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Channeling vs Jenseitskontakte #1 – deutsche Version

So, heute ein kurzer Blog zum Thema Channeling.

Channeling bedeutet, dass es ein Medium gibt, welches in der Lage ist mit der jenseitigen Welt zu kommunizieren – ABER es im Normallfall keinen bekannten „Geist“ „ruft“. Sondern es (er oder sie) begibt sich in die Frequenz der geistigen Welt (Trance) und erwartet einfach denjenigen, der mit ihr oder ihm kommunizieren will.

Das ganze geht auch ohne Trance, allerdings erfordert diese Version ein gutes Talent oder viel Übung.

Mir persönlich ist Trance egal, da ich das ganze auch kann ohne meine Sinne zu betäuben.

Was sind dann nun Jenseitskontakte, diese ist die bewusste Kontaktaufnahme oder sagen wir lieber der „Versuch“ mit einer – uns oder unseren Klienten – bekannten, bereits verstorbenen Seele eines verstorbenen Menschen oder Tieres Kontakt aufzunehmen.

Beim Channeling kommt – wer will. Das ist die Gefahr dabei.

Channeling sind zum Beispiel auch Ouja Boards mit denen wir in die Astralen Welten einfach „hineinfunken“ und jeder, der will uns antwortet.

Das kann für unerfahrene Menschen oder auch Jugendliche oder Kinder, die einfach mal „Spaß“ haben wollen, echt zum mentalen Desaster werden.

Seid Euch bewusst, dass der Versuch der Kontaktaufnahme fast immer erwiedert wird und auch wenn ihr in Eurem Seelenplan so eine Kontaktaufnahme stehen habt, sorry.. im Normalfall habt ihr diesen Teil eures Plans vergessen!

Es kann euch also passieren, dass ihr plötzlich glaubt „Gott spricht zu euch“ oder ihr habt euch eine Wesenheit eingeladen, die dann wie eine energetische Klette an euch dranhängt.

Alles zwar durchaus schon im Lebensplan so vorgesehen, allerdings steht da auch, dass manch einer das unter Umständen seelisch eben nicht verkraftet und eventuell krank dadurch wird.

Dieses Risiko ist bei geplanten Jenseitskontakten zu bekannten und lieben verstorbenen eher nicht gegeben.

Nichtsdestotrotz, ich liebe Channelings, allerdings habe ich auch entsprechende Ausbildungen, ja die gibt es wirklich! dazu erhalten und konnte vieles auch schon vor den Ausbildungen.

Ich bin in der Lage nicht nur zu fühlen, wer oder was da mit mir kommuniziert, ich kann es auch an guten Tagen sehen und hören.

Ich kommuniziere sehr gern mit der geistigen Welt und auch mit sogenannten Auserirdischen, ich habe vor ein paar Jahren mein persönliches geistiges Team „zurück erhalten“ mit dem ich ja unter anderem auch Geistheilungen machen kann.

Wenn ihr „übernatürliche Phänomene“ erlebt habt die ihr euch nicht erklären konntet, oder mehr darüber wissen wollt. Fragt uns und folgt uns!

The others Problems.. – Not just Earths

Ive had a dream last night in which i was suprisingly conscious. I didnt knew where i exactly was but i was wondering how i got there. It was late in the night and i was walking down the streets. I wanted to find somebody i can talk with and suddenly there was someone on […]

How does the „Matrix“ work inside the planets ?

You may think that this question sounds weird because it doesnt make sense, but let me explain what the matrix really is. The matrix is a „cell“, a being, an organism that is placed upon a planetary biosystem. You could call it an invisible cage around everything that exists on this planet and dimension. How […]

What is the biggest problem of the people?

In my opinion the following: You are a spiritual being who is having a human experience. You could not be a human having a spiritual experience. People die, their soul remains eternal. But the bad thing about it is, who sees himself only as a human being, often has an insanely large EGO, a false […]

A Guide to learn Astral Traveling

We work really effektive and hard (sometimes) to give new input to the masses 😉

So here is our new book:

we are very happy to have the posibility to show and teach you everything about it.

Please, if you have more questions, contact us for more instructions and help 🙂

so, dont be afraid and start your journey into the deepest places of the universe now.

Der Verbieger

Es gab einmal einen Mann, den nannten alle „Der Verbieger“, weil alles was er tat und konnte, war es zu verbiegen. Sei es Gestein oder Stahl, alles konnte er verbiegen, ja sogar sein Haus war verbogen und auch seine nicht existente Frau. Die Dorfbewohner wagten es nicht allein durch das Dorf zu laufen, aus Angst […]

A demons playground

Hey everyone,

I want to talk about things, which i learn from my constant repeating dreams, about many things in those worlds.

One of those things is the behaviour of „demons“, ghosts or lets say negative entity’s.

How do they behave and what kind of goal do they have?

Well..ive understood that these beings like energy.. They love it and specially sexual – aggressive and pain energy.

They dont like to scare the dreamer because otherwise he/she will wake up and the energy feast will be gone.

Instead they try to create a playscene from your dream. This means they mix themselves in the dream and let it look like it was your dream which came from your mind.

Not many of such beings are smart, but theyre not dumb enough either.. Of course there are many variations in the intellectual perspectives but mostly they know what they do.. like an animal which hunts the prey.

So they dock into your dream and may change the plot. For example: If you dream about a beautiful place where you just walk and have fun, they can build a door or scene which appear in your area – and when you open the door, the scene changes to the interests of the being.

This means, if you like sex, you will see a sex scene. If you like death, you will see death.

If you like cakes and fun, you will NOT get it because evil beings only can take disturbed energy! Maybe youll see a cakewoman who wants .. …, but you understand what i mean now.

It all depends in your interest and what the being knows or feels about you.

They can read the magnetical field around your physical body and use the thoughts coming from the outside into your head, as their needed info to build the trap.

They cant read your mind, but as we all know, information is only received, not thought from us. The functions of the body only read it out loud for you what is around your field. This is why some beings can read you without even looking at you like cats sometimes.

All anybody needs to „maybe“ know about you, is shown in your magnetic field and this counts for everybody.

The energy these beings consume, is like a feast of emotions to them and they love it. The cost you have to pay in the morning is a big energy loss and feeling completely sucked out. Of course this doesnt mean that you always got fucked by a horny ghost, but you can consider it! xD

Dreams about pain appear often when you expect it and move unconsciously around in your dream. The beings use it and set a trap of letting you think, that a coming situation will hurt, while they mix themselves again within the scene and eat your energy.

This all can only be done when YOU let it happen because of your unconscious movements, but even THAT can be trained to counter such things.

If you want to know more about all this, you should take a good look in our book 🧘‍♂️

See-ya all later

was ist – Karma?

Zuerst einmal: „nicht das, was euch erzählt wird.“

Es gibt ja, die von uns allen kreierten „Gesetze des Universums“ und jeder interpretiert das gern so, wie es für ihn passt.

Eins dieser Gesetze, ist das Gesetz des „Karma“.

Der Auswirkung unserer Taten. Viele hoffen ja darauf, dass vor allem – in ihren Augen – schlechte Taten, ein negatives Karma für den Verursacher nach sich ziehen und das derjenige bestraft wird.

Aber schade, genau dies wird leider – in dieser Art – nicht passieren.

Es gibt dieses „du hast mir was böses getan und deshalb wird dein Schicksal dich ganz übel bestrafen“ tatsächlich eben NICHT.

Wir erklären es euch ausführlich, in unserem Buch!

Wenn ihr es euch durchgelesen habt, werdet ihr SO Viel neuen Input und Basiswissen haben, dass es euch einfach egal sein wird, ob es Karma gibt oder nicht, weil ihr dann wisst, dass es EGAL IST!

Und auch WARUM!

Sichert euch einen wahren Quantensprung ins universelle Bewusstsein und lest es. Ihr werdet es nicht bereuen!

Bleibt gesund!

Dream tests #1 – Fear

I woke up very scared today and didnt understood why.

I was sweating really bad too but it wasnt actually so warm the night before.

I was flying few meters above my body and stood in the air, my room was definetly the same, nothing was replaced or moved.

I started unconsciously to deform my room to a different place while mixing it with some sort of time travel. Anybody who travels astral knows, that time travel is possible.

So the first littly change did nothing accept causing a bit greenish light to appear in the room. Suddenly was i was back in my body but i didnt woke up, instead i was checking the reaction to my body.

Ive had read a little text yesterday where Carlos Castaneda claimed, that we forget what we did in our dreams because of a fear mechanism which was caused automatically by our body… Maybe i was testing it unwillingly?

After doing the change a second time, ive felt little vibrations on my skin and a bit allertness came up, but it dropped immediately after i stopped.

It was a „test it and switch to body to see what the reaction will be“ – thing.

Now the third time, i changed the whole room and everything was shaking, it was a bit loud and short before changing everything including the bed where my body slept, i switched back to it and my pillow dropped down from my head and i dont know how when my head was on it.

I was shaking like hell and my sweat was intense while only my lower body was covered.

I absolutely knew that the change of the room happend astral, but when i switched back, my physical body was feeling the difference and we all know the instincts of survival… I have never felt a greater fear after i woke up. I thought my body would ripp to thousand pieces too..

While i felt nothing astral, no fear of death or whatever, my body was feeling all of it. But i didnt forgot what happend… So does fear really play a role ?

But i did realise that my memory was fading away from the details.

Our body’s or lets say brain, posess the ability to bring everything down to our unconscioussness.

Here’s my theory:

If we often act unconsciously in our dreams, and we act consciously when we are awake, (while we forget what we did in these worlds) wouldnt that mean the existence of a wall between these both ?

I mean why cant we remember in our dreams, what we actually did in the physical world? Why is our consciousness drifting away?

These question get answered in our new book:

Des Universums Grenze – Was ist tatsächlich hinter dem Universum?

Wir müssen uns als erstes Fragen, ob es denn ein Ende des Universums gibt?

Ja, es gibt ein Ende dieses Universums jedoch reden wir hier nur über die Reichweite der bisher erreichten Materie im Raum.

Allerdings ist es etwas komplizierter da es keine Begrenzung des Raumes in 3D Ebene gibt.

Also wie kommt man ans Ende des Universums?

Entweder man nutzt den Astralkörper und beamt sich dorthin, oder man nimmt ein schwarzes Loch welches aber auch nur mit Astralkörper funktioniert, da der physische Körper vollstens in die Bestandteile zersetzt wird.

Aber auch hier gibt es wieder große Unterschiede.

Diese Frage wird in unserem kommenden Buch detallierter beantwortet. Auf unseren Astralreisen und zahlreichen Erinnerungen vor dem Beginn des Universums bis zum Jetzt.

Als nächstes wird ein Buch aus allen Erinnerungen unseres Selbstes erscheinen und vorallem die Momente mit einer speziellen Person namens „An“ und wie er tatsächlich war und was vor einer extrem langen Zeit im Universum passierte.

Das dürfte für manche Leser sehr interessant werden.

Wenn ich ehrlich bin, kann ich diesen „An“ oder „Anu“ wie manche ihn nennen, nicht leiden 🤣

Monsters cause Pain ? – A lesson

Ive had an old dream about a monster as a kid. I was standing on a street which was empty.

No cars, no humans ..just Nothing but the street and few trees.

I looked left and right until i noticed a black thing that had yellow eyes and it was big and covered in black smoke.

It started to come close very fast and i knew that i couldnt get out of there until the scene was over.

So it came and had very sharp claws but its a dream and you cant feel pain right? I knew that as a kid because ive had no experience with pain within dreams.

This one teached me i guess! xD

That thing was going to kill me but i couldnt die so it hurt me very bad and terred my skin of while striking me with the claws all the time..

It hurt so bad that i was actually screaming loud and tried to fight back but then i noticed something.

It wasnt trying to kill me but to torture me until i realise something.

While he had its claws in my back and held me to the sky i noticed that pain wasnt the problem, it was our expecation!

Pain never occurs in any of the other worlds when we should get damaged, it comes when we expect it to come! My problem was that i didnt knew it was a dream and thought it will hurt when it hits me.

I saw that pain only was possible when youve had a body and a mind which follows your expecting will to cause pain. I saw the reality what was causing us to believe nonsense and taking it over to other worlds which didnt belonged there.

After i realised that, i suddenly started to laugh and stood again in front of that being.

Me as a kid infront of this three meter thing which didnt flinched anymore.

I walked away from it and it dissapeared slowly behind me.

What kind of teaching method was that ?? The way of pain ??? XD

2$ = 2 Cookies and a Coffee


DMT – What does it?

Hello friends and welcome,

Today we talk about DMT (Dimethyltryptamine).

This psychedelic drug is probably the biggest mystery to science.

I mean what does it do ?

Shortly said, it bombs your conscioussness to your astral body and from there out of your physical body to different dimensions…And it happens fast, so fast that you drift between being awake and asleep for certain moments.

Under the influence you will see worlds and dimensions with often many figures and aliens or other planets. All kinds of stuff will be shown to you and i can tell you that it is not an illusion. Those worlds do exist but not on 3D. As soon as you enter your astral body, you will be no longer in the third dimension but forth, fifth and higher.

The reason why we cant see much aliens in front of us is because they exist in different dimensions and dont have anything from showing themselves. Some of you might have experience talking with some and getting informations that blew your minds. This doesnt mean that all of them sit in a different world but clearly there would be no much benefit when you left that stage a long time ago right?

Unfortunatly science says that it is all a big hallucination… If they would try to see these things without any influence of drugs, would they be satisfied ? Because that is possible and i experienced it myself.

Now many will say that i talk probably bullshit because i cant prove what happens there. They are right, i cant prove it physically but they can prove it to themselves if they would have more understanding about our true nature as a soul and would not try to convince themselves constantly that it is just a big hallucination.

DMT is the best psychedelic drug you could take to enhance your consciousness drastically. Yet it is forbidden nearly everywhere on the planet.

You wonder why ?

Because it is like every other psychedelic drug. It shows you everything and gives you insights….lets you question everything. And when you start to question the government and the so called „Leaders of a nation“, you will see why they put it on the black list. They dont want to you to know anything about yourself.

They just bend rules to their favor.

Now lets not forget that it can be dangerous to overdose a drug yes? But DMT cant be overdosed in any way.

You can smoke it but will be gone while taking the first hit for only few minutes.

You can drink it with the right preparation but without the MAO – inhibitors it will dissolve in your blood, making it uneffectice. And by the way, increasing the dose wont mean that the value of experience increase as well! It all depends on you.

You could inject DMT right ?

With hightech you really could, but finding a good dissolving fluid is tough. Vinegar and all that stuff wont make it. DMT is crystalline and injecting it in that state would be very dangerous. It could and probably would stuck somewhere in your veins causing a life threat. Plus if it isnt the needed form it might burn your veins too.

So much for this little article, We are ready to hear any experiences from you! 🙂

Heres a little helper to clear your brain from toxic heavy metals and fluorides. I use it myself and it surely makes me feel lighter 🤔

Help us with a coffee

It helps us to stay awake and write more for you! 😄


The Selection Bar of Our Dreams

Hello Everyone,

Today’s topic is about the switchboard of our dreams which I will explain and what this is all about and what connections it could possibly have.

This experience has happened to me twice now.

