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A day has two purposes.

The first is to either listen to the ego and do what it wants, based on the conditioning and self awareness of oneself


Just dont give a fuck about anything and chill your soul

But lets be real, everyone wants number two.. Right?

0108 – The House

We were a team of six and our objective was to secure the house from every corner. We didnt knew with what we were dealing with and the situation seemed strange… We secured the villa inside the forest which was told to be a safe house for certain terrorist members, but after discovering that nothing […]

The others Problems.. – Not just Earths

Ive had a dream last night in which i was suprisingly conscious. I didnt knew where i exactly was but i was wondering how i got there. It was late in the night and i was walking down the streets. I wanted to find somebody i can talk with and suddenly there was someone on […]

How does the „Matrix“ work inside the planets ?

You may think that this question sounds weird because it doesnt make sense, but let me explain what the matrix really is. The matrix is a „cell“, a being, an organism that is placed upon a planetary biosystem. You could call it an invisible cage around everything that exists on this planet and dimension. How […]

What is the biggest problem of the people?

In my opinion the following: You are a spiritual being who is having a human experience. You could not be a human having a spiritual experience. People die, their soul remains eternal. But the bad thing about it is, who sees himself only as a human being, often has an insanely large EGO, a false […]

Der Verbieger

Es gab einmal einen Mann, den nannten alle „Der Verbieger“, weil alles was er tat und konnte, war es zu verbiegen. Sei es Gestein oder Stahl, alles konnte er verbiegen, ja sogar sein Haus war verbogen und auch seine nicht existente Frau. Die Dorfbewohner wagten es nicht allein durch das Dorf zu laufen, aus Angst […]

My second time trying DMT ..

So it happend again. I closed my eyes and slept straight to wonderland. I was on an island with three people and we all wanted to take DMT again. The island was high over the sky’s and i didnt even questioned how i got there.. The guy who would give us DMT had long hair, […]

Dangerous Adventures

I just landed there.. i dont know why but as soon as i slept, my consciousness switched to that place again. I was in town but the whole place was a mix of high developed ice cream station and old class mates outside. I was taking green and blue ice creams, spending few bucks on […]

COVID 22 – Grey Phase

This is a text from the future if the globalists arent stopped. This is what happend to our planet in our universe. It all began with the great war before the human was built and controlled to a slave. A very high intelligence species drew a plan and copied it to set earth as a […]

Herzlich Willkommen auf Katjas Bauchladen

Noch einmal begrüßen wir unsere Follower und Fans aufs herzlichste zu unserem neuen Format.

Zehn Wochen – zehn Bücher.

Nun auch mit Podcast.

Alles Wissenswerte über Spiritualität, Bewusstsein, Bewusstseinserweiterung,

Psychologie, Motivation, Astralreisen, Klar- also Lucid träumen, die unterschiedlichen Stufen unseres Bewusstseins findet ihr hier.

Wir schreiben sehr viel aus unseren Erinnerungen an unsere Inkarnation, an die vielen hunderte Reinkarnationen, viel zum kollektiven Bewusstsein und wie man auf den Pfad der Erleuchtung erlangt.

So dies überhaupt möglich ist.

Folgt uns und freut euch auf viele spannende Inhalte.

Weisheit des Tages – hilfreiche Zitate, Motivation

Denken ist die schwerste Arbeit überhaupt.

Das ist wahrscheinlich auch der Grund, dass sich so wenige damit beschäftigen.

— Henry Ford 1836 – 1947