back.

The cave was actually few hundred meters upwards this mountain.

„Why did no one notice this path ?“ The road seemed clear .. but was it not full of trash and blocked few hours before?

He walked further and could see a smaller hole inside the mountain. It was enough to slip through.

„Wow… so much for the titan …“

A beautiful waterfilled cave was in front of him, the sun shined and enlighted the area. It seemed like a perfect place to take a bath.

„The old man fooled my young mind… and took my wallet..FUUUUCK“ .. the sound halled through the cave while the yound man sprinted out..


Here you could now first add all my/our old posts.

This one:

or this one:

Or in principle almost all of them, as I am very often only concerned with consciousness.

But now let’s get it straight again.

Does humanity really want to be „Conscious“?

Does this question really arise? You know what? Do you want to read the truth? Are you even ready and willing to face the truth?

I say the greatest mankind is not ready to see or experience the truth, nor is it capable of dealing with the truth!

The reasons for this are many and varied and are mainly to be found in the spiritual realm!

Read again here:

Fact is, each of us has his own reasons to incarnate and live on this planet and his own goal. This goal is NOT the goal of the general public nor of the majority. Correspondingly, what each one of us does is not adapted.

Those of us who incarnate here with the goal of helping humanity or even the animals, will accordingly find that achieving this goal seriously can be made difficult by others, because this planet does not consist of light and love. As we have already mentioned many times.

For example here:

If you want to know more, you can read our big book.

Universelles Bewusstsein – Fakten #1

Hier könnte man nun zuerst meine/unseren ganzen alten Beiträge hinzufügen.


oder diesen:

Oder im Prinzip fast alle, da es mir sehr oft nur ums Bewusstsein geht.

Nun aber mal wieder Klartext.

Will die Menschheit wirklich „BEWUSST“ sein?

Stellt sich diese Frage wirklich?

Wisst ihr was? Wollt ihr die Wahrheit lesen???

Seid ihr überhaupt bereit und GEWILLT euch der Wahrheit zu stellen?

Ich sage, der größte Menschheit ist weder bereit, die Wahrheit zu sehen oder zu erfahren, noch ist sie fähig mit der Wahrheit umzugehen!

Die Gründe dafür sind vielfältig und hauptsächlich im spirituellen Bereich zu finden!

Lest noch mal hier:

Fakt ist, jeder von uns hat nun mal seine ganz eigenen Gründe auf diesem Planeten zu inkarnieren und zu leben und sein eigenens Ziel.

Dieses Ziel, ist NICHT das Ziel der Allgemeinheit noch der Mehrheit. Entsprechend unangepasst ist das, was jeder einzelne tut.

Diejenigen unter uns, welche mit dem Ziel der Menschheit oder auch den Tieren zu helfen, hier inkarnieren, werden entsprechend feststellen, dass dieses Ziel ernsthaft zu erreichen, von anderen schwergemacht werden kann, weil dieser Planet nun einmal nicht aus Licht und Liebe besteht.

Wie wir schon oft erwähnt haben.

Zum Beispiel hier:

Asche auf mein Haupt, ich hab ihn auf Englisch geschrieben. Die deutsche Übersetzung machen wir sofort.

Aber der Übersetzer kann es euch solange zeigen.

Wenn ihr mehr wissen wollte, lest doch gern mal unser großes Buch!

Bewertung: 1 von 5.

Intervallfasten #2

Applaus, applaus. Wer sollte mir, oder uns, denn auf die Schulter klopfen, wenn nicht WIR selbst.

Zuerst einmal gibt es heute eine Einladung in die von mir, wieder eröffnete Fasten-Motivationsgruppe, die ich erstellte vor 2 Jahren, weil viele Apps nur Geld verdienen wollen, aber nicht wünschen dass die Mitglieder sich untereinander kennen lernen.

Hier der Link in die noch jungfräuliche Motivationsgruppe und los gehts,

Teil 2 unseres Themas Intervallfasten:

Intervallfasten für Anfänger

Gestern haben wir gelernt, dass Intervallfasten, pauschal gesehen erst einmal nichts weiter bedeutet, als in Intervallen zu fasten. Das bedeutet auf Deutsch, zu festgelegten Zeiträumen nichts, gar nichts zu essen.

