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Why you loose Motivation

We all know the problem..

Starting with the own business or writing, drawing, building something new and suddenly stopping..

Why is it, that people and specially the young stop so fast when they have an idea?

The real problems occur when you tell it someone. This is the first and strongest indicator to give up something, simply because you said it and now it starts to add up. The person you told it will think that they have to give a comment or their opinion about it and mostly its always negative dumb talk. This ruins everything!

Specially family members or near friends who dont have the same goals will tell you how bad your idea is and all your motivation will die out quickly. Its not just a simple sentence „Never tell too much“!

Use it!

The second problem is the inconsistency with the project or the lack of ideas.

The brain and body needs time to adapt to the new game and so it will be often rejected in the first phase, its just like a new videogame.

If you get through the first phase it should be a great way to continue!

Now one of the biggest problems is the lack of ideas … to counter this youll need a plan! A strategy! Without it you will not know how to hold it up and give 100%. Many only follow something when theres a plan and a plan with your goals should be structured, clear and POSSIBLE!

You cant just write „I will rule the world“ and do that in two weeks…

For myself i noticed, writing half an hour new ideas helps alot and gives me more options about what iam going to write. I can only recommend it because sometimes even the most productive doesnt want the map in their head.

And the last thing you should know is that you never should work on your business when you only feel well, because a boss over you will not give a fuck when you feel bad, you will still come to work to not loose your job!

Summary: A written plan with real and managable goals while being consistent and coming with new ideas will only benefit you and your goals.

The key to motivation is to let your soul burn for it without a log! You simply become the fire!

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intervall fasting

Interval Fasting #3

I wish you all a wonderful, but again much too hot for me, August-Summerday.

Let us talk again about interval fasting. Today part three.

As a small reminder Part One: general introduction to the topic

Part Two: the most common methods briefly explained

Who may fast? For whom is it unsuitable? Are there any pitfalls, if so, what are they?

There are always people who want to make their own opinion universally valid for all and generalize the whole thing.

That is far from my mind. I know several diabetics who fast very strictly 16:8 and have considerable success with it, also in the health area. I know of non-diabetics who fast very strictly 16:8 and where nothing happens. Neither weight loss, nor improvement of health, nothing.

This is simply because every body is different, even if anatomically perhaps the same, but even that is not really so. Where one person may already have no gallbladder, the adrenal glands or thyroid gland may not be working the next, and so on.

So you can’t say in general, this or that person must not fast at all, because there are enough methods nowadays, that everybody can find the right one for him – even with medical or therapeutic help.

It is always important that you listen to your body and if it says „stop“ then you stop (for now).

Pregnant women should not, of course, be prepared to diet or fast for a longer period if the gynaecologist or midwife does not advise it. There are also pregnant women who should not gain weight, especially if they already have a very high initial weight. In this case, however, the whole thing is done under medical supervision anyway.

In my experience, breastfeeding is no obstacle if you choose the shorter and simpler fasting methods. Breastfeeding mothers usually only want to lose weight when they notice that the often quoted belief „if you breastfeed, you lose weight all by yourself“ is somehow not true for them. I can sing more than one song about that. Which is why I was already engaged in short-term fasting at the time.

The real problem is often that you don’t listen to yourself and your gut feeling, but always ask others first and they then often, all in all, simply advise against it.

Children and fasting

Most children are slim by nature and very active, so fasting is completely unnecessary.

If you are already overweight at a higher age, you will probably have to see a pediatrician first, who often refers you to a nutritional coach.

I was there with my daughter and fasting for children, is cancelled. Even with overweight. You should try to get back to normal weight by taking more exercise and choosing more nutrients.

Which, for example, does not work at all with my daughter. But you can actually try to create meal breaks in which access to the refrigerator is blocked, as stupid as that sounds. And to take the nightly meal break as a meal break, too. And in the evening, just leave out sweets and nibbles, and not replace them with anything else.

The main problem of most people is not the regular food, but that they constantly put something in their mouth. Sometimes a few nuts here, then a candy bar. With every coffee a few small snacks. At the computer a few salt sticks, while driving a car the sweet thing might lie on the passenger seat.

One thing you can learn from fasting is that constant food is wrong for everyone. Not only dentists and dental assistants pray that probably day by day. Also all the nutrition experts know this.

Eating constantly or constantly „something small“ puts our body under enormous stress. It is practically constantly in working mode and that for years.

At some point, this takes its revenge, not only through overweight.

Especially when you consider that the largest number of people have also given up on simply drinking water. Go to a big beverage market and look around. Sugar everywhere…

Eating less won’t help if I drink two litres of sugar water a day. That would be a trap.

I may not need to count calories and weigh my food, but I should still think about WHAT I eat, WHEN I eat and WHAT I drink!

We have to find back to what our body really needs and that is basically water for adults! Not coloured water with chemicals and sugar or chemical sugar substitutes.

Another pitfall of fasting is to shovel unrestrainedly into oneself during the eating phase, thinking „I’ve earned this or I’m going to indulge myself“.

This may go well for a while, but in fact it’s revenge.

We have to find back to what our body really needs and that is basically water for adult people! Non-colored water with chemicals and sugar or chemical sugar substitutes.

Another pitfall of fasting is to shovel unrestrainedly into oneself during the eating phase, thinking „I’ve earned that or I’ll treat myself to it.

This may go well for a while, but actually takes its revenge by gaining weight instead of losing it.

I’m talking about normal people who are not into extreme sports. A strength athlete or professional athlete has completely different primes and his advisors, who tell him exactly what to eat and when to stop eating.

I assume that these people have no need to read such a blog. After all, I am more likely to read about how these people manage to get to a competitive level in terms of their fat content. I admit that I have never managed any of this. Such a high body fat loss. On the other hand, I’ve never had the desire to do it either.