I fell asleep in the evening and woke up in the middle of the night, slightly disorientated I looked around and turned to my side again, as soon as I closed my eyes, there was a screen in front of me and I was apparently subconsciously active.

This screen looked almost similar to a PC screen but there was only one bar with almost four sub-points and I could only scroll down mentally. Greenish appearance and symbols, unreadable for me, despite clear mind. It was as if I had landed in my dream list for this night!

Although I was completely unconscious, it seemed as if I knew this place completely by heart. The screen was in front of me but outside of it I could still see parts of my pillow and blanket. I didn’t know what to choose at first because I didn’t see anything that could describe the whole thing, so I just chose the last one and I ended up in the same dream where I had stopped…

Time had probably stopped there as it happens with many dreams, and it only continues when you enter it again.

The interesting thing was that as my unconsciousness increased, I still knew what I was doing as if by looking more closely I could see which dreams were available.

And I also knew that if I clicked on something else, the dream from before would not restart or reset, but the next time it would still be dreamt at the beginning. As if there were multiverses in the middle of the dream levels and that even if it may seem 1:1 like the same dream, it would be a different one.

The second time it happened the same way but this time there were twelve to thirteen choices, again they all looked the same but this time it was a bit strange.

When I clicked on one of the bars, I saw that four of them where all the same dreams and also four more of a different dream, the top three were different again.

I chosed the second from below and I remember that nothing happened at first and after three felt seconds, I simply went to sleep in blackness, woke up and wanted to go back to that state, but I never went back there since.

I think that these screens exist in the middle of a special grid. My guess is that there are screens for dreams and astral journeys where you can go to see what you want to experience but it is all pre- determined.

Each of these existing screens is like a folder for a whole collection of dreams or experiences and they complement each other like a film.

Although they can be totally different. Also, the screen for astral travel is the one that is really „real“, with which you can actually take your soul into other realities and never return. Those who have been there before will know what I mean.

There is a main screen (astral, which is also a way out of the matter of everything) and the – let’s call it „dream screen“, which is a subordination in 3 to 4D. While the main screen is 5D and higher.

The main screen can only be visited with your consciousness/soul which is bodyless. When I was in this cocoon and flew out of the astral world, it looked very different and I knew that I was far away at that time. You could say that I was between floors of other dimensions …In the main server room with full admin rights …but as soon as i woke up, i knew that it was determined for me to be there at that time, for a short amount of time, while chosing the same world again and coming back.

More information is available in the previous blogs!

Have you ever experienced something like this ? Write it in the comments below, we are curious! 

More research is being done and as soon as I know something new ill let you know.

The above mentioned is only my guess and should not be taken over 1:1! I share my experiences with you, go out and make your own! 😄

Until next time friends 

Co – Author A.M.

Warum man auch nach dem Tod noch lügen kann

Diesmal werde ich darüber sprechen, warum es immer noch möglich ist, im Jenseits zu lügen.

Viele sagen, dass man nicht lügen kann, wenn man im Jenseits / in der spirituellen Welt ist weil man dies angeblich sofort sehen würde.

Das ist falsch! Man kann definitiv lügen und sieht es ebenso wenig besser als hier.

Wie kommt es, dass viele glauben was sie irgendwo lesen oder irgendjemand erzählt?

Sie glauben es weil sie es nicht besser wissen und von anderen auf ihrem Weg begleitet werden wollen ohne selbst Erfahrungen machen zu wollen oder letzendlich selbst zu denken.

Sie gehen nicht hin und sehen es sich selbst an, sie akzeptieren es und das war’s… Schauen Sie sich die Bibel und viele andere Religionen an… Es ist überall dasselbe, eine Massenmanipulation weil wenn viele folgen dann muss ja was dran sein ?

Die Menschen denken nicht gerne und kümmern sich nicht gerne um sich selbst. Seinen Verstand zu verschenken und Informationen einfach zu glauben die man nicht selbst bewiesen hat ist ein großer Fehler.

Kommen wir nun zurück zum Lügen.

Die geistigen Welten liegen in verschiedenen Dimensionen, aber das sagt Ihnen nicht, dass die Wesen dort nicht lügen können. Sie können es fühlen wenn jemand lügt wenn Sie in der anderen Welt sind.

Wie können Sie das tun? Nun, Sie werden viele Farben um sich und andere sehen. Sie werden einfach spüren wenn sich etwas falsch anfühlt und ihre Aura,genau wie hier, wird sich in eine andere Farbe verwandeln.

Es hängt auch davon ab wie gut ein lügendes Wesen seine Aura bis zu einem Punkt bedecken kann an dem Sie es einfach nicht ablesen können. Das bedeutet jeder kann solange er sich bestens unter Kontrolle hat sogar Dinge vortäuschen während an der Aura garnichts sichtbar wird.

Ja, die kommenden Welten sprechen von „Liebe und Licht“ und das ist das Problem. Die Psychospiele nehmen eine ganz andere Ebene ein und diejenigen die sterben und keine Ahnung davon hatten, werden damit sehr leicht umhüllt!

Besonders in der Nähe der Lichtfallen und Portale!

Viele denken, wenn sie sterben, dass sie nicht mehr vorsichtig sein müssen oder aufpassen müssen, weil „Gott“ sich um sie oder wer auch immer kümmern wird.

Natürlich lügen Sie dort nicht alle aber seien Sie immer kritisch, besonders in der Nachwelt!

Ich gebe Ihnen diese Informationen, damit Sie sie im Hinterkopf behalten und zur rechten Zeit nutzen können.

Manche Wesen sind nicht das, wofür Sie sie halten… auch wenn sie „besonders hell“ aussehen 

Bleiben Sie scharf und klar!

Bis später 🙂

Mein Kindheitstraum

Hallo zusammen,

In diesem kleinen Artikel möchte ich über die allerersten spirituelle Erfahrungen berichten die ich gleich zu Beginn meiner Geburt gemacht habe.

Ich erinnere mich noch sehr deutlich daran. Ich las ein Buch im Himmel, in der so genannten „Akasha Chronik“ in der Astralwelt.

Es war eine große und weitläufige Bibliothek, sehr ähnlich der in einer Universität, aber überdimensioniert mit sehr langen Fluren und Gängen.

Plötzlich spürte ich etwas auf meinem Rücken, dass mich immer stärker und stärker anzog, während mir klar wurde, dass ich mein Gedächtnis langsam mehr und mehr verlor. Im selben Moment wurde ich so stark gezogen, dass ich aus der Haustür raus flog und zwei andere Leute sah die mich anstarrten während ich mit dem Rücken zur Erde flog.

Ich raste mit zugewandtem Rücken durch den sehr klaren und tageshellen Himmel nach unten während es begann dunkler zu werden. Logischerweise war ich dann im Weltall wo sich alles verdunkelte und ich nurnoch die Welten vor mir immer kleiner werden sah.

Ich war dabei mein Gedächtnis zu verlieren und ich wusste es. Es war wie ein Moment des Einfrierens und ich versuchte alles zu tun um den Sog aufzuhalten, aber ich konnte es nicht.

Mir wurde klar, dass ich durch ein Portal direkt in den Körper geschleudert wurde während ich sah wie sich das Portal vor meinen Augen schloss und mein Astralkörper die Form meines kommenden Fleisch Kostüms annahm.

Ich kam im Körper an, wollte aber zurückgehen aber ich konnte es nicht und ich verlor immer mehr von meinem Bewusstsein und meiner Erinnerung. Ich versuchte zu sprechen aber der Babykörper war nicht in der Lage. Ich versuchte mich zu bewegen aber auch das war nicht möglich.

Ich sah die Leute vor mir welche sich bald Eltern nennen würden … Ich war überhaupt nicht glücklich das sage ich Ihnen! Ich wollte es einfach nicht.

Es fühlte sich da oben viel besser an und warum überhaupt war ich hier??… Ich hatte es vergessen…

Es war so intensiv, dass ich es immer noch vor mir sehe…Später kam ich zurück nachdem ich vielleicht zwei Wochen lang das Bewusstsein verloren hatte – ich wusste einfach wie viel Zeit vergangen war obwohl ich immernoch als Baby in der Krippe lag.. und dann hörte ich wie ich heißen würde.

Ich kann meinen Namen immernoch nicht wirklich ab aber der Name davor war noch schlimmer! 😄

Das war’s mit diesem kleinen Erlebnis von mir.

Hatte jemand von Ihnen schon einmal so etwas erlebt?

Lassen Sie es uns in den Kommentaren unbedingt wissen 🙂

Euch noch einen netten Tag

 Ein wirklich guter Augenöffner und wie unsere Gedanken leider oft viele beherrschen und aufhalten:

Sleep Paralysis – What’s behind it?

Hello everyone,

Today’s topic is sleep paralysis. What is it anyway and what is behind it? From the spiritual side.

Some people and also some people I knew reported about the experience of sleep paralysis. This process happens while sleeping. The heart reduces the beating frequency and at the same time paralyses the body in the REM phase, so that it doenst make any real movements for your own safety while you sleep. – So according to science, the real reasons are unknown.

We are going to shed some light on this.

Many of those affected get tremendous fear because they cannot move and „hallucinate“. Combined with a shortness of breath on the chest which is not supposed to be real and black figures that come closer and closer and sit on you or something else.

Science cannot really explain this unless it brings in the existence of consciousness and doesnt label it as a hallucination.

We will explain in this blog now how it actually behaves, but I cannot provide you with any photos or evidence of this as these things happen between 3 and 4D. It is difficult to make subtle things visible on 3D devices.

Sleep paralysis from a spiritual point of view:

Once the heart paralyzes the body in transition to the dream world, the body is asleep. Your consciousness never sleeps and because you lack the practice to hold it, you get into a kind of consciousness – trance which clouds your dream and you will be controlled with your subconscious.

So your consciousness is on its way in the dream worlds and processes/acts with yourself. I cannot explain to you why consciousness loses consciousness/awareness, what I know is that there are more mechanisms that simply want us not to become conscious in any way! More to it later.

If you wake up earlier than your body, it means that your consciousness was back in your physical body faster than your astral body.

The reason for immobility is that the astral body must be back in the body! Without the battery that needs to recharge for a few moments every night in the astral worlds, your body will be useless.

That means you are in the awake „death state“. Everyone who leaves his body, and we all do, is spiritually dead because the body will no longer function.

But now it is so that a small part of our consciousness must remain in the body to keep the heartbeat going so that the silver cord is not cut. Without it we would really be gone which will not happen so easily.

So what to do when you can no longer move? Just wait for the 2 minutes! The astral body is immediately on its way back and you will see it as a dark blue or rather often black figure that comes closer and closer.

This is YOUR astral body and nothing more. It needs to synchronize with the same body position for you to move and it will feel like someone is pushing your air away.

The soul is multi-active and capable of anything, so if you close your eyes at this moment and concentrate a little bit, you could easily end up in the astral body and see your physical body asleep.

If YOU are not consciously controlling the body, your subconscious mind takes over as another aspect of the soul. But if you are conscious of this, you will be able to control several bodies at the same time except the physical body, because this requires the astral as a drive.

The shortness of breath is caused because your body is „dead“, or at least it will feel that way while your astral body synchronises.

You are not awake with the body in the process, but you are conscious in the ‚leftover mini piece‘ of your soul you left behind, so that your heart will continue to beat once or twice a minute.

Every little bit of soul that you leave somewhere makes it possible for you to interact with it because well…it is You. Humming and or loud tones are often standard in the process of detaching as well while merging back.

So don’t be afraid of this phenomenon, it is only the unknowing that scares you.

Have a nice day 🙂

Die Schlafparalyse – Was ist dahinter?

Hallo zusammen,

Heute geht es um die Schlafparalyse.

Was ist das überhaupt und was steckt dahinter? Mal von der spirituellen Seite.

Manche Menschen und auch einige die ich kannte, berichteten vom Erlebnis einer Schlafparalyse. Dieser Prozess passiert im Schlaf.

Das Herz verringert die Schlagfrequenz und lähmt in der REM Phase gleichzeitig den Körper damit das Bewusstsein in Träumen keine realen Bewegungen ausführt und sich verletzt. – So laut Wissenschaft, wobei die tatsächlichen Gründe unbekannt sind.

Wir werden hier etwas Licht ins dunkle bringen.

Viele der Betroffenen bekommen ungeheure Angst, da sie sich nicht bewegen können und gleichzeitig „halluzinieren“.

Verbunden mit einer Atemnot auf der Brust welche nicht real sein soll und schwarzer Gestalten, die immer näher kommen und sich auf euch setzen oder sonstwas.

Die Wissenschaft kann dies nicht wirklich erklären, wenn sie die Existenz des Bewusstseins nicht einbringt und es als Halluzination abstempelt.

Wir werden in diesem Blog jetzt erläutern, wie es sich tatsächlich verhält, jedoch kann ich euch keine Fotos oder Beweise dafür liefern da diese Dinge sich zwischen 3 und 4D. abspielen.

Man kann feinstoffliches nur schwer, auf 3D Geräten, sichtbar machen.

Schlafparalyse aus der spirituellen Sicht:

Sobald das Herz den Körper im Übertritt zur Traumwelt lähmt, ist der Körper im Schlaf.
Euer Bewusstsein schläft nie und weil euch die Übung fehlt dies zu halten, geratet ihr in eine Art Bewusstseins – Trance, welches sich im Traum trübt und nur noch mit dem Unterbewusstsein gesteuert wird.

Euer Bewusstsein ist also in den Traumwelten unterwegs und verarbeitet/agiert mit euch selbst.

Ich kann euch ebenso wenig erklären wieso das Bewusstsein die Bewusstheit verliert, was ich weiß ist das es da noch mehr Mechanismen gibt die einfach wollen das wir nicht bewusst werden! Dazu später mehr.

Wenn ihr nun vorzeit aufwacht dann bedeutet es, dass euer Bewusstsein/Seele schneller zurück im physischen Körper war als euer Astralkörper.

(Unsere Seele kann ohne Körper auf den niederen Dimensionen schlecht agieren sagt man, was daran allerdings wahr, ist kann man nicht sagen)

Der Grund für die Unbeweglichkeit ist, dass der Astralkörper zurück im Körper sein muss! Ohne die Batterie welche sich jede Nacht in den Astralwelten für ein paar Momente auftanken muss, wird euer Körper unbrauchbar sein.

Das bedeutet ihr seid im wachen „Todeszustand“. Jeder der seinen Körper verlässt und das tun wir alle, ist spirituell gesehen erstmal tot, da der Körper nicht mehr funktionieren wird.

Nun ist es aber so, dass ein kleiner Teil unseres Bewusstseins im Körper bleiben muss, um den Herzschlag zu erhalten damit die Silberschnur nicht durchtrennt wird.

Ohne sie wären wir wirklich weg, was aber nicht so leicht passieren wird.

Was also tun wenn man sich nichtmehr bewegen kann? Einfach die 2 Minuten abwarten! Der Astralkörper ist sofort auf dem Rückweg und ihr werdet es als dunkelblaue oder eher oft schwarze Gestalt warnehmen welche immer näher kommt.

Das ist EUER Astralkörper und nichts weiter.