Aber ganz so simpel muss es nicht sein und wir starten mit den Erklärungen, welche Zeiträume und Möglichkeiten gibt es?

Zeiträume / Intervalle beim Fasten


Dies ist wohl die bekannteste Variante, die von vielen propagiert wird. Genannt sechzehn zu acht.

Sechzehn Stunden nichts essen, ist auch für Anfänger machbar, wenn sie das Zeitfenster auf die Nacht verlegen.

Je nachdem ob man lieber Frühstückt oder zu Abend isst, empfielt es sich, den Zeitraum entsprechend anzupassen.

Ich faste unter der Woche am liebsten von 19 Uhr bis vormittags um 11 Uhr, weil ich erstens ohnehin nie frühstücke, schon immer nicht. Und es mich dann nicht stört und ich auf der anderen Seite, so abends noch mit den Kindern gemeinsam essen kann.

Das gute ist nämlich, dass ich bis um 11 Uhr schon Kaffee trinken kann und mit kohlenhydratfreiem Mandelgetränk meinem Kopf vorheucheln kann, es wäre Milch drin. Ganz schwarz trinken, mag ich dann doch nicht.

Schwarzer Kaffee, ungesüßter Tee und viel Wasser sind in der Fastenphase erlaubt. Als Anfänger würde ich auch nicht auf die Teesorte schauen, als erfahrener Faster, weiß ich aber dass man Kräutertee nutzen sollte und keinen Früchtetee. Aufgrund der Tatsache das vor allem Früchtetees oft Zucker enthalten, was zum Teil sogar noch dazugefügt wird. Damit kann man sich beschäftigen, sobald Fasten in Leib und Seele übergegangen ist, als Anfänger hat man andere Probleme.

14 : 10

Die seltener propagierte Variante, mit längerem Essenszeitraum, die ich persönlich als nicht so effektiv erachte, weil 14 Stunden nichts essen nicht unbedingt unnormal sind.

Hier kann man den Zeitraum ganz entspannt auf die Nacht verlegen und sollte aber dann, entgegen meiner gestrigen Äußerung doch schon darauf achten, WAS man isst.

Die Gefahr hier, gar keine Erfolge zu erzielen, wenn man an seinem gesamten Lebensstil nichts ändert ist sehr groß.

14:10 klingt in meinen Ohren immer so wie „ich will schon fasten, aber eigentlich auch nicht“. Und ich würde diese Version vor allen nur erst einmal den Leuten empfehlen, die unter körperlichen Erkrankungen leiden und Medizin nehmen und dadurch einfach etwas essen müssen, wo eventuell schon Fastenzeit wäre.

17:7, 18:6

die etwas verlängerten Versionen des 16:8 und für Menschen geeignet, die schnell, viel Gewicht verlieren wollen. Die lange Phase von 18 Stunden im Dauerzustand ausprobieren zu wollen, wird irgendwann dazu führen, dass man sich unbedingt damit auseinander setzen muss, WAS der Körper für Nährstoffe benötigt um sie ihm dann auch dauerhaft zuzuführen.

Wer im moderaten Bereich Gewicht verlieren will, für den reicht 16:8 für den Anfang völlig aus.

20:4 „Warrior/Krieger-Diät“

für mich eine der schwierigsten Stile, da man hier tatsächlich eben nicht mehr intuitiv essen sollte, sondern seinem Körper genau das geben MUSS, was er benötigt. Was bedeutet, dass man genau wissen muss, WAS der Körper benötigt.

Für eine kurze Zeit 20:4 zu machen, mag in Ordnung sein, aber langfristig besteht die Gefahr (wie auch bei 18:8) dass man seinen Körper nicht gut genug versorgt, was die Nährstoffe angeht.

Dann drohen Schäden, die man gar nicht sofort, als solche erkennen wird.