Since my body weight is normally only 52 kg.

We’ll continue with part four tomorrow.

What’s that about? I think, let’s find out a little history on the subject of fasting. Okay?

See you tomorrow then.

Take a look to the previous storys and fasting blogs for more info.

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intervall fasting


Applause, applause. Who should pat me, or us, on the back, if not WE ourselves.

First of all, today there is an invitation to the Fasting Motivation Group, which I reopened 2 years ago, because many apps only want to earn money, but do not want the members to get to know each other.

Here the link to our motivation group and off you go,

Part 2 of our topic Interval Fasting:

Interval Fasting for Beginners

Yesterday we learned that interval fasting, in general terms, means nothing more than fasting in intervals. In German, this means nothing, nothing to eat at fixed times.

But it doesn’t have to be quite so simple and we start with the explanations, which periods and possibilities are there?

Periods of time / intervals in fasting16:8

This is probably the best known variant, which is propagated by many. Called sixteen to eight.

Sixteen hours not eating is also feasible for beginners if they shift the time window to the night.

Depending on whether one prefers breakfast or dinner, it is advisable to adjust the period accordingly.

During the week I prefer to fast from 7 p.m. to 11 a.m., because first of all I never eat breakfast anyway, I always have not. And then I don’t mind and on the other hand I can still eat together with the children in the evening.

The good thing is that I can drink coffee until 11 a.m. and pretend that there is milk in it with carbohydrate-free almond drink. I don’t like to drink it all black.

Black coffee, unsweetened tea and lots of water are allowed during the fasting phase. As a beginner I wouldn’t look at the type of tea, but as an experienced fasting person I know that you should use herbal tea and not fruit tea. Due to the fact that fruit teas in particular often contain sugar, which is sometimes even added. You can deal with this as soon as fasting has become a part of your body and soul, as a beginner you have other problems.

14 : 10

The less frequently propagated variant, with a longer period of eating, which I personally do not consider as effective, because 14 hours of not eating is not necessarily abnormal.

Here you can change the period of time to the night and then, contrary to what I said yesterday, you should pay attention to WHAT you eat.

The danger here of not achieving any success at all if you do not change your entire lifestyle is very great.

14:10 In my ears it always sounds like „I want to fast, but not really“. And I would recommend this version especially to people who suffer from physical illnesses and take medicine and therefore have to eat something, where it might already be Lent.

17:7, 18:6

the somewhat lengthened versions of 16:8 and suitable for people who want to lose weight quickly, a lot. Trying the long phase of 18 hours in a continuous state will eventually lead to the need to consider WHAT the body needs for nutrients and then supply them to it permanently.

If you want to lose weight in a moderate range, 16:8 is completely sufficient for the beginning.

20:4 „Warrior/Warrior Diet

for me one of the most difficult styles, because here you shouldn’t eat intuitively, but give your body exactly what it needs. Which means that you have to know exactly WHAT your body needs.

Doing 20:4 for a short time may be okay, but in the long run (as with 18:8) there is a danger that you are not supplying your body well enough in terms of nutrients.

Then there is the threat of damage, which you will not immediately recognize as such.

Hair loss due to malnutrition, for example, occurs several weeks AFTER the deficiency! Where you may no longer have any reference to what was there and what exactly is the cause of the hair loss.


I personally have not tested this version yet, except maybe from time to time involuntarily when I was sick.

Five to two means that I eat normally on five days of my choice and on two days, not consecutive days, I eat nothing at all or take only 500 kcal in the modified form.

This is rather not a method to lose weight, but it can help to relieve the body.

You can safely try the 500 kcal method as a fasting start.

Tomorrow it goes on with WHO can and may fast everything and what pitfalls are there.


A wonderful and hopefully rainy good morning at a Monday. With us nature finally breathes a sigh of relief, it is fresh and raining really well.

I, on the other hand, have to put on my pants and hold my breath, otherwise they just won’t close.

So I put myself on the scale and fell down backwards… because it shows – from March until now – over 6kg more.

On the one hand this is related to the big operation, after that I couldn’t do anything for my body for a long time, but I took the „doing nothing“ too literally.

Because there is still a big operation to be done, I don’t have much time to get the 6 kg off again and because physical training doesn’t work so well anymore, I start my old hobby, interval fasting.

I start yesterday with 68,2 kg on 1,62m.

And yeah, that’s too much purely optical, because I have really fine bones and it also looks just wrong optically.

Since I will not count calories, which I do not consider necessary with the small sum of kg, which I would like to get rid of, and I also do not want to calculate a BMI, because it seems nonsense to me, I leave in principle also the calculation of basic and achievement conversion away and try to nourish myself sensibly.

However, it may be that I inform myself about it again. How do you handle that?

WHAT is interval fasting?

Simple interval fasting does not mean anything else (sounds simple, but requires real willpower, discipline and endurance – not necessarily my specialty)

means „nothing more“ than to choose a period of time, which should be at least 14 hours, preferably longer, in which you do NOT eat anything.

Nothing at all! My preferred time is from 19:00 to 11:00.

But it’s not easy in the evening, if you have younger children like me, who often eat dinner at 7 pm. There one must look exactly at the clock that one does not eat too far into the Lent, that one regrets on the next day often.

So there are two phases – the fasting phase and the eating phase.

In the fasting phase, we eat, as already mentioned GAR NOTHING and remember that milk is a food, which we also do not eat! So during the fasting phase, coffee means to eat black and sugar-free or, for example, carbohydrate-free almond drink.

During the fasting phase we drink unsweetened tea, and I take the tea I like. Hardcore fasters also have limitations here.

