Beliefs spiritually considered

Good morning.

Since we are confronted and raised in childhood with sometimes hair-raising beliefs, here is a small precaution.

That our children will not have the same problems as us later on.

And to which we ourselves alsobelieve in us again, trust us and are no longer dependent on others who always think they know everything better.

First, an explanation of the terms.

What are beliefs?

Beliefs in themselves are all that we carry around with us in our heads every day.

That which is the first thought that flows through our minds when we face a situation.

That’s what sometimes preoccupies us over hours, other people over years or even their whole lives.

Most beliefs are subconscious and don’t really come to light.

Most of our words, deeds, and actions are actually based on what we have learned.

On our beliefs. Knowing this alone, however, is far from sufficient.

Who wants or should change must begin to question.

He has to question himself, listen to himself and hear WHAT comes out.

So lets check this out.

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Über Katja Kubiak

Gemeinsam mit meinem Mann betreibe ich diese Webseite und den Blog. Unsere Intention liegt darin, interessierten Menschen dabei zu helfen ihr allgemeines Bewusstsein zu erhöhen. Ihnen Mittel und Wege aufzuzeigen und sie dabei zu unterstützen. Together with my partner I run this website and the blog. Our intention is to help interested people to raise their general awareness. To show them ways and means and to support them.

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