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Weisheit des Tages – hilfreiche Zitate, Motivation

Denken ist die schwerste Arbeit überhaupt.

Das ist wahrscheinlich auch der Grund, dass sich so wenige damit beschäftigen.

— Henry Ford 1836 – 1947

Zehn Wochen – Zehn Bücher

Um mich und meinen Liebsten endlich auf ein neues Level zu bringen, haben wir beschlossen die letzten zehn Wochen des Jahres dazu zu nutzen, unsere Bücher noch einmal ausgiebig vorzustellen.

Und uns, damit quasi auch (zumindest ein bisschen).

Wir haben ja alle unsere Bücher direkt auch auf Englisch übersetzt und das hat uns so manche schlaflose Nacht gekostet, da wir es alles selbst per Hand übersetzt haben.

Wir können also ruhigen Gewissens behaupten, es ist alles – wirklich alles – auf unserem Mist gewachsen. Dies ist ein Sprichwort und nicht wörtlich zu nehmen.

To finally take me and my loved one to a new level, we decided to use the last ten weeks of the year to present our books once again in detail.

And us, so to speak (at least a little bit).

We translated all of our books directly into English and that cost us many a sleepless night, because we translated it all by hand ourselves.

So we can say with a clear conscience that everything – really everything – has grown on our dung. This is a proverb and not to be taken literally.

Bücher, die wir euch vorstellen werden:

A late smoke session

The last few days i was smoking a bit of green grass and relaxing, asking myself what i could know that is not new because i had always the feeling that everything we see and hear wasnt new in any way. It was an ally all along and the strange things which happend to me, had already happend once because i was receiving déja-vù’s all the time.

Suddenly a movie started to appear in front of me, showing what i had dreamed before. The movie was shown with every step i did, with every room i visited in my house and with everything my housemembers were saying. It was way more odd than before and i hadnt experienced it on this scale with just „green grass“.

My feelings, specially the negative feelings were enhanced a few level higher. I knew that this was called a „bad trip“ and it was my first time. The feelings changed like a loop and connected fears when i entered a dark room. The time i had smoked it, the lights went out and it was already late. Now here comes the first part: the turned off lights were caused by a very strong fog out of nowhere. I hadnt noticed it, but my body was shaking like never before, it mustve been very cold outside or i was over acting because coldness was a „bad“ feeling too. I went inside and it only got worse than that.

After covering myself warm, the movie in front of me started again. I saw how the fog was penetrating every building on the physical plane and causing a shake of every body. The reason for that was simple i thought… The fog wasnt on the third but forth dimension, the particles were dancing or having a party and whenever someone was inside that party, they would feel shaky, cold and electricity hitting the skin. I saw how weed was acting on the brain when it was consumed too much and too often. I had it done only two times inside two days but it seemed to be really good! 😄

The same thing happend to the brain when someone experienced a psychosis. The very brain cells start to shake in a very uncommon manner, causing micro brain damage over time. Why do they start shaking ? Because they receive a bioelectrical impulse from two sides into the brain cells, causing a short circuit simultaneously to the entire brain or several sections. It feels like a boxer is hitting you constantly on the chin but with way lesser power.

After this short movie, i got another and another, too many to tell but what i knew was: every single movie i had dreamed already once exactly in this manner and nothing was knew except the flashing ghosts.

Now that was the creepiest stuff what happend. As i was typing my wife a text, i started to see monsters left and right. They were flashing like someone was using a camera flash light. One uglier than the other and for a certain time i thought seeing my grandma. She died not long ago and i knew that this house was some sort of a party house for souls for a certain reason. The lights were back but i was still seing them. I told my wife about it and she said that i should ignore it because its either only in my mind or they really stand there. Because i was high, i couldnt really tell and so i did what she said and wait.

I hadnt turned on all the lights because i found it very interesting but these faces combined with a way higher level of fear were just interesting.

Since you can have really good sex on drugs, i thought about the reason why some people say that sex with the wrong partner is dirty and energy disturbing. Well.. i saw why this was the case.

When two people with different energy levels mate with each other, they combine their energy and repell it to the energy – world with energy eating beings. Since the most people do this exercise to just have fun, they dont realise what is happening with the energy and themselves inside. They change energy between each other and disturb their own with bad things such as bad emotions or else, which will be felt after the act. Not only that, beings of a way lower level start to appear and eat this energy while they enhance the negative feelings. Shortly said you loose energy and get bad on top.