Or sufficient water. I prefer sparkling water here as well. I’m incorrigible. 

In principle, we can really eat anything we want during the eating phase. But since we often want to lose weight and get fitter, it is advisable not to do this.

Take the start with interval fasting as an opportunity to rethink your diet in general!

More about this in the next blog.

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Small Motivation


Whatever you do, theres always an asian who does it better.

Now stop scrolling through instagram or facebook and get up!

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Good and a Half Day

Since some of us sleep more than 10 hours a day, ill call it a half day..

Time your day right and achieve something! Stop fucking around and do, or atleast admit that youre doing nothing for your dreams!

Stay motivated and do it daily!

Have a good day!

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how to stay motivated in an stupid world?

  1. Be aware that you do not live to please others.
  2. You dont owe anybody anything. Nobody!
  3. Stop explaining yourself again and again.
  4. If your Family is not worth to called „family“ build your own family and suround yourself with people which really love, trust and need you.
  5. dont waste your precious lifetime with people and situations, which makes you feel worthless and stupid.
  6. find your inner peace and learn to love yourself
  7. dont trust to soon
  8. dont wait to long, if you dont really know ist worthy

its never to late to change an situation, which is noch worth living in!

its never to late, to start something new and sometimes its the only possibility!

stay strong and trust your plan, you wrote .

Need Advice to start a Business?

I will be honest here with you guys.

Starting a business that becomes profitable these days isnt easy, specially when you dont have any new idea’s.

BUT this doesnt mean that it becomes impossible!

I want to tell you how i started my own business while i really didnt knew anything about it.

I want to give you a few words which will definetly help you, when you felt and understood the situation.

We went hard down hill after we came to russia, money wasnt there and i became desperate.

So what did i do to learn and make money?

I was in a situation which were either i succeed or die on the street..

So i started to learn the language quick and somehow managed to learn enough, so no one would bullshit me over anything and all went on and on.

Of course it wasnt easy, but 24 hours a day is enough time to learn a lot when you use it and specially it gets useful when you do it over and over again!

It felt like a movie and it still does.

What i want to tell you is,

How desperate are you to become financially successful?

All my energy went into my current business, my CONCENTRATION went into the business.. And this caused the success!

How much ENERGY do YOU invest in your dream?

YOU HAVE TO VALUE YOUR ENERGY! How much effort did it take you to achieve something?

I specially dont talk about time because we got infinite spiritually! But only a bit on this planet as a body and how your soul will feel inside that body.

So what are you going to do if it starts to feel hungry?

When youre desperate enough and point your energy towards your goal, it WILL ALWAYS become reality!

Dont listen to anybody, specially not to any thoughts and never tell too much!

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Die Bereitschaft zur Veränderung

Der eigenen Gewohnheiten, hin zu mehr Effizienz und Durchsetzungsvermögen kommt erst, wenn die Schmerzgrenze stärker erreicht ist, als die Komfortzone.

Vorher muss man nicht, und ich meine wirklich nicht! darauf warten oder hoffen, dass man sich ernsthaft bemüht, etwas anders zu machen.

Menschen verändern sich nicht, wenn es ihnen noch in irgendeiner Weise so gut geht, dass sie noch Gründe finden, sich nicht anzustrengen.

Das hat auch nichts mit anderen zu tun, sondern mit ihrem eigenen Mindset, welches nicht nach Erfolg strebt.

Oft sind auch unbewusste Glaubenssätze mit involviert.

Was ich euch sagen kann, wenn ihr euch zum besseren verändern wollt und niemand das gleiche will, wie ihr, macht es alleine.

Verlasst euch auf niemanden.

Weder euren Partner noch den besten Freund, noch eure Kinder.

Es ist euer Leben und ihr könnt es nur für euch leben und für die Kinder, solange die das überhaupt wollen.

Erfolgreich werdet ihr nur, mit Durchsetzungsvermögen und Ausdauer und Konsequenz und TUN.

Erwartet nicht, dass andere die selben Opfer bereit sind, zu bringen!

Aber wenn der Erfolg dann da ist, denkt dran, diesen Kuchen habt ihr alleine gebacken und nun verschenkt ihn nicht.

Einen wunderschönen Sonntag wünsch ich euch.

Bei uns hat es stark geregnet und die Vögel erzählen das glücklich vorm Haus.

Bis zum nächsten Blog.

aufstehen, fallen, weitergehen, circle of life, motivation, power, willenstärke, veranschaulichung

Small Motivation for you

It doesn’t matter how you get there, what matters is that you get there.

katja sakura

It doesn’t matter how you get there, what matters is that you get there.

Fünf Methoden nie anzufangen

Wir können es drehen und wenden wie wir wollen, aber alles ist leichter als selbst etwas großes auf die Beine zu stellen.

Hier nun fünf Methoden, die es uns leicht machen, nichts zu machen.

Methode 1:

Vergleich dich stets mit anderen und komm zu dem Schluss, dass du nie so sein wirst oder so viel erreichen kannst und lass es.

Methode 2:

Sei einfach immer viel zu müde. Ganz simpel. Wer hartgesottener ist, kann sich auch ein paar Gebrechen einfallen lassen, die einen davon abhalten jemals etwas großes zu erreichen.

Methode 3:

Sei unfähig dir ein klares Ziel zu setzen und irgendwie einen Plan zu erstellen.

Sollten andere Dir dabei helfen wollen, sei zu müde. Oder zu krank.

Methode 4:

Solltest du tatsächlich ein Ziel haben, dann erzähle allen alles. Jedes kleine Detail.

Das macht es einfacher später nichts davon umzusetzen, weil du beim erzählen gemerkt hast, dass war doch nichts für dich. Und ab auf die Couch.

