Troublesome People

I hate driving on the streets here.. the problem is the stupidity of people.

They dont know the rules of driving at all and cause serious crashy moments if you dont keep your eyes everywhere.

I constantly try to avoid any stupid situations because someone thinks hes important because of a bigger car and tries to take over in the middle of traffic.. fucking idiots i can tell!

Than theres the other problem.. the people who issue a drivers license to those who give them money… Since everything is possible with money, you can get your license here for around 120€ without even attempting to learn anything.

And the most fucked up part is that manny parents give their 5 year old kids a car to drive.. to learn how to drive… yes you read it right! And guess what happens when they cause a crash?

I really would like some strict rules on the streets here, the police isnt doing much ..only collecting money from some other stuffs and raids..

And when you call those idiots out on the street, they either look stupid at you or say nothing ..

Just yesterday there was a bus who stopped in the middle of the road while i was on the sidewalk after filling up gas, and that guy didnt moved.. i needed to raise my hand and the horn to check if hes picknicking or going to drive…

Trust me im not a angry driver but if someone just stops on the fucking road and parks it there, i really get pissed!

And the last part is the „Wedding Konvoy“ … the cunts drive on the opposite road and risk crashing while fifteen other cars chase it loud with sirens and and dumbass manuvers..

Trust me … this kind is one of the worst.. most of them dont even got a license and they drive like idiots .. I hope the police is busting their asses all along.. several cases of crashing to people has been reported, they even kill cows on the road because they drive 80 in a 20 road..

Well… thats that .. if you thought that you might get angry when you drive, forget it… the most would get a shock from this place and a therapy for anger issues! xD

Visit in Hell – The Judge of Torment

I was struck by lightening.. and went straight from laughing, to lights out. It went quicker than i thought but i wasnt expecting hell nor heaven when i would die. But i found myself in a open cell in hell.. It seemed i was alive at first but than i knew i was dead because […]

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