Haarausfall infolge Mangelernährung, zum Beispiel, erfolgt erst etliche Wochen NACH dem Mangel! Wo man eventuell keinen Bezug mehr hat, was da war und was nun genau die Ursache für den Haarausfall ist.


Ich persönlich habe diese Version noch nicht getestet, außer vielleicht ab und zu mal unfreiwillig, wenn ich krank war.

Fünf zu Zwei bedeutet, dass ich an Fünf, von mir gewählten Tagen ganz normal esse und an zwei, nicht aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen, gar nichts esse oder in der abgewandelten Form nur 500 kcal zu mir nehme.

Dies ist eher keine Methode Gewicht zu verlieren, kann aber dazu beitragen, den Körper zu entlasten.

Als Fasteneinstieg mit der 500 kcal Methode sicher probierbar.

Morgen geht es weiter mit WER kann und darf alles fasten und welche Fallstricke gibt es.

Bewertung: 1 von 5.
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World Conspiracy

What if we are not humans, but beings from a far different dimension who incarnated into flesh, in order to … … do what we want? –

But a species a long time ago managed to trap our memory and delete it for a time as long as we are in this body and our mission is to remember WHO and WHAT we really are?

And that this system with all food and chemicals are specailly designed to hold us down, otherwise the system would collapse and those people wouldnt live and control as they always did?

And those who remember and talk will be either missheared or made stupid looking ?

And the history is a big fragment after fragment to never find the real answer which is inside of us. Intead many will search in the outside and find nothing other than what really happend.

In the eye of death, you will see the illusion of this world and that nothing mattered at all but only you as a soul who knows finally all again?

Many will be in shock if they find out but only a few will really understand whats all about ..

The trap awaits when the body dies.

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What is the real purpose of life ? – Here is the Answer!

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Das Leben eines Nervösen

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Kinder und Zecken, blöde Kombination

Vor allem, da meine Tochter, die nun heute schon wieder eine sehr festsitzendene Zecke hatte, vor zwei Jahren wirklich übel an Boreliose erkrankt war.

Nun rief sie mich heute ins Bad, während die Kinder baden waren und sagte „Mama, schau mal. Da sitz ein Vieh?! Was ist das?“

Da wir Katzen haben, habe ich 3 verschiedene Zeckenhaken da…no way. Das Insekt hatte nicht vor loszulassen.

Währenddessen fing der kleine schon an zu heulen, aus Angst sie würde im Anschluss vielleicht ihn beißen.

Als ich dann über Alkohol nachdachte, nein ich trinke keinen, ich überlegte ob man die Zecke damit töten kann.. kam mir aber doch noch die Idee, es mit einer normalen Pinzette zu versuchen. Und es ging soo schwer, aber ich bekam sie raus.

Inklusive der kleinen Beißzähne.

Ich frag mich wirklich, WIE die so festsitzenden konnte…mit den winzigen Zähnen..

Jetzt fängt wieder das hoffen an, dass wir nicht direkt wieder Borreliose haben… warum ‚wir‘? Nun wenn ich mein Kind 3 Wochen lang, 3x täglich zwingen muss Medizin zu nehmen, bin ich am Ende auch „krank“ … nervlich. 😅😆

Also positiv denken und morgen schau ich, ob ich Anti Zeckenmittel da habe.

Habt ihr schon schlechte Erfahrungen mit Zecken gemacht? Wie schützt ihr euch im Sommer?

Gute Nacht, alle miteinander

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erster Schultag in Hessen 17.8.2020

Mein Kind ist nun Klasse 4 und kam nach Hause und meinte „alles wäre gut“.

Man muss dazu sagen, dass Hessen zum Glück keine Maskenpflicht im Unterricht hat, weil dann hätte sie nicht gesagt alles sei gut.

Ich wünsche mir dass Hessen dabei bleibt. Lief auch vor den Ferien damit eigentlich ganz gut.

Wie sieht es bei euch an den Schulen aus?

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Intervallfasten #1

Einen wunderschönen und hoffentlich regenreichen guten Morgen zum Montag. Bei uns atmet die Natur nun endlich auf, es ist frisch und regnet wirklich gut.