Methode 5:

Wenn es sich nicht vermeiden lässt und andere schon darauf warten, dass du anfängst, mach erst einmal alles was du bislang nicht getan hast.

Frühjahrsputz. Gassi gehen. Usw..

Es ist nie zu spät wieder aufzuhören.

Viel Erfolg 😉


Some motivation

My dears, are you alive or still dreaming?

Or are you living your dream?

Are you still working to make it come true or are you letting others determine for you what is good for you?

How do these questions sound in your ears? And in your soul?

If you are content to live mediocrely, is it really enough for you to get some alms from the state once a month and live well for one week and not the rest of the month?

Are you happy that child benefit and alimony FULL are credited to your alms, or do you not even notice that your children do not even get this money anymore, because you pay your bills with it!

What if it were different?

Seriously, astral travel and Lucide dreams and so on, spiritual things, are a beautiful escape from reality – but you still wake up every morning in this reality here and you have to live your life.

No matter how little you like it.

Have you already forgotten your dreams?

Which wishes can you actually fulfill for your children?

Only air and love are not enough in the long run. So what are you working on?

What do you create for your fellow man?

Do you help those who can’t help themselves and whom nobody listens to because they have no voice, or do you hide behind your displays and just complain?

Some of you complain about the fact that young people are making Tiktok videos and that this annoys you. But hey, you’ve obviously watched them.

I’m glad that the youth is getting creative. And a lot of videos of young people are very creative and get attention on the net.

Or is it just that you are disturbed by their success and your complaining only serves to distract from your own inactivity?

They say good things come to those who can wait, but they also say „nothing comes from nothing“.

And it’s even more aptly stated, „He who relies on others is relied upon“. Because you can’t seriously expect anyone to do your job for nothing in return.

My girlfriend, with whom I started this blog and facebook page over two years ago and who unfortunately died shortly after, she was in a wheelchair for life. Hardly able to walk more than a few steps, if at all.

In her short life, she has probably done more for others than could ever be made good.

I never once heard her „whine“ or „grumble“! And this although she unfortunately had no family support, nothing…

She will always remain SO in my memory as a fighter in a situation where many others would not have even started to fight at all. Especially people without any physical, severe handicaps.

Many of those I know of in this respect do nothing but complain and grumble. The best thing to do is to get upset about the community without whose help they would have been sitting on the street long ago.

But there’s a saying that when you’re at the bottom, you can only go up.

You want another one? Insight, is the first way to change.

So remember my questions from the beginning! And consider if there aren’t always ways and means to level up your life again!

And if you just start making funny videos and sweeten the day for others. One step always comes after the other!

But you have to take them alone. In the course of the way there are usually people who help you and who are happy to do so.

And suddenly you hear the dreams of your children and remember your own dreams and start to improve your whole life.

Good luck


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Sind wir, was wir zu sein glauben? Glaubenssätze einfach erklärt.

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Dailylook #1

Warum weiß der eine mehr, der andere weniger übers Leben? Wir sagen es euch, kurz und knapp.

Why its impossible to argument with idiots

Many might know this already how pointless it is to talk with dumb people.

Why is it that such people simply wont hear or pretend not to hear what you say?

Well the answer is rather simple..

Its their experience, their believes, their life and what theyve had and got from their parents.

Shortly said: they are unconscious.

You cant wake a dumb person when they got a fog of unconsciousness infront of their heads ..

It is just like in a dream, no one can hit you and scream at your face to finally recognise what is going on… well .. in a dream this is actually possible though..

The live of a person who cant hear the argument of a person who respects the words of the disrespecter, was and never will be bright shining.

Those lives are mostly filled with sadness and pain. And they try to cover it by showing how tough they are and how weak and dumb all the others seem to be.

Iam surrounded by idiots and this is the truth. My parents arent smart and they never were. They only tell us how bad we are and how stupid, but iam conscious.

Someone who is conscious will never be a victim of anything and there is no excuse.

Someone who cant hear the truth about their sad and angry lives is the real looser.

Why am i telling you this?

Because you got the hands over your live! Not any asshole-opinion or dumb sentence from anybody!

Better hold those strings tight and always stand your ground!

But be sure to loose the strings which cut your hands 😉

Geheimnisse des erfolges


Meine Lieben, lebt ihr schon oder träumt ihr noch?

Oder lebt ihr etwa schon euren Traum?

Arbeitet ihr noch daran, dass er Wirklichkeit wird, oder lassst ihr zu, dass andere für euch bestimmen was gut für euch ist?

Wie klingen diese Fragen in euren Ohren? Und in Eurer Seele?

Gebt ihr euch damit zufrieden, mittelmäßig zu leben, reicht es euch tatsächlich einmal im Monat ein paar Almosen vom Staat zu bekommen und damit eine Woche gut leben zu können und den Rest des Monats nicht?

Seid ihr glücklich das euch Kindergeld und Unterhalt VOLL auf diese Almosen angerechnet werden, oder merkt ihr gar nicht mehr, dass euren Kindern dieses Geld nicht einmal mehr zu gute kommt, weil ihr damit eure Rechnungen bezahlt!

Wie wäre es wenn es anders wäre?

Mal im Ernst, Astralreisen und Lucide Träume und so weiter, Spirituelle Sachen, sind eine schöne Wirklichkeitsflucht – aber ihr werdet trotz allem, jeden Morgen, aufs neue in dieser Realität hier wach und müsst euer Leben leben.

Egal wie wenig es euch gefällt.

Habt ihr eure Träume schon vergessen?

Welche Wünsche könnt ihr euren Kindern eigentlich erfüllen?

Nur Luft und Liebe, reichen auf Dauer nicht. Also woran arbeitet ihr?

