how we created the world – insights into the universal consciousness

Every human being has what is called in the general consciousness.

It is not necessarily easy to define this universally.

We distinguish several areas or also called levels in the field of consciousness.

Our approach to consciousness work is based on the thought that unconscious being and lack of consciousness is the starting point for all negative situations, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Only when we become conscious in our BEING, we can gradually divine the whole complex of our consciousness and with progressive learning and knowledge, also understand it.

We like to divide our self into soul, mind and body.

To see this separately is the wrong approach but most of us tend to live the same way.

So let us find out what exactly we need to do to be more conscious.

And to express it more correctly, to become more conscious in BEING.

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Über Katja Kubiak

Gemeinsam mit meinem Mann betreibe ich diese Webseite und den Blog. Unsere Intention liegt darin, interessierten Menschen dabei zu helfen ihr allgemeines Bewusstsein zu erhöhen. Ihnen Mittel und Wege aufzuzeigen und sie dabei zu unterstützen. Together with my partner I run this website and the blog. Our intention is to help interested people to raise their general awareness. To show them ways and means and to support them.

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