Ich hingegen muss zum Hose anziehen, die Luft anhalten, den sonst geht die einfach mal nicht mehr zu.

Ich habe mich also auf die Waage gestellt und bin rückwärts runtergefallen.. denn sie zeigt – von März bis jetzt über 6kg mehr.

Hängt einerseits mit der großen Op zusammen, danach konnte ich wirklich lange gar nichts machen für meinen Körper, aber ich habe das mit dem „gar nichts“ machen wohl zu wörtlich genommen..

Da noch eine große OP ansteht, bleibt mir jetzt nicht allzuviel Zeit die 6 kg wieder weg zu bekommen und da körperliches Training auch nicht mehr so gut klappt, starte ich meine altes Hobby, Intervallfasten.

Ich beginne gestern mit Stand 68,2 kg auf knappe 1,62m.

Und jo, dass ist zu viel rein optisch, da ich echt feine Knochen habe und es auch optisch einfach nur verkehrt aussieht.

Da ich keine Kalorien zählen werde, was ich bei der geringen Summe kg, die ich los werden möchte, nicht für nötig halte und auch keinen BMI ausrechnen will, weil der mir Unsinnig erscheint, lass ich prinzipiell auch das rechnen von Grund- und Leistungsumsatz weg und versuche mich vernünftig zu ernähren.

Es kann aber sein, dass ich mich noch mal drüber informiere. Wie handhabt ihr das?

WAS ist Intervallfasten?

Einfaches Intervallfasten bedeutet nicht weiter (klingt einfach, aber erfordert echt Willenstärke, Diszipinin und Ausdauer – nicht so unbedingt meine Fachgebiete)

bedeutet also „nichts weiter“ als sich einen Zeitraum auszusuchen, der mindestens 14 Stunden, gern länger, sein sollte in dem man NICHTS isst.

Gar nichts! Meine bevorzugte Zeit sind von 18:00 bis 11:00 Uhr.

Wobei es echt auch Abends eben nicht ganz einfach ist, wenn man wie ich jüngere Kinder hat, die Abends dann oft gegen 19 Uhr erst zu Abend essen. Da muss man schon genau auf die Uhr schauen, dass man nicht zu weit in die Fastenzeit hinein isst, dass bereut man tags drauf oft.

Es gibt also zwei Phasen – die Fastenphase und die Essensphase.

In der Fastenphase essen wir also, wie bereits erwähnt GAR NICHTS und denken daran das Milch ein Nahrungsmittel ist, welches wir auch nicht essen! Also heisst das Kaffee in der Fastenphase schwarz und zuckerfrei zu sich zu nehmen oder zum Beispiel kohlenhydratfreies Mandelgetränk rein zu geben.

Wir trinken in der Fastenphase ungesüßten Tee, dabei nehm ich den, der mir gefällt. Hardcorefaster haben auch da Einschränkungen.

Oder ausreichend Wasser. Ich bevorzuge auch hier Sprudelwasser. Bin unbelehrbar 😉

Rein prinzipiell können wir in der Essensphase wirklich alles essen, was wir wollen.. Da wir aber oft abnehmen und fitter werden wollen, ist es ratsam genau dies eben nicht zu tun.

Nehmt euch den Start mit Intervallfasten zum Anlass eure Ernährung allgemein zu überdenken!

Mehr dazu im nächsten Blog.

Bewertung: 1 von 5.

Another Day

So currently i lack ideas and need something very new …

Last week my grandmother died and the days past extremely fast… Here in this part of russia, the day ends at 18:00 .. because it gets pitch dark outside and the body gets fast sleepy.. reeeeally annoying i can tell! It feels like you dont have much time at all.

I mean everyone still works and all, but when the body yawns every 5 minutes …

Not even fresh air helps xD only the blue light of the phone!

So me and my wife try not to argue over bullshit but it gets tough sometimes even if we dont want to argue…

All this crap of live just passes by .. what awaits in the end is the love we have always for each other.

Channeling #1

Ich habe lange überlegt ob ich Euch mal ein paar Impressionen in Channelings Jenseitskontakte gebe die mir besonders in Erinnerung geblieben sind.