Was schafft ihr, für eure Mitmenschen?

Helft ihr denen, die sich nicht selbst helfen können und auf die niemand hört, weil sie keine Stimme haben, oder verschanzt ihr euch hinter euren Displays und meckert nur?

Manche von euch beschweren sich darüber, dass die Jugend Tiktok Videos dreht und euch das nervt. Aber hey, ihr habt sie ja offenbar angeschaut.

Ich freue mich darüber, das die Jugend kreativ wird. Und viele Videos von Jugendlichen sind ausgesprochen kreativ und finden die Beachtung im Netz.

Oder stört euch nur, ihr Erfolg und euer Gemecker dient nur dazu. von eurem eigenen Nichtstun abzulenken?

Es heißt zwar, gute Dinge kommen zu denen die warten können, aber es heißt auch „von nichts kommt nichts“.

Und es heißt noch viel treffender „wer sich auf andere verlässt, ist verlassen“. Weil ihr von niemanden ernsthaft erwarten könnt, dass er ohne Gegenleistung eure Arbeit tut.

Meine Freundin, mit der ich vor über zwei Jahren hier diesen Blog samt Facebookseite gegründet ist und die kurz darauf leider gestorben ist, sie saß Lebenslang im Rollstuhl. Kaum fähig, mehr als ein paar Schritte zu gehen, wenn überhaupt.

Sie hat sich in ihrem kurzen Leben, vermutlich mehr für andere eingesetzt, als man ihr jemals wieder gut machen konnte.

Ich habe sie nicht ein einziges Mal „jammern“ oder „meckern“ gehört! Und das obwohl sie leider auch keinerlei familiäre Rückendeckung hatte, nichts..

Sie wird mir immer SO in Erinnerung bleiben, als Kämpferin in einer Situation, wo viele andere nicht einmal angefangen hätten überhaupt noch zu kämpfen. Vor allem Menschen ohne körperliche, schwerste Beeinträchtigungen.

Viele von denen, die ich dahingehend kenne, tun gar nichts außer wehklagen und meckern. Sich am besten noch über die Gemeinschaft aufregen, ohne deren Hilfe sie längst auf der Straße sitzen würden.

Aber ein Spruch stimmt auch, wenn man schon ganz unten ist, kann es nur aufwärts gehen.

Noch ein Spruch gefällig? Einsicht, ist der erste Weg zur Veränderung.

Also erinnert euch an meine Fragen vom Anfang! Und überlegt, ob es nicht immer Mittel und Wege gibt, sein Leben wieder auf zu leveln!

Und wenn ihr nur damit anfangt, lustige Videos zu drehen und anderen damit den Tag zu versüßen. Ein Schritt kommt immer nach dem anderen, nie vor dem anderen.

Aber sie gehen muss man alleine. Im Laufe des Weges kommen dann meist Menschen, die einem helfen und dies auch gerne tun..

Und plötzlich hört man die Träume seiner Kinder und erinnert sich an seine eigenen Träume und fängt an, dass ganze Leben zu verbessern.

Viel Erfolg

unsere letzten Blogs

A Days Purpose

A day has two purposes. The first is to either listen to the ego and do what it wants, based on the conditioning and self awareness of oneself Or Just dont give a fuck about anything and chill your soul … But lets be real, everyone wants number two.. Right?

Impress Yourself

How often does it happen that we feel impressed by other people’s stuff ? Often it happens that we start to feel bad about ourselves because we look at us and then at them.

How would it be if we would feel impressed about ourselves for accomplishing something?

I mean do YOU really need someone to tell you what you made was great? I dont deny that it is a fact of appreciation and compliment which would feel good but…

Do you really need that from someone else?

The very first person who should give himself an ovation is the one who made the work. The one who knows what he did there and how great it is.

If you can say to yourself „I made it and im impressed about myself“ – You will feel impressed and you will do more because the feeling you get will drive you forward.

The best feeling you will have is when everybody is against you and you still moved on and succeeded and i dont talk about money but about everything.

Impress Yourself because your own appreciation will have the biggest impact!

The appreciation from others will be the cherry on top of your cake = a nice topping but not a neccessarity!

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So we it! 😄


About Love

„trying day in, day out

you have to look around to find it,

and when you think you have it,

…it is discovered,

she wont like to be bounded.

After reading all the blogs around here, i think i just figured it out.

A little bit i have the feeling that many people are constantly looking for THE person they want to blame for their happiness in the future.

They feel lonely and alone and abandoned and forget that true happiness is already hidden deep within themselves.

Only those who draw from the full inner self can give to others!

What happens if I, out of desperation and the thought of „never finding the right one“, randomly meet dates and people constantly?

Does that make me happy?

One date or one night stand after the next? One short relationship after another?

What makes people do this? Do they think time is running out?

Do they think it takes two people to make a whole person?

Or don’t you want your children to grow up alone without a mother and father? THAT my friends are the worst possible reason to look for a new partner. Ask your children…

What if I tell you that neither the next Tinder Date nor the next horny mouse from the disco will be able to fill the hole in your heart?

Friends, the only one who can fill the hole in your heart is you!

Stop jumping from one bed to the next like desperate maniacs, always hoping to find your face great the next morning and saying suddenly „THIS is where eternal love comes from“.

With very few couples this happens too.

If it is not your twin soul and you have planned your meeting in exactly this way. So it has probably only been the next futile story on your way towards true love.

Of course there may be people for whom this way of life is temporary enough but in the long run it only makes them more unhappy and frustrated.

What if I recommend you „do everything you do in the future for yourself“ and not for your potential partner.

Gym and gym? For your body and your health.

Fancy clothes and great hairstyle? For your reflection and your well-being.