Es muss sich mit derselben Körperposition synchronisieren, damit ihr euch bewegen könnt und es wird sich anfühlen als drückt euch jemand die Luft weg.

Die Seele ist multi-agierbar und zu allem fähig, das heißt wenn ihr in diesem Moment die Augen schließt und euch etwas konzentriert, könntet ihr auch ganz einfach im Astralkörper landen und euren physischen Körper schlafen sehen.

Wenn IHR den Körper nicht bewusst steuert, übernimmt es euer Unterbewusstsein als ein weiteren Aspekt der Seele. Wenn ihr aber darüber bewusst seid, so werdet ihr dazu in der Lage sein mehrere Körper gleichzeitig steuern zu können bis auf den physischen da dies den astralen als Antrieb benötigt.

Die Atemnot wird verursacht weil euer Körper nunmal „tot“ ist, zumindest wird es sich so anfühlen während euer Astralkörper sich wieder hinein legt.

Ihr seid bei dem Prozess nicht wach mit dem Körper, sondern seid im übrig gelassenen Teilbewusstsein welches ihr hinterlassen habt, damit euer Herz noch eins bis zweimal pro Minute schlägt.

Jedes bisschen Seelenanteil welches ihr irgendwo hinterlasst, macht es möglich mit diesen ebenfalls agieren zu können insofern ihr denn Übung dazu habt. Summen und brummen oder laute Töne sind oft standard beim Prozess des losgelösten Körper.

Also keine Angst vor diesem Phänomen, es ist nur das Unwissen was einem Angst einjagt.

Euch noch einen netten Tag 🙂

Was enthält ein „Lebens-/Seelenplan“? -Vor der Inkarnation

Hallo zusammen,

In diesem Blog werde ich über meine Erfahrungen berichten und darüber.was geschah, bevor ich auf der Erde inkarnierte.

Erstens: Wenn Sie einen Schritt von außen in dieses Universum machen, werden Sie wahrscheinlich und höchstwahrscheinlich Ihr Bewusstseinslevel verlieren. Das bedeutet, dass Sie keine Klarheit darüber haben werden, was Sie tun, je nachdem, wann, was, wie und mit wem Sie wieder heraus gehen werden. Sie wissen genau wie Sie sich in einem Traum fühlen … nur Autopilot bis Sie frühs aufwachen.

Ich kam mit einer anderen Seele hierher und wir waren immer zusammen. Es gab einen anderen welcher uns sagte, wir sollen kommen weil es hier toll wird aber das ist eine andere Geschichte. Nachdem wir hierher gekommen waren, wussten wir, dass wir nicht jedes Leben so planen können, wie wir es gerne hätten, und dass wir nicht bewusst zusammen sein würden, bis eine bestimmte Anzahl von Leben vorbei sein wird. Diese Anzahl von Leben würde uns mehr und mehr Erinnerung und Bewusstsein zurückgeben.

Jetzt habe ich natürlich nicht mehr viele Details darüber und wer uns gesagt hat, dass wir nichts so planen könnten wie wir wollen, also werde ich mich an die Bilder halten an die ich mich noch erinnere.

Das erste was passierte war, dass ich mit vielen Menschen außerhalb der Erde war und wir wussten, dass die Zeit bis zum Beginn des Spiels aus lief und wir nicht viel dagegen tun konnten. Es war der Countdown zum Start aller Inkarnationen.

Ich sah eine Zeitlinie mit über Tausenden von Leben und wie meine/unsere Klarheit zunahm. Jedes Mal wenn das Leben begann, war das Bewusstsein null, wurde aber schneller wieder zurückgewonnen als das vorherige Leben.

Jetzt spule ich vorwärts zu den Dingen, an die ich mich erinnere.

Sie haben 2 Möglichkeiten: (Alle Pläne sind auf Papier geschrieben und werden energetisch sichtbar sobald sie aktiv sind, wenn ich mich richtig erinnere)

Schreiben Sie Ihren Plan selbst oder lassen Sie ihn von jemand anderem schreiben + Lassen Sie den „Zufallsgenerator“ entscheiden.

Wenn Sie Ihren Plan selbst schreiben gibt es Regeln zu befolgen! Zunächst ist der Start immer gegeben. Das bedeutet, das Land und die Umstände Ihrer Geburt sind gegeben. Zweitens ist die rote Linie der Geschichte vorgegeben und damit auch das Ende! Das bedeutet, dass die bereits gegebenen Dinge nicht geändert werden können!

Die folgende Grafik zeigt was ich meine:

Das Ziel ist immer dasselbe! Diese Dinge die vorher festgelegt wurden können nicht geändert werden, weil das Spiel dem universellen Plan folgen muss der gemacht wird, sobald Sie einen Fuß in dieses Universum setzen, damit Sie wieder herauskommen können.

Alles andere kann geändert werden und sogar detailliert sein wie zum Beispiel die Farbe Ihrer Eissorte! Das hängt davon ab, wie viel Sie hineinschreiben und was passieren soll. Wie viele Details Sie Ihrem Leben gegeben haben, wird bestimmen, wie viele Déjà-vu’s Sie in Ihrer Inkarnation bekommen werden.

*Anmerkung: Alles, was Sie hineinschreiben, folgt ebenfalls Regeln, um sicherzustellen, dass bestimmte Dinge in Ihrem Leben geschehen müssen, damit die rote Linie nicht verändert oder verfälscht werden kann. Beispiel: Wenn Sie ein Kind in Somalia sind und schreiben, um Präsident zu werden, wird es nicht funktionieren! Nur wenn die Regeln es möglich machen oder bestimmte Dinge auf dem Planeten geändert werden, um es möglich zu machen! Der Charakter, den Sie spielen, wird auch ausgewählt!

Nachdem alles geplant ist, können Sie jede Szene durchgehen und sehen, wie sie sein wird, was wiederum bewirkt: ein Déjà-vu in 3D.

Wenn Sie nun der Typ sind, der den Lebensplan an jemand anderen weitergibt, sollten Sie sich nicht wundern, wenn es schief geht. Selbst wenn das Ziel dasselbe ist, kann es für diese Person die Hölle sein. Sie können schreiben, was sie wollen und unter welchen Bedingungen auch immer, und weil Sie sich immer gut fühlen, werden Sie es nicht sehr ernst nehmen.

Und dann gibt es noch den Zufallsgenerator… Wenn Sie entweder in der Hölle oder irgendwo anders landen wollen, sollten Sie das nehmen! xD Er erzeugt ein zufälliges Leben, dieselben Regeln, aber alles andere wird zufällig sein. Wenn man sich einige Todesfälle und ‚verrückte‘ Dinge ansieht, die im Leben anderer passiert sind… ja, das war wahrscheinlich ein zufälliges Leben! Ich meine, wer wird schon gerne von einem Aligator lebendig gefressen? Das können nur Sie beantworten.

Manche Pläne können aus einem bestimmten Grund nicht geändert werden, ich weiß nicht warum, aber in einem Fall, in dem meine Frau involviert war, konnten wir es nicht ändern, und wir wussten, dass es ein Leben voller unerwünschter Dinge war…

Also lassen Sie sich beim Schreiben Zeit! Jetzt weiß ich, dass es gegen die Dinge klingt, die in früheren Blogs gesagt wurden. Deshalb werde ich Ihnen sagen: Hören Sie nie auf, kritisch zu denken! Niemand gibt etwas umsonst und schon gar nicht im Jenseits. Das war mein Gedächtnis und wie sich manche Dinge entwickelt haben. Glauben Sie nichts davon.

Bleiben Sie die ganze Zeit konzentriert und aufmerksam!

Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Tag!

An diejene welche Astralreisen lernen möchten um sich selbst dem Allen zu vergewissern, Über diesen Link bekommt ihr ein Extra Angebot zum Workshop! 🙂

Sollte ich Astralreisen ausprobieren?

Vorab, das erste was Sie nicht können während sie astral reisen ist zu sterben! Ebenso wenig kann jemand Ihren Astralkörper/ Ihre Seele stehlen/erobern oder Ihren physischen Körper versklaven und in Besitz nehmen. Ich sage Ihnen das, weil es ständig Fehlinformationen darüber gibt, und aus welchem Grund auch immer versuchen einige Leute immer zu sagen, dass es gefährlich sei.

Viele, die darüber reden und nur den Erfahrungen anderer zuhören, neigen dazu, vor allem Scheiße zu reden. Es ist nicht möglich zwei- oder dreimal es auszuprobieren und ein Meister zu werden. Aber dennoch würde dies ausreichen um eine Menge Dinge zu verstehen.


Was ist Astralreisen? Kurz gesagt, man verlässt seinen physischen Körper freiwillig. Manche tun es ohne Übung und manche als sie Kinder waren, taten es ohne jemals davon gehört zu haben.

Nur um die Frage zu beantworten: „Und warum kann ich es nicht tun? Und mein Freund macht es ohne Probleme?“ – Das liegt daran, dass Ihr Freund es in früheren Leben getan hat und/oder dass in seinem/ihrem Plan etwas geschrieben wurde, dass es Ihnen erlaubt es schneller zu tun.

Für weitere Informationen darüber:

Während der Astralprojektion befindet sich Ihr Körper im Grunde genommen im Tiefschlaf, und Ihr Herz schlägt höchstens dreimal pro Minute. Übrigens führen wir alle im Tiefschlaf jede Nacht für ein paar Minuten Astralprojektionen durch. Ihr Astralkörper nimmt Energie aus der vierten Dimension auf und versorgt den gesamten Körper mit Energie während Ihr Herz die Bewegung einfriert.

Warum friert das Herz die Bewegung ein? Nun, wenn Sie Astralprojektionen durchführen würden und Ihr Körper sich immer noch bewegt, wäre das gefährlich weil Sie keine Kontrolle darüber hätten, richtig? + ohne Ihre Seele (nein, der Astralkörper ist nicht Ihre Seele) ist jede Bewegung verboten und das ist notwendig und auch gut so!

Sie können dies im Stehen tun oder zumindest versuchen welches sich aber als äußerst schwierig erweisen wird, da man dazu Entspannt sein muss und sollte. Trotzdem gibt es genug Fälle wo eine Astralreise im Stehen möglich ist.

Kurz gesagt: Ihr Herz muss die Bewegung des Körpers stoppen, sonst könnte es für sich selbst gefährlich werden (Lumpenpuppenbewegungen).


Besteht irgendeine Gefahr ? Nein, es gibt keine. Das grösste Problem wird es sein sich sogar bewusst vom Körper fernzuhalten, denn sobald Sie an Ihren Körper denken, werden Sie sofort zurück geschleudert und wachen auf. Anfänger werden da draußen nur Sekunden bekommen. Nicht weil die Natur es nicht erlaubt, sondern weil IHR höheres Selbst = Ihre eigene innere Seele es so entschieden hat.

Sie sind immer mit einer Lichtschnur am Nacken an beiden Körpern verbunden. Dieses zieht Sie zurück, wo immer Sie sind. Je weiter Sie sich entfernen, desto weniger werden Sie es sehen. Dies hat nichts zu bedeuten.

Ich war mehrmal selbst außerhalb des Planeten und habe die Schnur dreimal freiwillig durchgeschnitten, vergessen Sie es… Es ist unmöglich die Schnur durchzuschneiden und sie wird erst verschwinden wenn Ihr physischer Körper stirbt. Genauso wenig kann man von irgendetwas gefangen genommen werden während man sich in diesem Zustand befindet, denn es ist 4D und höher. Wie kann man etwas einfangen, dass man nicht berühren kann? Nun, nur indem man Ihn oder Sie irgendwo täuscht! Diese sind aber solange man einen Körper hat harmlos.

Weitere Informationen über Fallen in der nächsten Welt:

Der einzig mögliche Weg für Sie zu sterben während man bewusst astral unterwegs ist, ist der nächste Zustand = der Wechsel vom Astral- zum Mentalkörper. Eine reine Energieform, die schneller als das Licht ist und keine Schnurbegrenzungen hat. Sie können automatisch zu ihr wechseln und sie verlassen, aber es ist nicht so einfach, wie es vielleicht klingt.


Ihr physischer Körper -> Schnur am Hals zum Astralkörper. -> Beide sind verbunden.

Astralkörper wechseln zum Mentalkörper –> keine Schnurverbindung, aber dennoch energetisch/emotional verbunden. -> Umschalten bedeutet nicht, dass Sie bereits tot sind. Ihr Bewegungsradius geht nur höher in die hohen Frequenzen hinein. –> wenn es Dir dort gefällt, bleibst Du einfach, bis Dein Körper auf der Erde verrottet. –> Tod auf der Erde. –> Es gibt keinen plötzlichen Tod! Du entscheidest immer, wann und was passieren wird.

Für alle, die es versuchen wollen: Sie werden bald jede Antwort auf jede Frage über diese Welt und was wirklich geschehen ist, wissen.

Wir können alle Fragen und Ängste beantworten. Hinterlassen Sie ihre Fragen in der Kommentar Sektion und einen schönen Tag! 🙂

Wenn Sie das Astralreisen erlernen möchten und alles dazu wissen wollen, so kommen sie über diesen Link zu einem Sonderangebot! Es lässt nicht auf sich warten und Sie werden sogar Live aus dem Körper gezogen!

Should i Try Astral Travel?

First of YOU CANT DIE DURING astral travel! Neither can anyone STEAL OR CAPTURE your astral body/soul or enslave, posess your physical body. I am telling you this because there is constantly misinformation about it and for whatever reason some people always try to say that its dangerous.

Many who talk about it and only listen to others experiences, tend to talk mostly shit. Two or three times of doing it yourself and becoming a master isnt possible but still this would be enough to understand a lot of things.

What is astral travel? Shortly said you leave your physical body willingly. Some do it without practice and some as they were kids without ever hearing of it.

Just to answer the question „And why cant i do it ? And my friend does it without problem?“ – This is because your friend did it in previous lifes and/or in your plan was something written that allows you to do it faster.

For more information about it:

While doing astral projection, your body is basically in deep sleep and your heart beats down to 3 times a minute or less. By the way we all do astral projections every night for few minutes while in deep sleep. Your astral body takes energy from the fourth dimension and energises the entire body while your heart freezes movement.

Why does the heart freeze movement ? Well if you would do astral projection and your body still moves, it would be dangerous because you would have no control over it right? + without your soul (no the astral BODY is not your soul) every movement is prohibited and necessary! You can do this while standing but it would be very hard to do so and you would freeze again (there are enough cases) Shortly said: Your heart must stop the bodys movement otherwise it could be dangerous to itself (ragdoll movements).


Is there any danger to it ? No there is not. The biggest problem will be to even stay out of you body conscioussly because as soon as you will think about your body, you will be dragged instantly back and wake up. Beginners will get only seconds out there. Not because nature doesnt allow you, but YOUR higher self = your own inner soul.

Youre always connected with a light cord in your neck on both bodys. This will drag you back wherever you are. The further you go away, the less you will see it. This has nothing to mean.

I was way over the moon and cutt the cord three times willingly, forget it… Its impossible to cut and will dissapear only when your physical body dies. Neither can you be captured from anything while in the state because it is 4D and higher. How can you capture somehing that cant be touched ? Well only by fooling him/her somewhere! More infos about traps in the next world:

The only possible way for you to die and leave this place is the next state = switching from astral to mental body. A pure energy form which is faster than light and has no cord limitations. You can switch to it automatically and leave but it isnt easy as it may sound.


