School Cafeteria

We were in the school cafeteria and the doors got blocked. We panicked not because the police was going to come, but the location changed completely and the walls had a very creepy and bloody dust.

We were 3 people including myself.

„And what happend next?“ Asked the agent who interrogated us in seperat rooms.

„Brad fell unconscious and dissapeared in front of our eyes, i dont how else to tell you.. He was suddenly a lake of red liquid .. it seemed like blood“

„Did you took any medicaments or drugs ?“

„No never, we were just there to get the milk which was thrown away every day. The director of the school was okay with it but just today it all went crazy..“

„So the walls got bloody and dirty and your friend changed to liquid.. sounds enough for us“ said the agent smiling.

„The milk jake, were not given to anybody … do you want to know why?“

„What do you mean ? Was there something in it?“ I asked

„Yes… the milk was contaminated with something that even we never have seen before. A hallucinating substance with a bizarre effect“

„Bizarre effect ? Could you tell me more?“

„We currently try to figure out what it does …the only thing we can say for now is, whenever someone uses the substance, they dissapear into a different world… And the body either dies or else“

„THERE YOU HAVE IT! So we are not fault for his death!“ I said loud.

„Yes youre not … but do you want to know what really happend in the cafeteria two hours before?…We set you all up.. Just to test it… Funny right?“

„Fu….nny? .. my vision…“ the walls changed .. he dissapeared? ..

Wie kann man sich mit 3 Übungen relativ fit halten? – Für zuhause

3 Übungen für zuhause + Erklärung

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