Learn to eat healthy food and cook? For you and your five senses. And cooking is always great.

And so on. You know what I’m trying to tell.

Start to fill the hole in your heart with yourself and you will see that the more love you feel for yourself, the less you will have the need to look for the love of your life in smoky places late at night. (Or on apps on your mobile phone.)

Remember the law of attraction, you will attract what you radiate! And if you radiate desperation i feel sorry for you. It attracts just as desperate singles, just waiting for you to fill the hole in their heart, even if it’s only for one night.

Be worth more than that.

Waiting for the right one is definitely worth it. That doesn’t mean I have to search like crazy for it or even stop looking, but maybe it’s already waiting or already in the gym or somewhere where you never expected it to come!

Good luck and write me sometime what kind of experiences you made.

All the best and stay healthy!

Value Your Time!


We all know how easy it is to waste so much time scrolling on our phones.

If we want to be productive we really have to value our time! How do we do this ?

Here is all little help: if you think that 1 hour of your time is worth 50$ than it would be quite .. attractive… right?

What happens when you say your time is worth 100$/hour ? and you just wasted another one scrolling more in facebook or instagram?

Once you start to value your time, a lot will change. Our problem is being either unmotivated, having no ideas, dont want to solve problems or just telling ourselves that we got no time… funny.

Now scrolling a minute is okay but wasting hours on it is a bad habbit and wont do much for you. The guy or girl you watch online does get paid, YOU dont .. This gives me often enough reason to shut it off and do what i need to.

It is often your own disbelieve to yourself and having no patience specially the young people.

If you would point every minute you spend on distractions to business and independency,

How far could you come?

How to trust Yourself?

Is this a question that can be asked? The only one who can answer this question is You.

If you know what youre capable of, you can always trust yourself! It is always depending on the situation. If you want to jump over a cliff but you that you cant really jump far at all, you shouldnt try right?

Know your strenghts and skills and increase them even more or know your weaknesses and make them to strenghts!

Youre the one who is currently using that body and the only one who can tell about it. BUT test it before! Someone who doesnt test things wont know if they could make the jump.

Trust not only your body but your mind as well when YOU are in control. If your mind controls you, forget it.

The cliff will not get smaller if you should fail and when your mind says ‚dont jump because this or that might happen‘ Even if you knew that you easily would make it,- You will be lost already.

You talk! Not your mind.

Are We What We Always Wanted to Be?

I admit I may have a problem. Not with myself, but with everyone else.

You know what it is? No matter what, it’s always – everyone else.

Starts with childhood, probably ends up in a retirement home.

Whenever I hear criticism or suggestions that affect me or my private life, I switch back to toddler mode and grumble internally or externally.

Everyone stupid – except me. Usually I don’t even think about what was said, I only hear what I wanted to hear.

I am perfectly capable of getting excited for weeks over sentences and words of individual people and to indulge in tirades of hate, only to find out later that these people don’t even know what they have actually said at the end. Nice and stupid. Isn’t it?

How often do I actually ruin my own plans because I give something on what others say in advance. My goodness.

A self-boycott of the finest? No problem. I sometimes do it before I even take a step out of bed in the morning. I’ve already gone over in my head everything I’m gonna hate today.

Do I even give a day like today a chance to be good?

How often do I go to bed in the evening and can’t sleep because my head starts to think negatively. Who knows that you cry in bed in the evening because it didn’t go according to your own head. As a child you still show your feelings promptly, but the older you get and adapt to the system, the more you learn that showing feelings is something for wimps and crybabies. So you wait until it is dark and you are alone. how often do we actually cry for joy? probably rather seldom. I think even that’s frowned upon.

What problems do I have when I am constantly dissatisfied, ungrateful, irritable and negative. I’m not talking about the real psychological problems that belong in the hands of a professional, but about all the fine, small, subtle, self-destructive things we do during the day, sometimes completely unconsciously. But which in the long run really make our lives difficult.

First of all, I probably just didn’t realize that I was standing in my own way, because I was never able to become self-aware. How am I supposed to react adequately to my environment and its interests concerning me, when even my parents were hardly able to do so. Especially if you also have siblings, or if your parents had to put you in children’s institutions in time and left the upbringing to an outsider. This topic has already moved countless people to study. Keywords to google would be there, for interested parents sandwich children, sibling rivalry. Education should not be my topic either.

So if I have not learned from childhood what I am worth for whatever reason, then I will always look for my salvation in the outside and orientate myself on what others say to me.

In the worst case, they were or are exactly like me, they got up early in the morning and thought everything sucked. Your face in the mirror, your weight on the scales, then the contents of the wardrobe, the coffee was bitter and the milk sour, the children missed the school bus and the cat scurried out of the apartment door just at the moment when you finally wanted to go to work. Of course you hate the job too. And if not the job, then the colleagues or the boss, often also the customers. There are countless reasons to grumble.

Now the question arises, does the constant dissatisfaction and unhappiness make me satisfied? Am I only happy when I have again passively and aggressively let off steam as a troll on dozens of forums on the Internet, because the criticism of the others is once again confirmation for me that the world is bad.

Am I satisfied when my environment meets with rejection, because the world is so bad and humanity is doomed to fail anyway, because of its stupidity. Or am I so much involved in my own misery that I don’t even notice the whole self-destructive behaviour anymore.

If I can answer at least one of these questions with „no“ and finally want to be really satisfied and happy, at first just within the scope of my possibilities, then it will probably finally be time to wake up and change something.

I recommend once again to read my book Glaubenssätze spirituell betrachtet – Yes its on german so only people who understand it can read it.

There I will tell you some ideas and suggestions for inner growth and satisfaction over the next weeks.