Your physical body —> Cord on neck to astral body. –> Both are connected.

Astral body switch to mental body —-> no cord connection but still energetically/emotionally connected. —> Switching doesnt mean that youre dead already. Your movement radius just goes higher into high frequency levels. —–> if you like it there, you just stay until your body rottens on earth. —–> Death on earth. —-> There is no sudden death! You always decide when and what will happen.

For everyone who wants to try it: You will soon know any answer to any question about this world and what really happend.

We can answer any questions and fears. Leave a comment and have a great day! 🙂

Projection Screen of Dreams?

Hello, everyone,

Today I would like to tell you about an experience that happened to me a while ago when I was dealing with OBE’s and leaving the Matrix (out-of-body experiences). My question was if we all really lived in a kind of cocoon with our soul while we were in 3D, the lowest of all dimensions. (4D – Astral plane, 5D etc.)

I woke up right next to my physical body and the thought came back to my mind „Show me the projection site“ – and in the middle of it, on the astral plane, absolutely everything stopped, time, all colours and everything else that was flying around.

My vision widened and I flew very quickly upwards out of the astral body. I didn’t know what was happening but it didn’t seem to bother me.
Like through a kind of wormhole I came to a place that changed my complete view to the spiritual and also to all other worlds.

I noticed that all existences were planes and dimensions in the middle of a screen.
So i knew there were several exits and the escape from the cocoon to the real outer universe was only one.
(Later i will explain why i say „outer universe“)

As i ascended out of the astral dimension, my soul pushed itself out of a kind of screen, as if one would tear one’s eyes off a screen that was glued on, but this went essentially without problems.

I saw before me, very colourful, fine, vertical colours which were projected by 2 pointed, spiky nozzles.

The image i came out of was brightly coloured and stopped as i left it, but the surface changed…As if the thumbnail had been changed. Myself had no body anymore, everything was only possible with the power of my mind and i could see hands in front of me when i wanted to but they were gold. The nozzles drew how it looked to me, electricity or energy, which they got from the shell/cocoon out.

It arrived visible from the outside and projected the image in front of me. I was also very conscious of this and my vision and consciousness were clearer than everydays life. I looked around and somehow knew that i only have limited time in this state and so i looked around faster before it went back.

The „cocoon“ or wherever i was, looked pink and electricity flowed out of the walls? towards the nozzles. Behind the screen i call it, was empty cocoon space. The nozzles were very bright and it seemed to me that this „thing“ was a bio-machine place? No idea how to call that place.

The picture in front of me was scrollable to the left and right! As strange as it may sound. I could move the picture back and forth with my mind, but a slight warning signal came up inside, as if my over consciousness said to myself „If you don’t dive back into that picture you came from, you will wake up somewhere else“.

The pictures in front of me turned to beautyful colours and i thought to myself if these pictures were perhaps lifes or worlds where i could dive in and stay. But since I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and my consciousness was gradually fading. I didn’t risk anything and at the last moment scrolled back to the picture i came from and was torn back in.

Trust me, You would’ve never chosen something else there. The fear level started to rise after i thought a second about jumping to a different picture! I knew that there would never be a „lets go back“ option + i didnt knew what i could expect there.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to break out of the cocoon, it was more like i knew the seconds and milliseconds ive had in that state before I was torn back. Falling slowly back into the image created another wormhole in front of me with nice colors, releasing pigments in my direction and i could feel the wind again and saw my astral body as well that time was still stopped.

The most interesting thing was that when i saw my astral body from above and had no body, (which seemed to be the most normal thing in the world) the time/movement continued from the moment i was back in the astral body. I would say the frozen scene continued. And as i crashed in the astral body which was still standing in the same position, i was pulled back towards the physical body and woke up clear and very charged.

I still don’t understand how it could be that all the movement in my scene and everything else i saw flying around, had suddenly stopped just because i was rising up. Or did it just seem that way to me? And if it seemed that way, why did the particles only continued to move after i was back? I know from experience that particles, colours and other traveler’s in the astral world cant be just paused.

I spontaneously reached this state only once and than never again. According to my experience, something like this is only possible if you have the will, a high portion of curiosity and very important, the conscious last thought before falling asleep! Because this can/will decide about it. It was the best that ever happend to me and after that, i knew there was so much more…

So much for this experience… Did you ever had something like this before?

Have a nice day 🙂

Are You an „Old Soul“?


I am often asked: „What is actually wrong with me? I feel so out of place here, what’s wrong with me?“

Well, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just that many of us are living this life not for the first time, but have incarnated more often. Our agreement with the spirit world is that when we’re born again, we forget this. However, some of us have been here so often that you simply „remember“ that you have been here before and that you have experienced a lot of things before.

Now you also want to know: „Oh okay. Have I been here before? If so, how often and as what and so on.“

I can’t tell anyone here if and how often they have been incarnated and as what. That would exceed my abilities, but I can give you some character traits and characteristics, by which you can see what is going on.

How can I tell if I have been there before?

  • °Strong urge for freedom,
  • °little sense of belonging to others from childhood on – partly also from childhood strong inner aversion against compulsions, blockades, prejudices.
  • °I have many hobbies of my own,
  • °I don’t need many people around me,
  • °I can be alone often and for a long time and have no problem with it,
  • °I have a very strong spiritual interest,
  • °I can see through other people very quickly, °I can recognize lies,
  • °I can easily recognize a strong connection to nature and to all animals,
  • °I often get along with animals much better than with people and bad contact with animals really gets you upset.
  • °One prefers to stand up for animals or children than for his fellow men. Because you often don’t think much of them anymore.
  • °No urge for worldly pleasures like consumption, drugs, alcohol, nicotine etc. °From the beginning a strong trust in yourself and in life itself (but you can also ignore this at times and despair of life). °Sometimes you have no desire to live on this planet anymore. One wishes „back home“. –☆Many of us are star people, incarnated on earth to be trained here. These people find the integration into existing systems the hardest, they feel out of place and are partly no longer willing to explain something to others.
  • °You realize that you have somehow done all this a thousand times before and you just don’t feel like it anymore.
  • °Unfounded sadness, you often look up to the sky and wish you would be picked up without knowing WHO is supposed to come – it is very difficult or even impossible to integrate into the 24/7 hamster wheel, you get out of the system and prefer to do your own things or even „nothing“!
  • °There are many old souls who just like to „chill out“ and dedicate themselves to their spiritual development. Some of them don’t dare to awaken their true potential and then show it. One has experienced so many lives, betrayal, pain, sorrow and torment in the past, one may have been murdered because one was as one is… and this pain remains over the incarnations! These are blockages and beliefs that have been there since birth, which you have to recognize and dissolve. See also my book about spiritual beliefs – even as a child you know that you have been there before, or that it comes from the stars (I knew that from the beginning). You feel deep inside that love is everything and that love is our deepest and most important feeling and that every creature deserves love.

If you would like to know more about yourself, your past and your destiny, please contact me.

Have a great day! 🙂

Here’s my book:

Soul/Lifeplan Experience -Me&Wife

As a little bonus to the previous blog, i want to share an experience with you. Me and my wife where involved and we tested us while we remembered it both at the same time to ensure the details.

So in this scene i was suddenly standing in a ship which i didnt saw from the outside. I only could see the how it looked outside from a big wooden door. The sky was extremely shiny and filled with colorful/electric looking clouds. It was very beautyful i can tell!

I somehow knew that place and that i always needed to go there when we wanted to write our plan for earths incarnations. The hall was big and a wooden staircase went up. When i remember right, there where 6 doors and i knew, all looked the same. I went up and the middle door slightly to the left was open and a guy was standing next to it. It was i guess the commander of the ship and i knew him and he knew me.

He looked like a hybrid spezies from an alien and human.. How can i describe it .. well imagine a head from an alien and a quite unusal face from a human! xD

The room was empty and had white walls. I knew what to do instinctively. In the middle was a desk and a piece of normal paper with a pen. The form of the paper had several already written things on them. The time suddenly passed fast and the guy from outside was in the room and watching. I was looking trough a lot of papers and how me and my wife could live it together again. I held up a piece and saw our both live strings crossing each other but again supperating. It went on like this for more than hundred papers because always there was something of a rule that didnt let us be together.

You could say this shit of a reincarnation game was the ultimate love test… My wife and me had big talks about everything and how we could sustain the damage when we would sleep with other souls because of our unawareness in this game.

So we had decided that everything what happens here, stays here! That nothing could bring us apart and we knew that nothing could and ever would. When souls are meant to be together specially those who came together from the outside, cant be cut apart..only if they let it!

It was just a simple game with annoying rules and now we found each other again and know exactly the same. I know this sounds ‚crazy‘ but it sure is how i tell you.

Back to the story:

So after i watched every possibility, it seemed that i found one and i cant remember what was shown in it, otherwise i would have a …unfair advantage over many things??? which in this cause (if i would remember) would be planned as well! Nothing happens without reason but often it just does because of what you did chose and what the rules where.

So i just picked „that“ and than the door got kicked in and my wife came. She was angry because she knew what i did there. I did it for both of us and tried to calm her down but forget it.. Impossible with those circumstances. The paper was active and we needed to go trough every scene and who would do which part and so on.

She was furious and asked why i did it and the only thing i said was „There was no other way“ and she was asking again and again but she knew that it was not really my fault .. or was it?? I cant remember… I saw our timelines and they always split apart because someone got killed, the rules didnt wanted it, the circumstances made it impossible, the government in the game had rules for other contries and so on…The list is very long.

She was already mad at me and lived a lonely life just because of me while talking to animals with no contact to civilisation. And now i did something maybe very stupid but in that position it seemed i had no choice. It was the only way i remember. Some lives where available, we lived perfectly together but always the line split apart and wasnt constant due to rules.

The other guy tried to calm her but i said to him that it is okay. She left the room angry and kicked a table in two while heading to the shiny outside.

I ran after her and she was already gone and so i came back from this flash and told about her about it…

She knew.. My lovely Princess im sorry if i fucked it up, You will do the work if there should be a next time in a different world where we wont forget anything anymore!

This was one of our memory’s … I dont like it when it should be true…

If anyone of you had something similiar, please let us know! 🙂

Is the Moon flat? -Our Experience

Hello all,

This may sound a bit strange to some but let me explain and what i experienced during astral travel/dreaming…

Ive had a experience during one night, i woke up standing on the moon. I saw the earth in my direction and i knew that i was there once before.

While i stood there some things happend. First i knew that every planet was different, not all planets had the shape of a „ball“ and i knew that because i was standing on the moon and it was flat! Not like you may think of but more like a UFO-flat where the center is little ball like a cockpit.

I suddenly had the third person view while somehow my other body was looking in the same direction. I saw behind the moon to all other planets and there forms were different. And i dont mean the planets in our solar system! Some had very strange forms and looked like they’ve had been reshaped. Some looked like triangle rocks with nothing on them. Some where very spiky and some planets where hollow inside. The variation was big but that wasnt the point.

I was back in my astral body and saw an alien coming above from a little glas ball in which he had several buttons and one big lever. He seemed stressed and than i realised what happend after he switched the lever from left to right. A giant from the inside shiny looking screen appeared right in front of the moon. We were able to see earth still with the screen in front of us. I couldnt say what it was but it was brought up before the sun was back on earth at one side.

The alien than dissapeared under the ground and i saw the form of the moon…It was a giant ufo but made of rocks. It had shaped itself but was cut correctly in form. I suddenly was in the center of the moon and there were 4 or 5 other aliens which made fun of the guy who nearly missed to make it in time. I somehow knew that all were different even if they looked all the same. My queen was there too and i was just not enough conscious about myself to ask anything at all. It seemed more like „humans dont need to know“ and i was aware of that. We laughed and they were like us. In the inside center of the moon was a big control station with tunnels which looked similiar to some of ours. But the technology was way different. Stuff that i couldnt explain nor see sharp enough.

After that i woke up and questioned it a bit and left how it was but never forgot. My queen knew that she was there too and gave me the same information and details as i asked her about it in the morning.

A week later my queen tells my suddenly, that she just saw the moons real form while she was outside. She couldnt believe her eyes because this time it was real. „The moon really is flat i saw it“ she said. Of course i believed her, otherwise i would get killed if i… No im joking. We both knew that the moon was not what it was to be shown and she had seen it for real.

Now she is no one who believes crap without evidence .. And on top it was a week after our dream or whatever that was. AND one neighbour saw it too which made four eyes in real who saw it. But no one would believe that so this story stays only open to you friends.

Here may be some interesting discovery about the moon:

So much from my view guys, See ya 🙂

Our biggest Enemy is to Forget

Hello everyone,

Lets talk why our biggest enemy was and is always to forget.

Well first, we always forget when we come back to earth because of a „selve – chosen“ reason. This means that every soul who incarnates back on earth will forget who they were before and live a new life. The problem with this is the following:

If you always forget who and what you are, you start back from scratch and have nothing to build on. This would mean that already made mistakes will be done again.

It is very important to never forget, a soul who has access to its own information and previous lifes can build on them and be better than before.

If you always loose your memory over and over, it doesnt mean that you had different lives! It could mean youve had the same life over thousand times too!

Look back in history, everywhere is chaos. No one really knows what happend and it looks like someone designed it that way, so no one really gets it.

If anybody of us would remember, we could build things way greater than all what exists now.

If you ask me, there is a far greater conflict of interest in the energetic realm! It just cant be that someone who dies, forgets what was before.

Every information is first stored in your brain, than before death, everything gets transfered to the astral body which is the second and so on.

But there is one more. It exists a realm that contains all information in a special frequency. If anybody can build connection to it, information will rain. It is like the internet but with no false answers. It contains all lives, every knowledge you gained and mostly anything you would like to know. It is not a global thing but more a personal data storage.

This can only be accessed by yourself and only you will know how to do it. For my case, i made it trough several times with drugs, however there is a problem. Our conscioussness within this body cant comprehend the amount of information.

Its like running trough a tunnel while millions of info crushes in your face and with the same speed it will rush away. In the end you only got pieces of info from everything and cant really do much with it. Before you can write anything down there will be 2 problems.

First: Its too fast to get a grab! Feels like flying trough it.

Second: Before you can write something down, it will be gone and another info will be already before you.

In the end its possible trough training to maybe get a hold of something. BUT dont be sure .. without drugged meditation its pretty unlike to land there. The brain needs higher frequencys and a base level of consciousness. Of course i cant tell how much you need. I would say knowing that these places exist would be enough. Either it is a place or it is in your soul that can be accessed. I would say both but tend more to our souls.

Dont trust what i say here, go out and see yourself!

In the next blog i will talk about WHY we „forget“

See ya! 🙂

How to attract anything?

Hello everyone,

Now lets talk about attracting the things you want in your life.

What is the most and biggest problem of people?

They think 95% about the negative stuff in their lifes. And that is the crucial thing.

We are energetic beings that can do pretty much anything when we know how and why!

Here is how it works:

I want you to only think about where you want to be and as intense as possible. Invest enourmes amounts of energy in it and fill it with joy!

The purpose for this is to give the things possibility to be near that you want, not those you dont want!