Und ich denke ja, warum nicht.

Wo fang ich an?

Muss ich das nochmal erklären? Im Prinzip sind Jenseitskontakte der teilweise „spontan“ entstandene Kontakt zu den, zum Teil „zufällig“ anwesenden Seelen oder Seelenteilen bereits verstorbener Menschen oder Tiere.

Beim Channeln ist das ganze geplant und ich rufe gezielt nach ganz bestimmten Menschen oder Tieren, die auch bereits verstorben sind.

Ich bin durchaus in der Lage die entsprechenden Seelen zu sehen, in der Gestalt in der sie sich zeigen wollen, aber oft ist es so, dass ich sie energetisch bei mir fühle, so wie man tatsächlich abwesende, lebendige Menschen oder Tiere wahrnehmen kann.

Dazu kommt das ich ihre Gedanken und Gefühle wahrnehmen kann und sie teilweise auch höre.

Ich übe das auch sehr oft und manchmal hab ich auch durchaus, miese Gefühle dabei, so dass ich die ganze Sache nicht als positiv empfinde. Aber das ist vor allem, wenn meine Besucher spontan und ohne dass ich sie erwartet habe, anwesend sind.

Auch eher selten.

Ist halt die Frage, interessiert es euch? Wollt ihr ein paar Erlebnisse hören/lesen oder nicht?

Sagt mal Bescheid.

Was enthält ein „Lebens-/Seelenplan“? -Vor der Inkarnation

Wenn einem die Ideen ausgehen, kann man ja ruhig mal ältere, von euch fast ungelesene Beiträge rebloggen.

Katjas Bauchladen

Hallo zusammen,

In diesem Blog werde ich über meine Erfahrungen berichten und darüber.was geschah, bevor ich auf der Erde inkarnierte.

Erstens: Wenn Sie einen Schritt von außen in dieses Universum machen, werden Sie wahrscheinlich und höchstwahrscheinlich Ihr Bewusstseinslevel verlieren. Das bedeutet, dass Sie keine Klarheit darüber haben werden, was Sie tun, je nachdem, wann, was, wie und mit wem Sie wieder heraus gehen werden. Sie wissen genau wie Sie sich in einem Traum fühlen … nur Autopilot bis Sie frühs aufwachen.

Ich kam mit einer anderen Seele hierher und wir waren immer zusammen. Es gab einen anderen welcher uns sagte, wir sollen kommen weil es hier toll wird aber das ist eine andere Geschichte. Nachdem wir hierher gekommen waren, wussten wir, dass wir nicht jedes Leben so planen können, wie wir es gerne hätten, und dass wir nicht bewusst zusammen sein würden, bis eine bestimmte Anzahl von Leben vorbei sein…

Ursprünglichen Post anzeigen 695 weitere Wörter

School Cafeteria

We were in the school cafeteria and the doors got blocked. We panicked not because the police was going to come, but the location changed completely and the walls had a very creepy and bloody dust.

We were 3 people including myself.

„And what happend next?“ Asked the agent who interrogated us in seperat rooms.

„Brad fell unconscious and dissapeared in front of our eyes, i dont how else to tell you.. He was suddenly a lake of red liquid .. it seemed like blood“

„Did you took any medicaments or drugs ?“

„No never, we were just there to get the milk which was thrown away every day. The director of the school was okay with it but just today it all went crazy..“

„So the walls got bloody and dirty and your friend changed to liquid.. sounds enough for us“ said the agent smiling.

„The milk jake, were not given to anybody … do you want to know why?“

„What do you mean ? Was there something in it?“ I asked

„Yes… the milk was contaminated with something that even we never have seen before. A hallucinating substance with a bizarre effect“

„Bizarre effect ? Could you tell me more?“

„We currently try to figure out what it does …the only thing we can say for now is, whenever someone uses the substance, they dissapear into a different world… And the body either dies or else“

„THERE YOU HAVE IT! So we are not fault for his death!“ I said loud.