Stay tuned and healthy – Your Katja 🙂

How to be productive?

We all know this moment. Got time left and dont know what to do, so we start to watch random stuff in the internet.

Now dont get me wrong, having finally free time and playing games or just sit and watch something can be really relaxing!

Lets talk about it when we got too much free time left and really dont know what to do!

The reason because many dont do much in their freetime is because they get either fast bored or just like to do nothing which is okay too. No one has to always do something, its tiring.

Having no motivation to finally start your diet or workout is a main reason. It is always motivation.. Even if you started three weeks before but when you cant see results, it will be demotivating.

Now what is the key to really be productive ?

Do the thing you want more than thirty days! This is what i tell you. Your brain likes to relax. It doesnt want to think more than it needs to and when you start, thoughts will come across telling you to stop. You will get tired and see no much of a reason to continue. That is because your brain has a sort of adaptation time! You have to be in control, not some functions in your brain. Tell it to adapt and to like it.

After the thirty days, your brain will start automatically be more productive.

What do i mean with that?

I mean that when your brain started to do the action over and over again, it will place it to your „to do“ – list. Making it unavoidable! You will feel that you just have to do it!

And please dont forget to set goals! You surely dont want to do things without a reason right? And yes having fun is a reason too!

When you watch videos or kill time with tv, you watch it for entertainment. When its boring you’re not going to watch it right? Same applies here!

What has to be done to stand somewhere in the future, has to be done with a vision!

Do the things you like or wanted to do even if you’re unsure of it! When you draw something it will help your creativity/brain activity. When you workout it will help you feel well, look well and be better with yourself and much more.

Everything you do has a certain impact, is it good or bad for you? You decide!

As for my part: I started to workout eight years ago and now i cant stop it. Not because i cant but because „I“ feel good in my body. All other things such as good looks is a nice side part of it. The first time i started to train, i really didnt liked it. But soon after it became a „must do“.

The reason i marked the „I“ is because it is of course my ego! The ego wants to train and tells me to do! But this is a different blog and i wanted to make sure for understanding.

Summary: SEE a goal, start to work on it constantly until you dont want to stop, NEVER GIVE UP because great things need time! Make sure you get motivated and when it doesnt work sometimes – use music! Nothing is wrong with relaxing after a tough day but doing nothing for too long will bring you nothing.

Have a nice day happy friend’s! See ya! 🙂

Mein Neustart – Bewusstwerdung Teil 2

Wie in Teil 1 schon begonnen – hier weiter gedacht. Heute fällt es mir gar nicht mehr so leicht, das Ganze mal weiter zu denken.
Womit wir wieder bei dem Problem sind, etwas nicht zu Ende bringen zu können.

Lektion 1 – bring – endlich – zu Ende, was du angefangen hast!
Vor allem, wenn es ein Blogbeitrag über dich selbst ist, mit dem du dem Leser zeigen wolltest, wer und was du eigentlich bist.

Nun gut. Da ich nun 2 Tage Pause dazwischen hatte – mein kleiner Sohn hatte 2 Tage 40 Fieber – muss ich nun sehen, ob ich wieder in den Fluss komme, der mich vor 2 Tagen noch so beflügelt hatte. Die große Frage ist: „Wo war ich vor 2 Tagen stehen geblieben?“

Machen wir weiter. Es war damals also so, dass ich eigentlich an gar nichts glaubte, niemandem so recht vertraute, mir selbst erst recht nicht und auch entsprechend keine für mich positiven Menschen anzog. Merkt man daran, dass ich relativ freundefrei und beziehungslos gelebt habe.

Es war so, dass ich mein Glück im Außen gesucht habe. Andere dafür verantwortlich gemacht habe, wenn es mir schlecht ging. Ich mal wieder betrogen, belogen und verlassen wurde. Zuallererst drehte ich den Spieß um – was auch nicht toll war – und verließ nun ebenfalls Leute, die gar nicht so schlimm waren, die es mir und meinen Anforderungen aber nicht recht machen konnten. Dann schloss ich wieder „Freundschaften“ mit Leuten, die eigentlich schon im Außen, klar erkennbar, gar nicht zu mir passten. Ich wunderte mich quasi jahrelang, warum alles schlecht war…

Erst im Lauf der Jahre, musste ich feststellen, dass eben niemand, außer mir selbst, für mein Glück verantwortlich ist. Es ist eine unfeine Masche, andere dafür verantwortlich machen zu wollen. Und im letzten Schluss auch kein leichter Weg.

Lektion 2 – für dein Glück bist allein DU verantwortlich, niemand selbst!
Wenn du unglücklich bist und im Außen weder Liebe, noch Zuneigung oder Gehör usw. erfährst, geh weg. Such dir deinen Platz, weg von den Menschen, die dir nicht gut tun. Fang an, dich selbst und deinen Körper lieb zu haben.
DU bist in deinem Inneren schon perfekt, du weißt es bloß noch nicht.
Das Außen folgt nach. Es heißt nicht umsonst: „Wie von Innen so von Außen.“

Ich bin mehrfach gegangen. Zuletzt aus der Großstadt, die mir definitiv gar nicht mehr gut tat, etliche hundert Kilometer weg aufs Land. Hier stellte ich fest, dass ich tatsächlich in der Lage bin, inneren Frieden und Ruhe zu finden und das auch nach außen zu transportieren.

Wenn du inneren Frieden willst und daran arbeitest, wirst du ganz bald feststellen, dass deine Umgebung dies registriert und sich daran orientiert. Sie werden dich ganz einfach irgendwann akzeptieren und in Ruhe lassen. Wenn du es nicht mehr nötig hast, jeden Mist mitzumachen, sondern deinen eigenen Weg gehst, wird aus auslachen irgendwann Respekt und Anerkennung von außen.