The reason why so many seem to drag problems towards themselves is because they only think about it!

Your energy is an Investment to the reality you give it to! They money to enter a zoo. They gas to drive a car.

The more you think about it, the more it will get a chance to happen!

Be always in balance and dont get crazy over certain stuff and situations. When youre in the flow and feel good, everything will come together.

Heyya friends! 🙂

How to be Fearless?

We all know the feeling of being afraid, but why do we fear at all?

Its an aspect of the mind which gives you intell about a situation. Its your sometimes ’saver‘ – which causes to be afraid when a situation might be dangerous.

If you stand on a tall building and look down, it activates and tells you to not overdo it. Otherwise something bad might happen.

It is as well the system that lets you shake when it takes over because the fear got too great. Freezing in place as a result.

Now how can we ‚deactivate‘ this mechanism?

There are 2 ways:


Throw yourself at your fear and take all of it at once. Which depends on the situation and can cause a shock to your entire body. Only people who believe in themselves and know that they wont fall down should use it! And NO you shouldnt throw yourself from the highest building to become fearless to hights.

Indirect confrontation:

Giving yourself small doses of your fear until you fully adapt. For expample: If youre afraid of snakes, you can try first by just watching it from distance and everytime coming closer until you feel good enough to touch it without getting panic.

This method is for everybody and works always! Just be consistent!

If you want to deactivate it fully, you might get a problem because not being able to feel fear in some situations might cause actions that can harm you.

But heres how you do it:

You will not listen anymore what your head says and does in the situation. This means you will rip away the momentum of your mind that is trying to tell you, to not do this. It is a sort of direct confrontation but against everything.

The more often you do it, the easier it will be and one day you will not really fear anything, anymore. BUT it can come back in new situations!

Fearing nothing is cool yes, but not being able to read the difference in the situation has nothing to do with it.

If you want to fight a polar bear with bare hands and dont fear it, you will probably still die if you attack! XD

See ya happy people and have a great thursday! 🙂

Afraid in the Dark?

Hello everyone,

Lets talk about being afraid in the dark. Many know the feeling..Walking alone in the deepest night, a dark path and sometimes passing strangers.

Then suddenly while passing by you get the feeling of „Maybe they will do something or say“ and feel nervous.

The reason for this is because well..we think too much about it. Movie’s and story’s from others always contain such moments were they got attacked at night. Specially woman! But dont get me wrong, you shouldnt walk around in small areas where strangers might try something! For a woman in my opinion a no go. Always have some protection with you such as pepperspray just to be sure!

Lets talk about a moment, which we i guess all had as kids and maybe still do.

Being at home alone and you need to go down to the cellar for lets say ice cream.

You turn on the lights and walk down the stairs, got your ice cream and then start to run as fast as you can back up, specially when the lights turn off on their own. Sprinting like hell is chasing you because darkness might get a hold and drag you back.

But is it the darkness of what children and some people are afraid ?

No! You are not afraid of the darkness but from the things that might hide there..

With darkness, many associate monsters from movies and many other stuff. I mean a horror movie were the monster comes from the light? Would you be scared of the light after such a thing?

Our brain automatically starts to brag about monsters when it gets dark. And after a horror movie you might die when turning of the lights. It always depends from your view of reality.

When you believe in such things because your religion says it, you might be more open to it than someone whos just laughs about it.

Your perception decides how your body will react. When it gets too spooky, rarely you release adrenalin and get really stressed but it happens!

What else? Do you know the feeling of being watched? And that doesnt matter if it is night or daylight.

The reason is not because you got paranoid and crazy, but because we all have magnetic fields and intuiton. Some people more and some less intuition but the magnetic field stays always!

When someone stares at you and they arent near, you might get the feeling of being watched.

Why? Because your field takes the info..The energy from the person staring at you will be visible in this field. Your subconsciousness takes the info and tells you some strange feelings about being watched. This doesnt apply always!

Depending on the distance and many more points such as: Know about that stuff?, Believe’s it even if he doesnt know? And so on.

And note that it doesnt matter if you get the feeling at home. Dead people and interdimensional beings can stare at you too and they dont need your permission to enter your house. Many can see them and many cant!

And what has the intuition to tell you? Well its your gut feeling. Know if something is alright and not. You will feel it but many underestimate it because we got another thinker in the head – Your Mind! But later more to that!

Thats it for now, have a nice day friends! See ya! 🙂

How to Meditate

Hello everyone,

Today we talk about meditation, specially to how do it correctly.

Lets begin.

It doesnt matter if you will lay down or sit straight. The more important thing will be to not forget what you were doing!

If you sit you might not forget when closing your eyes.

When you lay down you might sleep away!

So lets have a look at both positions.

Meditating while sitting:

  • •Sit in cross-legged position
  • •Hands can but dont need to touch each other
  • •Close your eyes and start to breath deeply
  • *Note to breath deep in your stomach instead your chest and dont lose hope when you drift away as a beginner!
  • **Be aware while meditating, distractions will appear such as ringings or door knockings and much more (while beginning)

Meditating while lying:

  • •Lay down comfortably
  • •Make sure that nothing will annoy you
  • •Arms can touch each other on your stomach but doesnt need to
  • •Close your eyes and you may begin
  • *Note to breath again fully in your stomach

Now why may distractions appear?

As how i know it: Something doesnt want you to meditate. Something always causes distractions for you to stop. The best thing is to not give too much to it and move on. It will stop afterwards but can be challenging specially when family is in the house. Sometimes a member knocks at the door exactly while you meditate.. Coincidence?

Until next! See ya 🙂


Standing in the dark.

Watching in to emptyness.

Cant hear.

Silent steps.

Light shine’s more as i walk.

Did hope finally emerge ?

Just imaginating …again.

I Wont Let You

We live apart this distance between us.. We chat and argue about nonsense.. Why do we get angry? You know very well why..

I dont want to argue, i really try.. Instead of laughing we go further in.. cant stop the rolling train.

You are the half part of me .. How can i argue with you? I love you too much for that!

Yet we do this every day .. We should stop that.. And start to remember why this happens

Forget the sometimes ugly words i say.. I dont mean it.. I just really miss you.. Would do anything to be with you..Again

We are both frustrated.. Not knowing how much longer it will take.

I dont want to waste time anymore – Even if i can grab you just for once, i would like you to feel it..

No price is too high for me – You know me

We have chosen us before this all – And whatever i or You might say, whatever may happen or time it takes,


I am your all loving curse..

The Summary of Info?

In this blog i want to talk about all the books and scripts, coachings and lessons that many books and some people want to teach the audience and what their goal is.

What do all the books about nature and life got in common, that is often tough to understand?

Now lets start about spiritual books and scripts from ancient times.

They talk about the soul, nature and behaviour and how we can be better to us and nature. Be better to the planet and more.

What do the many life coaches try to say with their courses and rewritten books ?

Exactly the same as the people in the old times! But because we are so busy these days and so stressed – we only read a book and dont really get the real point behind it. Often one book will never be enough to understand what someone meant. Experiencing it yourself will be the best.

Dont get me wrong, i dont mean that you will not understand the meaning of the book, but the overall meaning in many books without getting heavily disoriented. Reading too many books about a topic and never having experienced something similiar will blur your senses to think.

What do i mean?

Lets take out of body experiences from spiritual books as example: If you read ten books about it and now know everything to it, but never had any yourself, it will be very hard believing the story right?

Same applies when you cant see the overall picture from too many information.

Now besides making money in these days with rewritten informations, it has always the same meaning and overall picture.

So what do all these books, courses and whatever exists about spirituality, nature and behaviour got to tell us?

That if we combine all three together in meaning of:

Understanding ourselves and remembering who and what we really are and so increasing our consciousness back to full potential.

Understanding nature and respecting the planet and the animals.

Understanding that if every single one of us does the first step and experiences it, will turn their hateful side instantly into peace and self love – as well peace for others – Which will lead away all the misunderstandments in this world.

And bring fourth the reality, everyone would like to see.

Combined forces of experienced knowledge will not mislead anybody, because memory’s will confirm it!

They key shortly: Remember WHO and WHAT you really are. SEE, FEEL and understand it when the time is right. Respect all surrounding beings from nature and itself because it was here first and will be the last who leaves.

Once everyone will be on the same level – There will be no need anymore for leeding anybody in to a war. No fences that holds us back. No poison in the air. No hate and fear in the world.

Until that becomes reality.. a real wonder would need to happen right now.. yes?

Thats it for now friends, See ya soon! 🙂

How to be productive?

We all know this moment. Got time left and dont know what to do, so we start to watch random stuff in the internet.

Now dont get me wrong, having finally free time and playing games or just sit and watch something can be really relaxing!

Lets talk about it when we got too much free time left and really dont know what to do!

The reason because many dont do much in their freetime is because they get either fast bored or just like to do nothing which is okay too. No one has to always do something, its tiring.

Having no motivation to finally start your diet or workout is a main reason. It is always motivation.. Even if you started three weeks before but when you cant see results, it will be demotivating.

Now what is the key to really be productive ?

Do the thing you want more than thirty days! This is what i tell you. Your brain likes to relax. It doesnt want to think more than it needs to and when you start, thoughts will come across telling you to stop. You will get tired and see no much of a reason to continue. That is because your brain has a sort of adaptation time! You have to be in control, not some functions in your brain. Tell it to adapt and to like it.

After the thirty days, your brain will start automatically be more productive.

What do i mean with that?

I mean that when your brain started to do the action over and over again, it will place it to your „to do“ – list. Making it unavoidable! You will feel that you just have to do it!

And please dont forget to set goals! You surely dont want to do things without a reason right? And yes having fun is a reason too!

When you watch videos or kill time with tv, you watch it for entertainment. When its boring you’re not going to watch it right? Same applies here!

What has to be done to stand somewhere in the future, has to be done with a vision!

Do the things you like or wanted to do even if you’re unsure of it! When you draw something it will help your creativity/brain activity. When you workout it will help you feel well, look well and be better with yourself and much more.

Everything you do has a certain impact, is it good or bad for you? You decide!

As for my part: I started to workout eight years ago and now i cant stop it. Not because i cant but because „I“ feel good in my body. All other things such as good looks is a nice side part of it. The first time i started to train, i really didnt liked it. But soon after it became a „must do“.

The reason i marked the „I“ is because it is of course my ego! The ego wants to train and tells me to do! But this is a different blog and i wanted to make sure for understanding.

Summary: SEE a goal, start to work on it constantly until you dont want to stop, NEVER GIVE UP because great things need time! Make sure you get motivated and when it doesnt work sometimes – use music! Nothing is wrong with relaxing after a tough day but doing nothing for too long will bring you nothing.

Have a nice day happy friend’s! See ya! 🙂

Shining Wind

Standing on a field of flowers – Smelling the tone, hearing the color..

Peace shine’s around you – Feeling the warm wind sliding trough..

The sun always whispering .. Silently give’s without ask.

Your senses sharp – Your mind clear – Enjoying this moment of be.

Smiling towards the feeling of freedom – Is it there for everyone?

And as you think and standing there – The moment fly’s away.

Giving you the blink of hope – Telling it will be okay.

Brings your vision to the sky – One last shine – Say Goodbye.

– A Moment

Truth or Joke ?

We see…We talk…We hear…We read… We discuss.

But do we know ?

We see but do we know what we see ?

We hear but do we know what we hear ?

We read but what do we really read ?

We discuss … but dont come to solution’s..

Do you really know? Or does a joker play?

Can we trust the source as they say?

Seeing, Hearing, Reading, Talking – is just what we do – aime to the truth is what we should too!

Follow them is what they want – while counting bodie’s as we blindly walk. Hearing scream’s and laughs out loud – dissapears your line of your freedom cloud.

Bring fourth the control command – give away your bloody hand. And while you scream in your pain – you deeply knew – You Would Die in Vain.

– A nobody

Planet’s Doom or Rise?

We all feel it …something is coming up. But is it good or bad?

If we look at the current world situation, it looks pretty bad right?

Bill Gates is funding a mass vaccination for Covid-19 which wont be tested much. People still die and get experimented on. No-one can travel freely to their loved one’s. Children still get kidnapped. Power is given to people who got big pockets while someone else has to find drinking water for a day.

Money isnt bad, but the greedyness of those who just cant get enough of it and start to feel like a god..

I ask you..How can the will of one man and a piece of paper decide what will happen in the world?

Do we really need someone who leads us?

NO WE DONT! We could achieve so much more than this if we would work together for a better planet..

Using money to help those who need. Getting rid of all plastic on the planet. Stop killing each other and animals. Stop spraying metals in the air and poison us. Stop giving people power but instead helping everyone to grow in knowledge and consciousness. Taking down every fence that holds us back from anybody for absolute planetary freedom..

How should we be instead?

Understand and feel the other person in discussion. Dont hate and love yourself and others…I dont talk about loving everybody because you dont have to. But just be peaceful without hate. Watch around you and dont throwing trash into the woods. Helping each other to become better and dont fall to our ego. Help the animals and share the planet.

We have to do so much more than this.. Imagine how absolutely great this place could be without any restriction and hate. Everybody would understand each other and know how it feels. We could laugh the whole day and have fun while traveling around the world.

People start to realise slowly what is going on .. It is slow but it is happening and a group that holds power try’s to suppress it with more and more stress for everybody. They enhance the misinformation and increase the poison .. They fear the outcome and the time is running.

A little more and either this planet will start rise, we will take down the evil in this world and create the planet everyone deserves.

Or this planet will completely die and be under total control with the major population being irradicated and all knowledge gone with it.

If all this brings us to a total war, it will be Knowledge, consciousness and love against misinformation, suppression and hate!

The winner is already decided

Why do we do it?

Why do we reply angry at something that we dont like sometimes ?

Why do we reply at all when we know that some situations are build to make us angry

Why dont we instead go inside and look what causes it ?

Why cant we stop things sometimes even if we know what will happen?

Why dont we try not to react to some things? Why do we even bother?

Because it has always the same answer: The „I“ gets in our way .. The nonestop thinker that says „He said this and that and now i have to react like this because i know it better“ – The Ego gets itchy..

It promotes reactions and when it talks to you on autopilot constantly, you mistake someone’s words as a thread, because you experienced it differently and the nonstop thinker will remind you that!

We should all stop talking when we know that our „I“ starts to talk. It often destroy’s many relationships because of talking too much in your head.- Creating situations that never happend or just to bother you.

That is why it should be important to meditate few minutes a day.. to shut it down for a bit.

You surely know moments where you screwed something up and try to focus but just cant because the voice in your head tells you „If i did this better it wouldnt happend, Why didnt i see this coming?“ …The list is long.

Stay clear and sharp friends, nothing happens without a higher reason! 🙂

My Heart

Thinking about you makes me dizzy…

Talking about you makes me feel great…

Finally looking in your eyes, connecting our souls, will make us cry…

Loving you unconditionally makes me… complete

You unconditionally loving me, Free’s us both.

– Your right side

Reality Differences

Hello souls,

today we talk about every differences between the physical and non physical/astral world.

Lets begin.

In the physical world you have several senses but limited unfortunatly. In the astral world you only have a few but they will be ten to twenty times higher and often intense!

