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Gute Nacht (Crazy Cat Diary)

Und diejenigen die – wie ich – über 30°C im Schlafzimmer haben, frohes schwitzen.

Heute hatte es überall wo ich, außerhalb unseres Dorfes, war wirklich extrem stark geregnet, außer über unserem Dorf.

Wenn Autofahren nicht mehr lohnt, weil die Scheibenwischer es nicht mehr schaffen..

Da fiel nix.

Andererseits hatten die umliegenden Dörfer danach tropische Verhältnisse und wir nicht.

Ich weiß nicht, was besser ist.

Herbst und 17 Grad, ganzjährig, das würde mir völlig reichen.

Und wie seht ihr das?

Übrigens haben meine zwei kleinen Katzen ein neues Hobby. Welches allen zu denken geben sollte, die bei dem Wetter ihre Fenster auf Kipp lassen. Seht selbst.

Leo macht es vor, Luna nach.

Ich will da hoch…
Das muss doch gehen..
Komm, los, Power…
Was du kannst, kann ich auch.
Guck Leo, ich kann es auch.

Sie haben es am Ende beide (noch) nicht geschafft. Aber ich denke, dass ist nur eine Frage der Zeit.

Dexter der 8 kg Kater sagt dazu nichts.

Er würde es wohl aus dem Stand schaffen. Er hat aber auch über 1 Meter Länge. 😆

Soo hat er zugeschaut.

The Hallway of Eyes – Part 1

A horror house had opened last day and i just wanted to see how it was.

We had nothing much in this town, so it was rather new and i hoped it to be fun.

I was living pretty central and the police patrolled constantly here. Crime was unavailable here and the people were friends with the cops, just how it should be.

One evening after work, i went straight to the horror house. I had no friends because i was busy all the time. So i went alone and after a 15 minute walk down the riverside from town, it was visible.

Some people stood in front of the house and one guy laughed while 2 girls came out totally shocked.

Was it really this creepy? I mean it looked like something for kids and i thought „Well i can go back home“ but hey ..lets try it.. Dont let the 15 minutes be a waste i thought.

I went to the door and it asked for 3$ to enter.

I had no change with me, so i asked the two girls if they could change the twenty dollar bill.

They did..

„Thanks for the change and why are you so exhausted?“ i asked.

„Dont go into the room with the big eye.. you wont come out again..“

Funny i thought and went in.

„Thanks for the advice and good night“ i said.

The door behind me closed loudly.

A fog with flashy lights turned on and started to play music reversed. That sounded creepy!

I went on and right at the hallway were several doors with warnings.

It even had FSK symbols..age restrictions in a horror house? What was the last door than?

It started with age 10 and went to 30 while the horror kept rising.

I slowly walked to every door and opened them one by one. And yes.. no one except me was in this house… It was very strange …right?

The first ten doors were pure boredom.. nothing special except some jump scares which i expected when im honest. A few skeletons and mumies with a mix of a bloody crime scene while the music changed with every door.. The music went darker and darker and yet no one new entered the house.

How long have i been here? Half an hour?

Than something new happend… all doors started to open and a guy with a big chainsaw looked at me..

I started to laugh and he just went to another door and closed it.

Now that was a bit funny.. but still too lame i thought.

And than i noticed the red door with the big eye on it..

The girl from earlier had warned me but.. something was calling me to that door..

A whisper?

Hypnotised i walked towards it.. Mysterious and bad aura was all around ..

I pressed down the handle and pushed forward..

Repeating Dreams.

Hello there, Back from another week and presenting you with .. not much! As you mightve read before, i was trying out some stuff to get out of my body (astral travel) and it didnt worked like i hoped it would. Instead, i was back in repeating dreams but now its strongly random and i […]

Another Dream – The temple ?

After i fell asleep, i wandered unconsciously between a blurred and a slowly sharpening screen. After a few seconds, i found myself back inside a pyramid in which nothing was there except a big door with three people on it. One of them looked like anubis with the animal head and he was holding a […]

Doubtful Adventures – Moving Forward

After the sudden loss of energy i felt destroyed because i now knew what brought the problems of using blood magic. But yet i didnt knew the whole truth about it… As i was laying on the bloody grass and looking into the sky, i wondered what the village meant before they got killed by […]

Part 2 on its way!

The biggest insect i have ever seen – XXL Hornet

I dont know, why my Birds dont like the Apples, at the Moment…

But this Big Guy loved them.

XXL Hornet…

I think he is nearly 6 cm 2,4 inches.

Luckily he seemes to be really friendly.

Beitragskarusell 1

Hier mal ein kleiner Test, der Blockfunktionen.

Dies ist das neue Beitragskarusell.

Mal schauen, wie es von außen aussieht.

Viel Spaß 🙂

Schwalben in den letzten Sommerwochen

Links vom Balkon
Rechts vom Balkon
Und dazwischen noch ein paar.

Man sieht sie waren fleißig.

Das ist die erste und zweite Brut.

Dieses Jahr habe ich auch keine kranken oder verletzten gefunden.

Heute ist es dunkel draußen.

Gestern brannten Feld und Wald, heute regnet es hoffentlich.

Einen schönen Start in die neue Woche.

Good and a Half Day

Since some of us sleep more than 10 hours a day, ill call it a half day..

Time your day right and achieve something! Stop fucking around and do, or atleast admit that youre doing nothing for your dreams!

Stay motivated and do it daily!

Have a good day!

Doubtful Adventures – The Price – Part 2

As i saw the village from far away, i wondered how the villagers could turn their heads simultaneously at me and than block me completely from seing further. A couple hundred meters ahead was the village but as i came closer, the picture of the village became blur. I didnt thought much of it but […]

Just another zombie dream

It was a normal night. Eyes closed and hoped to not dream something completely fucked up… I was standing in a long hallway and suddenly someone rushed through a door and yelled at me „WE GOTTA GO NOW, I HAVE TO LEAVE“. I didnt knew if she was meaning me because she looked at me […]

World of nightmare – Close the door, dim the lights!

In the day of 2022, all lights went out and the nightmare came upon from the dark. The calm oceans which were unexplored for more than 96% were unvailed once the dark had taken the world. The governments had no possibility to return electricity due to solar winds which caused an electromagnetical pulse through the […]

A Killers Diary – Lockdown Problems

Hello humans, As well as you experience right now, nations are under lockdown and many have lost their work. The lockdowns affect many in our society and iam one of them, since i cant get enough bodys to kill and feast on. My pallet is only made from the finest human flesh, but with the […]