„Yes youre not … but do you want to know what really happend in the cafeteria two hours before?…We set you all up.. Just to test it… Funny right?“

„Fu….nny? .. my vision…“ the walls changed .. he dissapeared? ..

Good Evening

Today’s day is a bit rough.

Had no time to even take a bite since morning and right now im driving to another client ..

See ya all later.

Bist Du eine „alte“ Seele?

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
Ich werde oft gefragt: „Was ist eigentlich los mit mir? Ich fühl mich hier so fehl am Platz, was stimmt denn mit mir nicht?“ Nun eigentlich stimmt alles mit dir. Es ist nur so, dass viele von uns dieses Leben nun eben nicht zum ersten Mal leben, sondern…

Weird Days

Yesterday i just slept unusual 4 hours while being strongly awake until two in the morning. I had no idea why, the only thing i had taken was chilly and mint tea… Seemed to be way stronger than coffee .. And now im here .. laying down on my bed at 20:00 and nearly drowing […]

Crazy Cat Diary

Manchmal glaub ich nicht, was ich da sehe. Seht selbst.

Der Teller fiel übrigens nicht.

Was hat die da? Was riecht da so lecker?
Hmm, sieht gut aus.
Man muss sich nur zu helfen wissen.
Ach gib her, ich nehme es einfach mit

Was wars? Frischgebackene Waffeln, die meine Tochter allerdings nach den Fischstäbchen gebacken hatte, in der gleichen Pfanne und das war so widerlich 😆

Es schmeckt so gut, aber stank so nach Fisch, dass Leo am Ende auch verwirrt war.

Small Motivation


Whatever you do, theres always an asian who does it better.

Now stop scrolling through instagram or facebook and get up!

The Hallway of Eyes – Part 2

As i walked straight to the door after pressing down the handle, all other doors closed loudly one after another.

This gave me chills and i started to really enjoy it i thought. The room which i was warned by the girls before had been opened…

„Scary scary .. not .. its just another hallway“ i thought and walked down.

Suddenly i heard a chainsaw and that guy from earlier appeared in front of me who was dragging a guy on his hair across the room.

„HELP ME PLEASE!! THIS ISNT JUST A HORROR HOUSE ITS REAL! PEOPLE DIE HERE!“ he screamed while blood was running down his face.

„Nice job with the act, i love it“ i said laughing while the chainsaw guy walked past me with a scary smile.

He was wearing a mask and it was half cut, so only one eye was visible. This really looked creepy!


„Rip his head off his shoulders for this shit! I said annoyed while laughing.

Suddenly the chainsaw guy laughed and took him down the floor where the noise dissapeared instantly.

Strange … i thought.

This house was definetly more worth then just three bucks.

I looked behind me and well… there was no door!

Okay relax i thought, they mustve covered it somehow while i wasnt looking! Yes thats gotta be it!

So i walked further and now i started to see two pairs of eyes in the wall… This looked very real… they had even veins in their eyes which staired somewhere but always away from me.

How much budget do these guys had to build these ?! I thought loud… I looked where the eyes were watching and now more and more started to appear..

I followed their lead because they always showed more and more eyes and all of them lead to a way back and forth. Maybe this was a little game invented by the makers i thought.

After ten times back and thought, i realised that it build a symbol across the room. Than it lighted up the floor and a blood painted word was all across the hallway „RUN“.

Run from what ?

Well… the floor started to crumble and i really thought the floor would collapse.

This was a house on the first floor, so where would i fall to? This shaking only causes the house to crumble apart i thought. There was no damn reason to do that.

I stood still and had no fear of what was coming … they couldnt just kill me, this was a joke…right?

My heart was a bit nervous i admit.

Nothing happend.. the shaking stopped and i knew it.

The door from back there opened.

I saw the exit.

Was that it?? How boring was that i thought.

The walls changed again.

„You didnt play by the rules, Sign your name and get real horror“

„Is that a joke ? Another 10 bucks for more horror? The owner of this house must be a greedy one“

I didnt took the bait.. i had enough of that bullshit and went towards the exit .. but it started to close..