The first thing is the sense to touch things. In the physical world it isnt a problem. In the astral world, it is! You are not able to touch physical things anymore but only astral structures! That means you wont need a cup of coffee anymore and a coffee machine wont work either.

That is because you can imagine whatever you want directly to you! It is pretty time sparing, even if time doesnt exist there no more. Everything you want in your moment will appear in front of you. But only as long as your concentration is at it! Shortly when you stop feeding your fantasy with energy, it will be gone.

By the way: Time doesnt exist here actually neither, humans just need to follow their daily tasks and need to know how fast they move through space.

How would the world be without counting our speed in space?

In the astral world you can simply fly faster than light or just as light. All depends on you! You can teleport too and be instantly everywhere!

So we have the touch functions pretty much disabled in the astral world. BUT you can touch someone when he/she is in their astral body! Everything that is astral, can only touch astral! Everything that is physical, can only touch physical.

The reason for that is because it is a whole different dimension even if they stay very close to each other. You in your physical form can see a person in astral form when he/she allow’s it or knows how to increase their frequency willingly (later more to that)!

What about flying ? Well yes as earlier said, you can fly and teleport when you like! That is way cooler and it feels so good to travel like that… No more stupid visa for anywhere.. (finaly)

In the astral world, you wont need ever again to: Wash yourself, Eat, Sleep, go to bathroom, cloth yourself or any physical stuff. This will give a high level of freedom. But many dont realise that and will still do it. It should be the first thing for you to forget that all!

You can pretty much change your looks instantly, your hair can float and your clothes too.

NOTE: You can have the look of any character or whatever! Your fantasy controls it. And dont forget that you’re energy! Pure power/love/light/soul – call it how you like!

Can we taste anything? Yes you can! And it will taste increadibly good.

Can we have sex ? Absolutely! But only when the other person is astral too! Now here’s the difference.. when you’re astral, the other person doesnt need to be exactly astral. You can ..well.. go to the other persons astral body which will be inside the physical or near around sometimes, and just ..have sex with it while the other person doesnt even know about it. They may dream something odd..

Is that rape? does it count ? You should decide that! The other person wont feel anything ..Only when they suddenly get their awareness back it might be time to leave.

We have touch and about smell?

No! You wont have any smells in the astral world but when you should decide to go trough the light into the astral worlds, you might get one back. Because you decided to do another incarnation.

And i nearly forgot, even if someone can touch you, they cant harm or damage you! No pain or else! Except fear when monsters should appear ..but why fear anything that cant harm you? Exactly! There is no reason.

You will have a 360° view! That means you can see in all directions at the same time. That will happen when you move as a energy ball! Many move like that. Your vision will be extremely sharp, any disease will be gone.

Second note: you will be able to feel every energy around you and while flying, the wind too! But neither feel cold or warm. More like ..nothing.

You move with your mind! How is that to understand?

That means, when you what to be somewhere, imagine it and you will be there!

You want to walk ? Imagine it! You’re pure energy now and move only with your mind but its easier than you think. Just be in control of what you think and all will be fine.

And dont forget.

A soul has no limit! The only limit it gets is when it goes under a rule of a self designed world!

Thats it for now

See ya later! 🙂

Why anybody still can lie after death

Hello friends,

This time i’ll talk about why its still possible to lie in the after world.

Many say that you cant lie when youre in the next world/spiritual world.

That is wrong! You definetly can!

How does it come that many believe stuff they read somewhere or anybody tells?

They believe it because they dont know better and want to be cared by others to their path.

They dont go and take a better look, they accept and thats it… Look at the bible and many other religions .. Its the same everywhere.

People dont like to think and take care for themselves. Giving away your mind and believing none-yourself-proven information is a big mistake.

Now lets come back to lying.

The spiritual worlds sit in different dimensions but that doesnt tell you that the beings there cant lie. You can feel it when someone lies and often see it when you’re in the other world.

How can you do that ? Well you will see a lot of colours around you and others. You will just feel when something feels wrong and their aura just like here, will change to a different colour.

It all depends as well how good a lying being can cover their aura to a point, were you simply cant see it.

Yes the upcoming worlds talk about „Love and Light“ and that is the problem. The mind games take a whole different level and the ones who die and had no idea about that, will get captured very easy on that!

Specially near the light traps and portals!

Many think when they die, that they dont have to be careful anymore or watch out because „God“ will take care of them or something else.

Of course not everybody lie’s to you there, but always be critical, specially in the after world!

I give you this information to secure it in the back of your mind and use it when the time is right.

Some beings are not what you think they are…even if they look „special“ 😉

Stay sharp and clear!

See ya later 🙂

The Tunnel-System’s after Death

Hello Everyone,

Today we talk about the tunnel systems after death. Many people had told that they’ve had near death experiences were a tunnel appeared in front of them. Or they were walking to a end of a tunnel.

So what exactly is that system?

These tunnels are nearly everywhere! And in a lot of dimensions too. Its a warping and fast travel system to different dimensions.

After death, your speed will be higher that light! So why would we need tunnels for?

One thing is the trap placement like the end of the tunnel! It would be the best way to place one to the end right? Because not many know what comes when you go trough it!

The other thing is as i said earlier, the fast travel method between dimensions.

It would be possible to do that if you would accelerate your speed of course but for many who dont know, these tunnels do come convenient.

Some are empty, shiny, small, big, all mixed and a lot can happen in there.

As well there are tunnels which orient in your expectation. This means they form their colours like you want but you just dont know what will be in the end of it.

Note: a dark tunnel will either bring you out of the matrix itself or emptyness where you can simply fly out.

AND the tunnels are fixed! But some seem to move as well! Like a collector …specially the very nice and love filled tunnels! If you dont want to in there, just wait till it goes by.

The tunnels to freedom exist besides the light tunnels. This means that you should walk around the light and watch to smaller tunnels. Never listen to anybody when you want to make the jump. There will be beings that will tell you to not do it and go to the light.

The tunnel systems were made to transport a lot of souls straight from one point to another without really letting them know what will come.

Only a small amount of tunnels bring you out. Not all! Many teleport you completely elsewhere.

When you know how to fly and teleport – USE IT. Dont use the tunnels! You just dont know what will happen.

Now many tell that they simply went up without any tunnels or control. This means that they were 100% unconscious about what they were doing.

It is like walking trough a tunnel with the intention to go through as soon as you stepped in. Never let your guard down and be concentrated! Nothing can hurt you anymore but deceiving will be on a whole different level.

See ya people! In the next blog i will tell you why lying is still possible in the next world..And not like some tell you „impossible“.

How to Induce Nightmare’s

Hello friends,

This time i will tell you how you can induce nightmare dreams if you should get bored in your dreamworld.

So first of you need to know that watching a horror movie before bed, wont help you with that. It will not let you sleep in the first place.

So how to do it?

You will just not cover you body when you go to sleep! That it!

Why ?

When you dont cover up your body and the cold comes up to you, your body will start shaking and it will feel horrible in your dream. Because you shake while dreaming, it can be easily misplaced in your dream as fear. You wont feel cold as long as you dont wake up. But you will shake!

What you currently dream will be changed immediately to a horror trip – not because its cold, but because when you start shaking in your dream, mostly youre going to associate fears..

The colder it is while you sleep, the better nightmare you will get.

Fear and feeling cold and shaking has nearly a very similiar feeling. Of course many dont start shaking when theyre afraid of something and thats why we make a headstart straight to level of fear that you may have never experienced before.

It will wear off very quick when you wake up and it may not work anymore that night. Sometimes it doesnt work always because as a individual, everyone has a different cold feeling level.

Make sure not to catch a cold! 🙂

Thats it for this little post, See ya around happy tree’s

How „Law of Attraction“ actually works

Hello friends,

Today we talk about the law of attraction.

What is that?

Its a „tool“ or let’s say a rule from the universe for you to use to make your dreams come true … So it is told ..

How does it work ?

Well first of all what you need to know is that everyone has a magnetic field. In this magnetic field, every thought and desire is placed as information which has a certain frequency. Everyone’s thoughts are different of course and so will be their reality.

Shortly said your magnetic field is your field of concentration where your energy flow’s towards when you think about stuff.

To use the law of attraction, you have to concentrate on what you really want to have and where you want to be. Every negative thought should be taken out.

What will happen if you do that ?

You will drag the possible reality near you which can be made real when you work for it! Yes even you have to do something to be there!

I always dont like people who fool others by telling that every desire will be fulfilled when they imagine themselves having what they want.

Its absolute bullshit! You only get want you want when you work for it. This is how the game works unfortunate..

I mean where is my own penthouse and Ferrari when it works like some people tell you? I know where it is… just in my head.

Let’s take it together:

To use this law you need to first of imagine a possible reality that can be reached. Dont imagine owning the entire world in 3 days, its not going to happen.

After you know what you what – imagine how you will get there. This means you have to do something instead just imaginating and going back to bed. The more often you imagine it and do something for it, the more the reality will come towards you.

This gives you the meaning of „creating your own reality“!

Dont forget, you drag towards yourself what you think and what is shown in your info field. If you always think negative – you will only get negative!

But this all depends as well on what is written from you, in your plan. More to it later.

See ya people! 🙂

Traps in the next World?

Hello everyone and friends, good day!

This time i want to finish the story with the traps that wait for you after you die.

You thought live is hard? Wait until i tell you what is going on when youre out!

This will be no fun and depends on what you want.

Before that, this is my experience and my memory! I want to tell you this because i think you should know!

So what kind of traps are there?

Have you ever heard of people who saw a light in a tunnel ? And that it was warm and welcoming? And that friends and family were standing there and welcoming you?

Well thats the first trap right after death! The reincarnation trap.

You should know this: when you die, you dont really have a body anymore except your astral body which dissolves in higher frequency. That means you move with your mind!

Now when that tunnel is in front of you and you imagine going trough it..You will be nearly instantly trough it. Of course many still walk to that tunnel. Many dont even get one to see and just rise up. And many get dark tunnels ..It all depends on what place youre currently positioned!

Why ? Because there a very large tunnel systems between the worlds. They work like warp holes. Some of them are traps, in some is nothing and in rare and extremely dark tunnels is the freedom which leeds out of all this. But later more to that.

So what do you have to do to avoid that trap? Just dont ever concentrate on it..just ignore and thats it. Only when you choose to go or do something else. No one tells you anymore what to do but still your mind should stay sharp!

So we have light traps with beauty looking lights, warm and charming tones that only want your attention.

What else? Well i call the next one „Dimensional Mines“ – They work the same as the tunnel except with differences: They look normal or just like a little portal in the air .. colourful and without any signs of light. It shall irritate you to go inside and take a look.

You can look inside and see nice looking places and themes or golden clouds. All depending what cloud it is.

So what is the dangerous thing about it?

Well i was once in one of them. The inside has a lot of potential because sometimes it looks like a beautiful place and the other time its just a golden cloud were you can walk on it. Its always different.

The thing is once you enter, a sort of timer tiks that you dont hear but feel.. The timer that closes the portal behind you and traps you there forever until you reincarnate automatically after a while.

Never go in there .. i made it out because i knew the entire scene before it happend and my princess was outside and looking for me. She said to come out of there. We both knew what that was and when i got out, it closed soon after.

These traps are placed like a minefield. They randomly show up and want you to go inside. And you never know WHEN they close!

Again, no one forces you to go in but if you still go because it looks so cool in the inside, its your fault.

The light tunnel and mine portal traps are mostly covering the area. Be careful!

The friends and family you see there in these tunnels are NOT your friends! Dont ever listen to what they will tell you.

If you decided to run for freedom, do it! And dont look back when the light trap is there. Why ? Your friends may turn to monsters and hunt you because you know.. BUT they cant harm you! Never forget!

Anything else? Watch your step! Always go sharp to every place and dont get caught by nice looking creatures or whatever. Traps are intelligent and these things who want you to step inside will know what you like.

Nothing can harm you anymore but what beings can do is to fool you! Specially in „new“ areas.

Thats it for today Friends, See ya soon! 🙂

How to induce Lucid Dreams

Good day Friends and in my case evening,

The last thing for today will be on how to induce lucid dreaming.

First of, what is lucid dreaming?

It is a state where you know within a dream, that you actually dream!

It is really fun to do and you can induce out of body experiences with it, but thats for later.

So how to do it ?

For it to work you have several possibilities:

First: change your sleep rythm. Instead sleeping at night, sleep 4 hours in daylight and another 3 in the night. This will change your awareness completely and it may cause several experiences by side of lucid dreaming.

Of course it will be tough to do when youre 10 hours at work and after that you just crash into your bed! And the body will need 2 or 3 weeks to adapt. The first week i would call the walking sleep. You will feel really sleepy but after the third you will feel pretty good!

This method is more for people who can decide when to sleep.

Second option: you start to look at your hands and count your fingers while asking yourself „am i dreaming?“. The next would be to look around and ask it again while looking in corners of a room or at objects because in a dream, objects will float or dissapear or else.

Why count fingers? Because when you dream and look at your hands, you will have either more than 5 fingers at each hand or less. Sometimes they even are deformed and look creepy.

Why look at corners of a room ? Because corners wont stay for long within the dream. They will vanish or something stupid may happen.

Never forget! You have to always ask yourself „Am i dreaming?“ – This will be the trigger within your dream to bring your consciousness back and be clear! Otherwise it wont work.

You can look at your watch too if you have one. Or just at a clock or phone. What matters is the question in your head while looking at the time.

A clock will never stay in the same position in a dream. The numbers will either not change at all, or go completely crazy. Sometimes it goes backwards too.

This method is the most common and needs few days to get into your head. Its like driving a car -once youve learned it, you wont forget it.

Third option: Wake up after 4 hours sleep in the night. Stay 30 minutes to one hour awake. Take a walk during that time or just read about lucid dreaming. After the time has passed, lay down and sleep. This may cause more out of body experiences than lucid dreams. The reason is …dang i dont know why but it does work!

The actual reason is because your consciousness doesnt drift away too much and goes concentrated back to sleep.

Its funny how we dream very random stuff without questioning it .. Like a building is falling to pieces right next to you or people vanish, or suddenly you have sex with face changing monsters .. Theres a lot to it.. The last one isnt good at all when you wake up and feel completely drained and actually didnt wanted that.

All this can be controlled when you finally get it while dreaming.

What is possible now?

Pretty much everything what comes into your mind! Its your playground now.

Either observe and stay as long as you can in that state. Or just wreck everything and let it rain meteors. Have you seen three suns crashing into you ? Looks amazing i can tell!

If you observe and dont do much, your dream will be extended and it will work forward to a lot more lucid dreams. You will be able to catch yourself easier next time. PLUS – the energy you gain in that state will give your body more power. The result in the morning: Feeling great and energised.

What happens if you destroy everything and kill a bunch of …scenes ..? Well it may shorten your dream and throw you out faster. Either you land somewhere else or in the next dream. Of course without consciousness! You would need to regain it!

Now dont worry, you can still wreck everything! The point is the training! Even if you should crash the „servers“ – You alone decide how fast and strong it will stabilise. It is all simple training.

Everything you do there, can be taken back to your body. Knowledge, understanding as well everything else! You can learn a lot in there because in the astral world it isnt much different when it comes to control and what you can do.

