Lucid Dreams – englisch Edition (an Instruction)

In the following book I, Arslan and my wife Katja, describe our knowledge in the field of lucid dreaming with all its conditions, all existing worlds, how to achieve them and much more.

The reason for the creation of this book was the necessity compared to the book of out of body experience.

So that one learns to differentiate the two forms of experience and to know which world one is in and what is offered there and which rules prevail.

I myself have a lot of experience in the field of lucid dreaming and also a few special techniques that will even be useful on the astral plane.

In addition, we dive into the types of possible dreams and how they are influenced by us as well as our subconscious and how you can ensure that you dream the desired reality.

You will soon know all this and much more and also how you can use the knowledge you have learned with some time and practice.

Have fun and beautiful, self-determined dreams

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Über Katja Kubiak

Gemeinsam mit meinem Mann betreibe ich diese Webseite und den Blog. Unsere Intention liegt darin, interessierten Menschen dabei zu helfen ihr allgemeines Bewusstsein zu erhöhen. Ihnen Mittel und Wege aufzuzeigen und sie dabei zu unterstützen. Together with my partner I run this website and the blog. Our intention is to help interested people to raise their general awareness. To show them ways and means and to support them.

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