I started running and barely made it through …

I came out and the two girls were standing there still..

How long was i in there?

The girls came up and said „How did you came out ?“

„What do you mean? This house was a joke!“

The girls started laughing loud…

„Whats wrong?“ I asked

„Its not over yet .. look behind you!“

As i looked slowly behind me, the house opened the door and i saw ME standing there.. Bloody and deformed..a monster was starring at me…

I screamed loudly and was still surprised by the looks.. who would make such a costume in this short of time ?

The girls behind me dissapeared and no one stood around.

I started to get the hell away there because my heart wouldve stopped..

That house was great i thought while laughing and running scared.

I only saw how it stared back at me..

Only to realise, that i wasnt going away anymore..but came closer towards that thing…

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    As i saw the village from far away, i wondered how the villagers could turn their heads simultaneously at me and than block me completely from seing further. A couple hundred meters ahead was the village but as i came closer, the picture of the village became blur. I didnt thought much of it but […]
  • Just another zombie dream
    It was a normal night. Eyes closed and hoped to not dream something completely fucked up… I was standing in a long hallway and suddenly someone rushed through a door and yelled at me „WE GOTTA GO NOW, I HAVE TO LEAVE“. I didnt knew if she was meaning me because she looked at me […]

The New Job – Escape ? …!

As i turned slowly around while my heart was pounding like never before, a being stood in front of me. It had a foil over the head like a coat and i couldnt see the face. My feat were stuck of fear while i looked at it. A few seconds later … my vision got […]

The New Job …

I was a doctor in a nice city, had the best clients and never to worry at all. But one day, my little bitch of a girlfriend left me because i wanted to do a job further out the city. They were paying me alot more … Why didnt i listened to her? I should […]

The Room on the Hills

I was with a group of 6 people. Three guys and three girls. We were walking casually around and the area seemed unfamiliar. While it was getting dark, we came across a splitting route which lead either up or to the right, down the city. The two girls and a guy went up and i […]

Dream Nights

The last few days i started to dream some weird stuff … and it still holds on. My problem is that these dreams make clearly no sense and neither can i become aware of inside of them. The only thing that happens IF i become aware, is that the dream pattern and my movements, STILL […]

Troublesome People

I hate driving on the streets here.. the problem is the stupidity of people. They dont know the rules of driving at all and cause serious crashy moments if you dont keep your eyes everywhere. I constantly try to avoid any stupid situations because someone thinks hes important because of a bigger car and tries […]

A Killers Diary #The blood wall of skins

Dear Diary, Today was another special day. I managed to finish the blood skin wall. It was really messy but now i can smile. You now its tough the ripp the human skin off the flesh, without damaging it. The two bodys are ready for the next step and the wall is painted in bloody […]


It started again… the weather changed from zero to hundred .. i feel strange.. like i would be in a different place.. Do you feel that too sometimes ? A familiar place becomes so.. different ..

Another Day

Done with work and stressed… my back spasmed random and i thought it would break in half xD Yesterday i took few pills to relax and slept quite well .. but something woke me up and i lost completely the location where i was. I feel quite fucked up… i could use a break but […]

Monsters of inner Earth #The Backwards Sprinter

The second monster which appeared was the backwards sprinter. As the name sais.. it sprints towards you with its back turned. Long arms and legs, a rather grey and dark shiny skin and a really ugly face. It sprints after its prey and when it comes close to the kill, the back of the monster […]

Monsters of inner earth #The Scare

The first monster which appeared back in the days out of its grave was the „Scare“, after that it went all down… The scare was and is still one of the scariest monsters out here. It has no face, no eyes, ears or mouth. Just rotten skin and spiky metal wrapped around its head. The […]

Occupations, energy collectors and other attachments

So, since it comes again and again under the eyes and ears and annoys me somehow discreetly, today a little educational work! I hear again about people who believe, or about whom it is said that they are possessed by demons or that ghosts are attached to them. First of all, nothing is impossible, and […]

How to get RICH really fast ? – Scam!