Energise yourself or Destroy Everything! – Both is fun!

Have a nice day happy friends 🙂 See ya

Where are the Aliens ? Is it all a Joke?

Hello together,

This time we talk about aliens and why many dont ever see any.

First of, aliens such as seen in movies do exist! Now why havent we really seen any of them close?

We have to clear that there are many alien forms that can either change their appearance and be already under us, or just be interdimensional! (Wandering between dimensions)

One problem is your brain. It filters a lot of information and can prohibit that you ever see one, specially when it is been damaged in some kind of way.

Another thing would be that the aliens simply dont want to show themselves for everybody because you know how the people would react these days..

Our governments mostly shoot and then ask who they are ..

Now some people say that they saw aliens while under drugs and they even talked. How is this to understand ?

Drugs and specially psychedelics work differntly in the brain. Some extent your senses and some just close them and deactivate the info filter system which is caused a lot while under LSD.

Many see strong colours, symbols, structures and feel great. Others see aliens, ufo’s and beeings which talk to them. It all can be seen as well together!

The enhancing effect of some drugs in your brain cause you to see beyond what the normal state ever could!

That means that aliens are far ..very far extended in knowledge and posess body’s as well technology to travel between worlds. They got stuff we cant imagine.

Is it all fake when the trip ends? Did the beeings only existed in my mind?

No they didnt! If you could bring yourself back to that stage without drugs – You would see the same again! Drugs temporarily show you what really is and give you a small hint but they dont show you all.

Why are many psychedelics and drugs forbidden in this world?

Well.. We could say that a certain group likes money and might more than showing and helping people from earth what the world really is. They simply dont want you to know any of it and hold you down.

But theres another thing that is very important!

A lot of drugs and psychedelics are consumed carelessly which causes people to get „crazy“ because they saw stuff they never thought would exist. Their minds are weak and they cant comprehend it. And THERE is the problem!

A person who takes a high dose of LSD without having knowledge of anything, can lose his mind very fast! Taking a drug unprepared and not knowing what it can cause is dangerous! Some people jumped out of their window because they thought they could fly.

While under drugs you see things how they really are and can forget that you still wear a costume of flesh. So be careful!

If i would be the government and i see cases where people get ill in their heads or jump out of windows because they just cant comprehend it, i too would place them on the blacklist. Simply because its dangerous for their health.

Dont use drugs or psychedelics when you got issues with yourself. It can backfire and cause horror trips were your fears can be showed up. That would be more of a therapy session i guess..And if aliens show up there, you could get scared the hell out ..They know how to have fun with humans.

In the end, aliens dont care and have no business mostly with you nor the governments. They travel trough dimensions and possibly seek options for their own worlds as some say.

They can be seen under drugs or when they decide to materialise and show themselves. Some may have the ability to see them without anything but that is rare and often needs spiritual energy cleansing. Yes i mean real cleansing and understanding of the things that do exist!

However, dont do drugs without preparement! And dont overdose. If you do it right, a whole new world may open up!

Thats it happy friends, See ya later and enjoy monday! 🙂

What is after Death? – Quick Guide

Hello everyone,

In todays blog i want to quickly and shortly tell you what will happen after your body dies.

You lay on your bed… you slowly dying and you dont know what will come and what to expect at all.

Let me help you with this one.

After your body dies, you will synchronise (your soul) to your astral body. Or call it electrical body.

It will be another vehicle for the upcoming realms.

All deseases will vanish and you will be how you always were except without body.

Senses will sharpen, everything will be very clear and you will know what will be in front of you.

Slowly you will rise up and see your body a last time from above. Now heres the difference:

You may be lay down in bed and be already dead without realising. Then you stand up and try to do your daily routine and suddenly you see your body in bed. This may happen too!

The first thing to know when youre dead is to realise it and stay fully aware of the situation.

So you rise slowly up and start to see a light.

There are 3 Options: You go trough it and start a reincarnation because going trough it will be your „yes i want to go back to earth“ – of course you will have some freetime up there but you never know when it will start again.

Second Option: You dont go trough it and wait until it got away. You seek the dark tunnels between the realm of the living and the dead and jump to absolute freedom. Be aware that by doing so, you will never see anything from earth and your friends again, until they are not out as well! ((But dont worry they will be out quite fast. Because time goes there extremely fast.))

This will cause an instant kick from the universe to the real and outer world where everyone is free. You will regain fully who your were and what happend ..Shortly said you will know all answers you didnt knew about you.

Third option: you dont do anything and stay on earth. You can fly by the way. But nothing really more because no one can either hear you but maybe see you! But there is not much fun to it.

You decide what you do and where you go.

The astral realms and vacations will be in the milky way when you go trough the light.

I personally dont recommend it. Expect traps that got placed between some pretty worlds. Shiny warm and light filled places. Only placed for you to go trough. Never concentrate on that!

You can be faster back in a body before you even know it. Be careful and dont fall for the „We waited for you so long“ – trap from your „friends and family“

The cheme goes way beyond your dreams, thats why i want to tell you all about it.

You shall decide what happens and dont get caught in traps!

Thats it for today, See ya and have a nice monday 🙂

What is your Ego REALLY??

Hello together,

This time we will talk about EGO ..Yes ..something that is mostly misplaced and has a special place in the blacklist when spiritual guru’s talk about it..

So what is ?

The ego is the one that tells you to do something! When you lay down in your bed and start to think about the things you have to do later or soon.

It is the drive program within the game you could say. The tool to always do something because your ego tells you to!

So what is the opposite of ego? ..Doing nothing! Just be .. and enjoy what is, without to want anything and not being a slave of your mind.

But dont forget, the mind is not the ego! The ego is just a tool that uses the mind as a transmitter of your own thoughts!

Like a program that reads your concerns and thoughts out loud! It is neither bad nor good.

It is YOUR tool and it is in your mind! You always decide what thoughts can come near you and which not!

If youre in control of your ego, you control your mind!

If you control your mind, you have to still regulate your ego!

Without the tool within the matrix, nothing will survive! And again, be sure not to mistake it!

Mind is you – You alone think and decide – your ego just simply sais „i want“.

If you dont want anymore – the ego is on standby! It never leeves because without it, you cant do anything..

Ego would be „i want to go eat- lets go“ – but having no ego would be „dont need it, stay“ – But still youre gonna eat because without it, you cant survive.

What i want to tell you is that the so called ego which is mostly made looking bad, is just a tool for you to use! No one said to become a victim to it – when you let it go on autopilot and corrupt your thoughts with useless stuff, what do you expect? Its just like google translater with nonstop talking while sitting at your memory server..

So why spiritual people say always to get rid of your ego?

Because in that moment you will understand something .. you will gain control and know what the ego really is – A program that is running because you let it run. It always will run but as soon as you gained control by understanding the functions, you will be able to shut it …

You will know what thought you will let yourself come close

But after that, it will be just as always. These guru’s fool you by telling you that they have no more ego.

The truth is – as long as you say „I want“ will be always ego – because again..

Without it – you cant survive

This is life, have fun while still being „enlighted“ and enjoying it. You dont have to live like a monk to show others how spiritual you are 😉

See ya people, thats it for today 🙂

My Childhood Dream

Hello everyone,

In this little article, i want to share the very first experience ive had right in the beginning of my birth.

I remember it still very clear. I was reading a book in the sky’s, in the so called “akasha cronic”, in the astral world.

It was a big and wide library, very similar to the one’s in a university but way oversized with very long floors.

Suddenly i felt something on my back, pulling me stronger and stronger while i realised i was loosing memory.

In the same moment i got pulled so strong, that i flew from the front door and saw two other people staring at me while i was heading to earth with my back towards it.

I flew trough the very clear and daylight sky downwards, while it started to become darker. Logically it was the space i think.

I was loosing my memory and i knew it. It was like a freezing moment and i tried to do anything i could to stop the pull but i couldnt.

As i realised i was thrown trough a portal, right into the body while seeing the portal close before my eyes and my astral body taking the shape of my upcoming costume.

I arrived but wanted to go back, however i couldnt and i was losing more and more of my consciousness and memory.

I tried to talk but the baby body wasnt able too. I tried to move but neither that was possible. I saw those people before me who would soon call themselves parents … I wasnt happy at all i tell you that! I just didnt wanted it. It felt way better up there and why at all ? ..Ive had forgotten..

It was so intense that i still see it before me..

Later i came back after loosing consciousness for maybe two weeks – I just knew how much time was passed and than i heard what my name would be.

I still cant stand it but im happier than taking the previous one’s!

Thats it for this little story of mine. Did any of you had something like this before?

Let me absolutely know it in the comments!

Thank you all for reading and see ya soon! 🙂

For the german speaking people under you, a favorite book of mine and no i dont get any conversion for it, its just a really good eye opener:

Negative Astral Monster’s

People who travel astral to the negative frequence worlds, end up getting chased or scared the living daylights out.

Sometimes it happens unconsious in dreams or you do it fully aware.

These beings are very real and do exist.

((How to prove?
Well…these things live in the next world and i dont think there is technology that can capture one yet.

Sooner or later you will see one…most lately after death, when you decide to go „down“ there.))

However they can not harm you at all. Only if they find a way to 3D – To the physical world.

NO they’re not demons (trans.: “Ghost”) or whatever you may think.
Just a being like you and me with bad or none intention to harm you…And some are really ugly too!

They may not be souls but do posess a sort of awareness.

So what can they do?

If youre not careful enough, you can take some of them with you to your house.

They will suck your energy dry or do nothing at all. By sucking you dry, i mean negative energy.
Transforming into someone you like, know or not know and silently feasting energy while having sex.

They live of fear and negative energy.
You may get angry faster or else when you took some of them with you.
Their powers are different.
Some are reptile aliens and can do similiar appearance transformations.

Some powers:
°Increase negative emotions,°do mind games,°place fears in your head (for certain time), °Having sex with you (happens often) while sleeping (only with your astral body)

Yes having sex with your astral body is a power from them because not all can do that.

How to get rid of them?
Dont worry, most dissapear within hours, seconds but sometimes they stay way longer!

Well it depends on your own behaviour. If they cant get what they want, they leeve.

If you fight against them in a dream, it will be a total different situation. No harm to expect at all. Except in the dream!

Good to know: They swing always in frequency like everything else. Meaning that if you leave and someone wants to come with you, they mostly fall back to their frequency.

Negative beings stay mostly in negative realms because they cant go higher.
The higher the frequency – the sooner they fall!

Never forget: Astral negative beings are real and only in the fourth dimension. But because earth is near the frequency, some may come. What you dream is mostly different and depends on how you understand the situation.

In the end its a funny place if you dont get scared. The smallest amount of fear can suddenly skyrocket and make an unforgettable time.

Stay safe happy friends! Because being positive in life brings you a shield!

See ya and leave a comment 🙂

5 Out of Body Technics! (in english and german)

Hello everyone,

This time i will show you five technics that you can try and get a out of body experience with!

This is as well for everybody and can be done without any meditating preparation.

First: the side roll

In this technic, everything you do is very simple: lay down in your bed and start rolling to the left or right. Do it fifteen times and then go back to your bed and do it fifteen times only in your head! This will cause the actual „getting out“. Repeat it over and over until you see yourself in bed again.

The best thing you can do here is to roll out of your bed (a soft landing would be good for your safety of course).

Second: the falling chair

As the name says it already, sit down in a chair, place a soft landing behind you, close your eyes and start falling backwards!

Why backwards? Well you have to understand that falling itself, gives the highest chance of getting out of your body! Through the effect of falling, you can often drag yourself much easier out. BUT- be sleepy before that – just a little bit! If youre too focused, it might not work.

Here as well, do it five to ten times and then only in your head while sitting in the chair. If you’re good, you might try to fall while feeling that you’re falling asleep. This would guarantee the success.

Third: the room inspection

In this one, you will watch everything in your room and/or house VERY carefully, and as much in detail as possible! Do it for thirty minutes or more. The more details you know, the better will your chances be!

After that, go straight to bed and just do the same in your head! Sooner or later you will realise that you stand suddenly in the room. Turn around and see your body sleep.

ALWAYS, absolutely ALWAYS, turn your eyes were you left before! Otherwise you might forget what you were doing at all.

Forth: this one is more intense for your body!

This is what you do: you start to do serious amount of sports while you’re sleepy! Do push ups and jumping jacks and everything you can think of, AS FAST as you can. It will drain every energy out of your muscles. Do it for max. ten minutes and it doesnt matter if you sweat!

After that, go to bed and you will fall quite fast asleep. The reason is that your muscles start to relax much faster than usual and if it all goes right, you will pretty much fly out.

And here be absolutely sure that your last thought contains anything of „leaving my body, astral travel“ or anything like it. We dont want you fall just asleep or into a dream.

Fifth: detailed walking

This one needs more concentration with a mix of letting the body sleep while consiousness stays awake during the exercise in your head later on.

Get to your bed, take your clothes of and lay down. Then stand up and do it again while adding the situation of getting out of your room.

Again: go to bed, uncloth yourself, lay down, stand back up, put all on, leave the room.

The thing here is, you need to remember every detail of what you’re doing and the final part is you walking out of your room and looking back to your bed! Do this fifteen to twenty times and than only in your head. You will see when you’re out, as soon as you see yourself sleeping in the bed!

Those were five methods for today friends, try it out and tell us about it!

See ya all soon and have a great day! 🙂

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments!

A little eye opener:


Hallo zusammen,

Dieses mal zeige ich euch fünf Techniken für eine herbei Führung einer Astralreise.

Diese Techniken kann jeder machen und es sind keine Vorbereitungen wie meditieren notwendig.

Erste Übung: die Seitrolle

Diese Übung ist recht einfach, Ihr legt euch auf euer Bett und beginnt nach links oder rechts euch abzurollen. Welche Seite ihr wählt ist egal. Dies macht ihr jetzt wiederholt fünfzehn mal und das Ganze dannach ebenfalls gedanklich 15 mal. Das gedankliche wird den eigentlichen Effekt auslösen. Wiederholt dies nun solange bis ihr euch selbst im Bett schlafen seht.

Ihr solltet natürlich darauf achten, dass Ihr euch beim Abrollen auf die jeweilige Seite eine weiche Landung platziert!

Zweite Übung: Fallender Stuhl

Wie der Name schon sagt, nehmt ein Stuhl, platziert hinter dem Stuhl eine weiche Landung, schließt die Augen und beginnt nach hinten zu fallen!

Warum nach hinten? Nun dazu müsst ihr wissen, dass das Fallen an sich die beste Möglichkeit zum verlassen des Körpers ist. Seid davor aber bitte etwas schläfrig, da es sonst nicht klappen könnte aufgrund eures Fokuses.

Hier macht Ihr das Ganze fünf bis zehn mal und setzt euch dann wieder auf den Stuhl und macht es gedanklich ebenfalls fünf bis zehn mal. Wenn ihr gut seid, könnt ihr wenn ihr bemerkt, dass ihr gerade einschläft, euch noch ein letztes Mal nach hinten fallen lassen. Dies würde den Erfolg garantieren.

Dritte Übung: die Raumbetrachtung

In dieser Übung werden Sie alles in Ihrem Zimmer und/oder Haus SEHR sorgfältig und so detailliert wie möglich betrachten und anfassen! Machen Sie es dreißig Minuten oder länger. Je mehr Details Sie wissen, desto besser werden Ihre Chancen sein!