Wie ging dieses Zitat noch mal? „Zuerst ignorieren sie dich, dann lachen sie über dich, dann bekämpfen sie dich, dann gewinnst du.“ War von Mahatma Gandhi.

Natürlich muss es nicht so sein, dass du oder man körperlich bekämpft wird, doch ich denke jeder von uns kennt es, ausgelacht zu werden. Die meisten kennen sogar dieses fiese Gequatsche aus der engsten Verwandtschaft… von wegen „Was willst du denn? Was denkst du eigentlich, wer du bist? Warum glaubst ausgerechnet du, etwas zu sein oder zu werden?“ und weitere solch demotivierenden Sprüche.

Hast du dich auch schon gefragt, warum man solche Dinge sagt? Dies hat oft einen einfachen Grund: Weil sie sich gerne über dich erhaben fühlen wollen und nicht möchten, dass du ihnen überlegen sein könntest.
Wer will schon feststellen, dass er eigentlich gar nichts ist oder nicht das, was er vorgibt, zu sein? 😉

Je bewusster du dir deiner Selbst und dieser Tatsache wirst, desto bewusster wird auch deinem Umfeld, wie unzufrieden sie vielleicht sogar mit ihrem eigenen Leben ist. Ist ja klar, wenn man 40, 50 Jahre oder älter ist und plötzlich merkt: „Verdammt, mein Leben ist schon zur Hälfte rum und ich habe nur für meinen Chef geschuftet, mich nur für die undankbaren Kinder zum Karlheinz gemacht oder überhaupt gar nichts aus meinem Leben gemacht!“

Selbst dann, wenn sie sehen, wie man sich zum Positiven verändert, ja selbst dann… zieht der Großteil der Menschen um einen herum gar nicht mit, sondern jammert einfach weiter.

Bei mir ist es dann so, dass ich diese Menschen mittlerweile einfach ignoriere! Ich habe keine Lust auf Gejammer und Geklage – und nichts ändert sich. Das Ändern gehört zur Bewusstwerdung einfach dazu. Von nichts kommt nichts. Und es kommt auch keiner, der dir dein Leben umgestaltet! DU musst anfangen, hab keine Angst.

Geh einfach los! Die Wege, die wir gehen, sehen wir beim ersten Mal auch nicht vorher!
Wir gehen einfach. Es ist einfach! Du musst nur losgehen! Ich helfe dir gerne dabei!

Verfolge einfach meinen Blog und ich nehme dich mit auf diese Reise der Bewusstwerdung.
Es gibt genügend Wege, man muss sie nur gehen!

Alles Liebe für euch!

Eure Katja

Mein Neustart – Bewusstwerdung Teil 1

So ihr Lieben,

es brennt mir einfach viel zu sehr auf der Seele und unter den Fingernägeln, außerdem kann ich sehr schnell tippen *lol*, sodass ich einfach weiter schreiben muss.

Ich war die letzten Jahre in einer Art Abwärtsspirale.
Kennt ihr das?

Egal, was ich anfasste, nichts funktionierte.
Egal, was ich anfing, nichts habe ich zu Ende gemacht.
Kein Buch zu Ende gelesen.
Kein Spiel zu Ende gespielt.
Nicht mal einen Film im TV habe ich geschaut. Die Glotze habe ich mittlerweile sogar entsorgt. Darüber rede ich später irgendwann mal.

Meine Motivation, irgendetwas durchzuziehen oder gar anzufangen, war irgendwo bei Null.
Meine Lust, arbeiten zu gehen, natürlich auch.
Leute kennenlernen oder vielleicht Freunde finden… Fehlanzeige…

Das Einzige, wozu ich mich aufraffen konnte und auch nur, weil das nun mal sein muss, war und ist, gemeinsam mit meinen Kindern etwas zu unternehmen.

Ansonsten habe ich definitiv nichts groß gemacht.

Ich war nicht bereit, mich aus meiner komischen Komfortzone heraus zu bewegen.

Wobei man dazu auch nicht Komfortzone sagen kann… eher so eine Art Basislager zum Überleben.

Erst, als ich anfing, mich zu fragen: „Wozu bin ich hier? Wo komm ich her? Wo geh ich hin? Was soll das Alles und wozu die ganze Sch***?“ begann ich, bewusst nach Input und Offenbarungen zu suchen.

Und NEIN, ich gehe in keine Kirche und keine Sekte.

Meine Bewusstwerdung begann eigentlich damit, dass ich herausfand, dass es immer irgendwie weitergeht. Vor dem Leben ist quasi nach dem Leben und ich begann mit dem Thema Buddhismus, wobei mir das damals noch viel zu esoterisch war.

Meditation und Yoga empfand ich damals noch als riesigen Quatsch. Allerdings, was mich wirklich reizte, war das Thema der Wiedergeburt.

„Was zum Geier ist das denn?“
Ich begann alles zu lesen und aufzusaugen, was ich dazu in die Finger bekommen konnte. Mein Hang zur Spiritualität war geboren.
Nun beginnt ja hier mein Weg der Bewusstwerdung nicht damit, dass ich erfahre, dass ich wiedergeboren sein könnte, sondern damit, dass alles plötzlich einen Sinn ergab.

Plötzlich fiel mir quasi ein Schleier von den Augen.
Jeder von uns ist auf der Welt, um zu lernen, um seine Seele zu schulen und der Welt sein Geschenk zu überreichen.

Dieses Geschenk sehen viele von uns als ihre Bestimmung/Berufung an.

Viele suchen ewig danach. Manche finden es eher, manche später, manche durch Nahtoderfahrungen oder andere leider auch nie.