Now lets talk for real a second. If we put the people aside which got wealthy by honest and hard work, and those who got wealthy by scaming people, we might see that the majority of people get rich trough scaming! But why is it like that ? Why isnt hard and honest work not […]

A Killers Diary – The Eye Garden

Hello Diary, Today was another big day …just as always. My doll collections are ready and another joung body was just brought to me. This body was perfect for the new garden! A childrens young and juicy organs and body parts First i smashed the head in two pieces and took out the brain. The […]

Chained and Sealed – The Door

We always had a door outside of town. Legends said that this door seals monsters from other dimensions and that no one is allowed to open it. Not even the police or whatever managed to simply open the door. They built a park around the door which seemed to go down a sewer or something. […]

Am i less worth ? – The Floor of Nightmares

I woke up unknowingly of my location, inside a building full of the worlds nightmares. How did i came i here? Was this even real? Why was there nobody? Did i dreamed it ? All i know is… That place showed me the world in which we live in. It was a nightmare.. A count […]

An’s Crystal Puzzle Pieces

There was once a soul who was very corrupted by power and greed. This soul caused several super solar system war’s and many planets were burning.. There was a team of eight … he was one of those eight but haunted and afraid of the black dimensional beings. Through the unlimited ways of playing this […]

A Killer’s Diary #2 – The hanged Pig

Dear diary, I was on the look -out for few weeks and found out as much as i could about the swine. She had soft skin but was very dirty inside, so cleansed her… She was screaming at her friends and liked hurting animals, this was the perfect prey for my next pig doll collection […]

Empathy? No way!

Empathy means – I keep my mouth shut when it counts. Empathy means – I keep my mouth shut when it is not necessary to answer. Empathy means – I consider before I say something whether it is better to keep my mouth shut! Empathy also means – I listen and I fucking UNDERSTAND WHAT […]

What is this? Human arrogance…

Attention, danger of triggering. If you do not want to do this. Please click away and don’t say afterwards that I didn’t warn you. Keyword, mental health. Who would presume to assume that people who want to kill themselves are mentally unfit or mentally ill? What is this actually all about? What is this statement? […]

Cosmic Authority – Astral beings lie

In the realm of the dead it is appearently common that a being comes after death to guide you in to the light. But this is only a small percentage and depends on ypur believes and what you expect. These beings look shiny and warm and draw your attention away from any questions. They talk […]

Auf in den September 2020

Da wir hier derzeit eigentlich keinerlei Input mehr bekommen und das nicht unbedingt motivierend wirkt, sind wir auf Plattformen ausgewichen, auf denen wir Interagieren können mit anderen Menschen. Da unser Blog uns dennoch am Herzen liegt, vergessen wir ihn (noch) nicht ganz und schauen mal, ob es auf WordPress wieder läuft. Was sind Eure Erfahrungen […]

Another Day – Time

I have currently quite a good time to spare for many other things. My business is doing well and i wont hunger – this should be the important part! Now lets get to the point where i can finally meet my lady! Somehow the sun is back up and back on 36° degrees when it […]

intervall fasting

INTERVAL FASTING #6 – Discipline

Today a short treatise, which is clearly the most important thing in any kind of fasting at all, discipline. Most of us, who have no or no significant success, say first of all „I don’t know why I don’t lose weight, I do everything right“. And when you start asking questions, you quickly realize that […]

Blog Crashed – Womans fault xD

So dear ones, I have accomplished a real „masterpiece“…I have almost completely crashed our blog. The replacement blog has completely disappeared into nirvana. All followers are gone, except for a few from Facebook. But the Email and WordPress followers are actually at 0. That means we have to start all over again. The website is […]

A Killers Diary – The Doll Collection

Its me again my dear diary, Today i made new outfits of human skin and organs. I prepared them very well. The blood still drops from them. I couldnt finish two of the dolls, i still need four eyes and the bodies arent enough. I costumise the kill will the outfits and tomorrow is the […]

Think Twice – Say Once

This is a saying from the chineses monks as i know and this has a deep meaning. If you dont want to repeat yourself, you should think twice about it and only say once. And if someone didnt listen, it will be their problem.