Gehen Sie danach direkt ins Bett und machen Sie das Gleiche gedanklich in Ihrem Kopf! Früher oder später werden Sie merken, dass Sie plötzlich im Zimmer stehen. Drehen Sie sich um und sehen Sie Ihren Körper schlafen um sich zu vergewissern.

Vierte Übung: diese Übung wird anstrengend für Ihren Körper sein.

Das ist es, was Sie tun werden: Sie fangen an, ernsthaft Sport zu treiben während Sie schläfrig sind! Machen Sie Liegestütze und Hampelmänner und alles was Ihnen einfällt, so SCHNELL wie Sie können!

Das wird Ihren Muskeln jede Energie entziehen. Machen Sie es maximal zehn Minuten lang und es macht nichts aus, wenn Sie schwitzen sollten.

Danach gehen Sie zu Bett und Sie werden ziemlich schnell einschlafen. Der Grund dafür ist, dass sich Ihre Muskeln viel schneller als gewöhnlich zu entspannen beginnen und wenn alles gut geht, werden Sie schnell hinausfliegen.

Und hier sollten Sie absolut sicher sein, dass Ihr letzter Gedanke etwas von „meinen Körper verlassen, Astralreisen“ oder ähnliches enthält. Nicht das Sie sonst in einen Traum verfallen!

Fünfte Übung: Detalliertes Laufen

Dies erfordert mehr Konzentration mit einer Mischung aus Schlafenlassen und Wachbleiben des Körpers wärend der Gedankenphase.

Gehen Sie zu Ihrem Bett, ziehen Sie Ihre Kleider aus und legen Sie sich hin. Stehen Sie dann auf und tun Sie es noch einmal, während Sie die Situation des Verlassens Ihres Zimmers hinzufügen sobald sie wieder angezogen sind.

Noch einmal: Gehen Sie zu Bett, ziehen Sie sich aus, legen Sie sich hin, stehen Sie wieder auf, ziehen Sie alles an, verlassen Sie den Raum.

Die Sache hier ist die, dass Sie sich an jedes Detail erinnern müssen, was Sie tun, und der letzte Teil ist, dass Sie aus Ihrem Zimmer gehen und zurück zu Ihrem Bett schauen!

Tun Sie dies fünfzehn- bis zwanzigmal und dann nur in Ihrem Kopf. Sie werden sehen, wenn Sie draußen sind, sobald Sie sich selbst im Bett schlafen sehen!

Das waren die fünf Techniken für heute. Probiert es aus und erzählt darüber in den Kommentaren.

Wir freuen uns auf eure Erlebnisse! 🙂

Bis bald und habt einen schönen Tag!

Hier ein kleiner Augenöffner zu Glaubenssätzen:

Astrale Welten

Hallo zusammen,

Zum heutigen Abend sprechen wir darüber was denn sogenannte ausserkörperliche Reisen sind, kurz genannt über Astralreisen.

Vielen ist dieses Thema fremd und viele wissen davon aber fürchten sich davor oder stempeln diese als Hirngespinste ab.

Vorweg, ihr seid weder geistig am durchdrehen, noch braucht ihr davor Angst haben. Jeder …sagen wir fast jeder hat sowas schon mal erlebt.

Man schläft ein und sieht sich plötzlich im Bett schlafen, kann plötzlich fliegen, besser als je zuvor sehen, fühlt sich absolut unglaublich und geladen, jeder Gedanke nimmt Form vor einem an und alles ist viel klarer als im Alltag.

Wenn ihr sowas mal erlebt habt, Glückwunsch, ihr wart erfolgreich außerhalb eures physischen Körpers. Doch wieso passiert das ?

Um euch das Wieso zu erklären, müssen wir sehr weit ausholen und euch das Unterbewusstsein mit all seinen Programmierungen erklären, aber dazu in folgenden Beiträgen. Diesmal geht es ausschließlich nur um die astralen Welten. Diese Ebene ist die vierte Dimension – der Ort wo man nach dem Tod übergeht, in seinen elektrischen oder astralen Körper wechselt, kein Fleisch mehr, keine Krankheiten, nie wieder essen müssen, duschen und …ihr wisst was ich meine!

Die Welten der astralen Ebene sind Genuss Orte!

Man kann sich dort ausruhen vom harten Leben oder einfach nur genießen und all die Dinge tun die man gerne im Leben gemacht hätte, Traumhafte Orte, eins schöner als das Andere.

Ist alles perfekt nicht wahr ? Keine Kriege, alle sind fröhlich, man kann ohne Sinne trotzdem fühlen und genießen was man will während alles 10 mal besser als auf 3D – der physischen Welt ist.

Man bewegt sich ausschließlich per Gedankenkraft fort.. aber nicht immer, nach Eingewöhnung fühlt es sich „normal“ an, man lernt das Laufen schließlich fast neu!

Nach dem Trip von der Erde fliegt man in Richtung Milchstraße zu den jeweiligen Orten, dies kann man wärend Lebzeiten ebenso tun und sich WIEDER mit allem vertraut machen aber ebenso dazu später.

Ihr seid also aus eurem Körper heraus und seid perplex was gerade vor sich geht, seht euch um und wacht kurzerhand wieder auf, wundert euch, und googelt was das war.

Schon nach der ersten Suche kommen Ergebnisse wie „Dämonen können dich angreifen“ „Besessen von Dämonen nach astral Reise“ und was da oft so erscheint.

Mit diesem Beitrag will ich euch die Angst davor nehmen, da wir alle früher oder später dahin gehen werden.

Kurz gesagt ist eine astral Reise, das Verlassen des Körpers mit dem Bewusstsein/der Seele während der Körper schläft! Das Herz lähmt den Körper und euer Gehirn scannt nochmal durch das ihr wirklich schläft, was das Bewusstsein also macht ist dem Körper egal und es geht entweder los oder in einen Traum wo ihr ebenfalls astral unterwegs seid aber es nicht merkt und morgens dies nur als Traum wahrnimmt.

Wir alle sind mit mehreren Körpern für unsere Seele ausgestattet und verbunden, in diesem Fall ist der physische und Astrale Körper mit einer sogenannten Silberschnur am Genick beider Körper befestigt, welches uns wieder zurück zieht sollten wir daran denken oder „Gefahr“ drohen.

Da alle Körper nur Gefäße/Träger/Transporter unserer Seele ist, wird es wichtig sich ordentlich in den nächsten einzuklinken. Dies passiert aber völlig automatisiert und es gäbe auch keine Probleme wenn man keinen Körper hätte, da die Seele – IHR – WIR – ICH – ALLES – vollstens zu allem in der Lage ist aber nicht HIER …so ganz .. Dazu ebenfalls später mehr!

Zurück zur „Gefahr“ – Ihr wacht so schnell bei einer solchen Reise auf, da ihr es erstens absolut ungewohnt seid, ihr euch eventuell an stark magnetischen Orten befindet welches euer Magnetfeld stört, oder einfach weil ihr selbst Monster oder Gestalten seht und höllisch Angst bekommt.

Das mit den Monstern ist so ne Sache… diese gibt es tatsächlich allerdings sehr weit unten auf der Schwingungsleiter, weder können sie eure Körper besetzen noch sonst irgendwas. Die Monster die ihr seht sind eure Ängste, welches ihr nach dem Aufwachen mit falschen Infos als Dämonen abstempelt, vergesst nicht das jeder Gedanke dort Form annehmen wird aber nur solange wie eure Konzentration darauf gerichtet ist. Allerdings auch hier wieder Ausnahmen! Das ist zum Beispiel ein guter Ort eure Ängste komplett zu beseitigen.

Euer Glaube, eure Einstellung, eure Lebenssicht und euer absoluter Plan hat einen massiven Einfluss ob bei euch irgendwas klappt oder nicht!

Die astralen Welten sind wirklich herrlich und absolut nichts kann euch was anhaben! Physisch kann nur euer Körper kaputt gehen durch Unfälle usw.. Aber ihr selbst, eure Seele erleidet nie schaden! Seid euch dessen immer bewusst!

Nun …das klingt doch alles super ? Wieso nicht dort Leben als hier mit all dem Generve ?

Und da kommt nämlich ein Problem zustande, die Reinkarnation welche eingeleitet wird wenn ihr auf eine Falle tretet wie zb. einen Ort betretet aus dem ihr nie wieder herauskommt. Das ist allerdings nur nach dem Tod möglich da eine Bindung bereits zum physischen besteht. (Die Rede ist ausschließlich nur auf Fallen bezogen welche euch zurück auf die Erde befördern)

Und noch einmal in groß EUER PLAN ENTSCHEIDET DARÜBER! Aber euch wird es vorkommen als war es eure freie Entscheidung!

All dies zu erklären brauch Zeit und das werden wir auch alles noch.

Die Kreise des Universums reichen unfassbar in alle Richtungen.

Wenn ihr wissen wollt was hinter der „Quelle“ ist, und vor allem was dies für ein Ort ist, bleibt dran!

Für diesen Abend wars das, gerne lesen wir eure Kommentare und Meinung dazu!

Bis zum nächsten mal Freunde 🤸‍♂️

Co – Author A.M

Hier gehts weiter zu Glaubenssätzen und was sie mit euch anrichten:

Projektionsstätte der Träume

Hallo zusammen,

Heute möchte ich ein Erlebnis berichten welches mir vor einer Weile passierte, als ich mich mit AKE’s und Austritt aus der Matrix (Ausserkörperliche Erfahrungen) beschäftigte. Meine Frage war, ob wir alle tatsächlich in einer Art Kokon mit unserer Seele hausten wärend wir uns auf 3D befanden, dem niedersten aller Dimensionen. (4D – Astralebene, 5D usw.)

Mit dieser Frage im Kopf und dem Willen auch diese Nacht wieder mit dem Astralkörper durch die Luft zu fliegen, legte ich mich hin und bewegte mich nicht mehr, sodass mein Körper sich vollkommen entspannen konnte und …….. schlief ein…., dachte ich! Ich wachte direkt ein paar Meter neben meinem physischen Körper auf und mir kam der Gedanke wieder in den Sinn „Zeig mir die Projektionsstätte“ – und mittendrin, auf der Astralebene, blieb absolut alles stehen, die Zeit, alle Farben und alles was da noch so rum flog. Meine Sicht weitete sich und ich flog sehr schnell aus dem Astralen Körper heraus nach oben. Ich wusste nicht was passierte aber es schien mich nicht zu stören, wie durch eine Art Wurmloch kam ich an einen Ort, welches mir meinen kompletten Blick zur geistigen und auch zu allen anderen Welten veränderte. Ich merkte das alle Existenten Ebenen und Dimensionen inmitten des Bildschirms waren. Es gab also mehrere Ausgänge und Ausbruch aus dem Kokon war nur einer.

Beim emporsteigen aus der Astralen Dimension drückte sich meine Seele oder Bewusststein aus einer Art Bildschirm heraus, wie als würde man seine Augen von einem Bildschirm abreissen welche angeklebt waren, allerdings ging dies wesentlich ohne Probleme.

Ich sah vor mir sehr bunte, feine, vertikale Farben welche von 2 spitzen Düsen projiziert wurden. Das Bild woraus ich herauskam war knallbunt und blieb stehen, so wie ich es verließ, allerdings änderte sich die Oberfläche…wie als wurde das Thumbnail geändert. Ich selbst hatte keinen Körper mehr, alles war nur mit Gedankenkraft machbar und ich konnte Hände vor mir sehen wenn ich es wollte welche Gold leuchteten. Die Düsen zogen wie es für mich aussah, Strom oder Energie zu sich welche sie aus der Schale/Kokon bekamen. Es kam von aussen sichtbar an und projizierte das Bild vor mich. Ich war dessen auch sehr bewusst und meine Sicht als auch Bewusstsein waren klarer als im Alltag. Ich sah mich um und wusste aber irgendwie auch, dass ich in diesem Zustand nur begrenzte Zeit habe und so sah ich mich schneller um bevor es zurück ging. Das „Kokon“ oder wo auch immer ich da war, sah Pink aus und Strom floss aus den Wänden? in Richtung der Düsen. Hinter dem Bildschirm nenn ichs mal, war leerer Kokonraum. Die Düsen leuchteten sehr stark und es schien mir als war dieses „Ding“ ein bio- maschineller Ort. Das vor mir stehende Bild war nach links und rechts scrollbar! So komisch es vielleicht für manch einen klingt. Ich konnte mit Gedankenkraft das Bild hin und her schieben, allerdings kam innerlich ein leichtes Warnsignal auf, wie als sagte ich mir „Wenn du nicht zurück in das jene Bild tauchst, wirst du ganz woanders aufwachen“. Die Bilder vor mir wurden zu Farben und ich dachte mir ob dies vielleicht Leben oder Welten waren wohin ich eintauchen und bleiben konnte. Da ich aber absolut nicht wusste was mich da erwartet, als auch lies mein Bewusstsein nach und nach, riskierte ich nichts und scrollte im letzten Moment zurück zum jeweiligen Bild und wurde wieder hinein gerissen. Leider kam ich nicht dazu aus dem Kokon ausbrechen zu wollen, es war mir eher so, als wusste ich sogar die Sekunden und Millisekunden, welche ich in diesem Zustand hatte bevor ich zurück gerissen werde. Beim zurück fallen ins Bild, wurde wieder eine Art Wurmloch erzeugt mit schönen Farben, während das Bild wohin ich wieder eintauchte, Pigmente in meine Richtung löste und sich so wohl aktivierte oder von Pause wieder auf Play drückte. Das interessanteste war, dass als ich meinen Astral Körper von oben sah und selbst keinen Körper hatte, was das normalste auf der Welt sein zu schien, dass die Zeit/Bewegung ab dem Moment weiterging als ich wieder im Astral Körper war. Ich würde sagen die eingefrorene Szene ging weiter. Und direkt im A- Körper wurde ich zurück gezogen in Richtung physischen Körper und wachte klar und geladen auf.

Ich verstehe immer noch nicht wie es sein konnte, dass die gesamte Bewegung in meiner Szene und alles was ich noch herum fliegen sah, plötzlich stehen blieb, nur weil ich empor stieg, oder erschien mir dies so? Und wenn es mir so erschien, wieso bewegten sich die Teilchen erst weiter nachdem ich wieder da war?

Diesen Zustand erreichte ich spontan nur einmal und danach nie wieder. Sowas ist laut meinem Erlebnis nur möglich wenn man den Willen, eine hohe Portion Neugier und sehr wichtig, den bewussten und letzten Gedanken vorm einschlafen hat, da dieser darüber entscheiden kann/wird. Dies traf bei mir zumindest zu und muss nicht für euch sein.

Soviel zu diesem Erlebnis.. Habt ihr jemals schon  sowas erlebt? Lasst es uns gern wissen, wir sind gespannt!

Bis zum nächsten Mal 🙂

Euer A.M.

Mini Begriffserklärung:

AKE – Ausserkörperliches reisen,

Kokon – Hülle worin sich alle Spieler in dieser Matrix befinden.

Astralebene – 4D, nächster Aufenthaltsort nach 3D

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