But what happens when two resonating souls do that ? They increase in energy and wont get a disturbence. Neither can beings touch or feast of this sort of energy because it is higher in frequency, unreachable.

After all this, i closed my eyes and tried to get out of my body but it wasnt working at all. My eyes were spinning and i thought i was laying down on a capsule or something but my astral body wasnt moving. Was the reason because my physical body was holding it down due to stress ? I didnt knew..

I only knew that all information i was receiving with drugs were either useless or not for this world because it was uncontrollable to pinpoint a direction.

So much for this little session.

Dailylook #1

Erinnert ihr euch manchmal daran, dass es viel mehr gibt, als nur dieses eine Leben?

A Days Purpose

A day has two purposes. The first is to either listen to the ego and do what it wants, based on the conditioning and self awareness of oneself Or Just dont give a fuck about anything and chill your soul … But lets be real, everyone wants number two.. Right?

The deleted World of History

There was once a world before the modern day took the lights. A world before the counting..

Where animals and humans lived together, where no government was trying to restrict the movement of anybody across the country’s and no one had to fear consequences for rude behaviour.. there was no crime, no hate and many diseases were wiped out.

A free world of technology, knowledge and consciousness. A world of understandment, love and peace.

The beings during that time were not all humans but many came from different planets to develop their species and take ressources of planets because their own got once destroyed by war with a different planet.

This species was far advanced in every aspect. They had built a planet sized gravity star planet which was a planet just like earth but everything was made with a special metall that was light and very dense at the same time.

They befriended with the stupid ape planet earth and took many apes and animals to their ships. After analysation, they realised that it was possible to recreate a species that was dumb enough to never advance too far and intelligente enough to never attack their owner. However, that was all in the dark so no one knew what was coming towards them.

After the species took form, the very first humanoid and alien alike people were known as Adam and Eve in the garden of god. Better known as „human“. What Adam and Eve didnt knew, was that they got captured from a very far world outside the universe and the memory was wiped clean out.

So they were sent back to earth, told to always love their makers and to never stand against them.

Soon after Adam and Eve, many others came by and built a center of what the world was knowing soon as „Lemuria“ or ancient „Dark Snake“ and Atlantis.

The extraterrestials saw how their project grew in what they wanted, a working and slave class for a special metall on earth.

The world was shining in gold and earth was going a way full of advancement and peace. Animals were taught to behave with humans, super computers were built to identify health and brain functions and no one was working for money but for all the things they stood for. No stress was the motto.

Everything seemed perfect until.. the makers asked for what they came for..

Unknowlingly, many dissapeared and got killed by the weapons of the artificial star. They took all the gold which were collected by the humans. Many stood against their makers but it wasnt helping because they had implented many things into their bodys such as the „mine chip“. This chip would detonate when they act against their makers.

Lost legs, arms and heads came the follwing moon lights. The aliens just laughed at them because the only thing they needed to do was pressing a button and all would be gone. Since the ancient world had no interest in weapons and violence, they got wiped completely..

The aliens plundered the entire planet of their true ressources such as the giant trees, omega rocks and gold… lots of gold. They ruined the worlds history so no one would ever find out what really happend. Placing a few statues and rocks and letting the dumb minds of the weak creatures do the rest of a never ending puzzle… All for the distraction.

But before the world went down, some managed to write it down, that maybe one day, someone would read and know the missing peace of history on earth.

After one day of plundering and killing, they left a few new species and animals on earth but again, without memory and only few things to develop their brains overtime and a chip to extinguish them when the time was right to come back, plundering again.

So it happend .. the white and long finger beings went away, letting earth recover and or selfe destruct while watching them from the moon and implementing a „reincarnation – memory forget“ -machine. So if someone died unconscious, they would die and be reincarnated again in the same slave system to work their asses off again and never understand what their real purpose was after all..

„You dumb apes.. we see you soon, or maybe you all just sleep inside our ship?“ – were the last words written along the walls of the pyramids.

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A late smoke session

The last few days i was smoking a bit of green grass and relaxing, asking myself what i could know that is not new because i had always the feeling that everything we see and hear wasnt new in any way. It was an ally all along and the strange things which happend to me, […]

Dreams – Death Parkour

After falling asleep i found myself back in a once dreamed area with the same people.

I didnt really knew who all these people were but i was sure that i needed to search my wife.

We were all suddenly in a parkourish – texas chainsaw massacre movie alike place. It was a wide area and we had to go through all of them, but i knew that i actually didnt needed to do anything but i still did. I was unconsious but still remembered that i had the same dream three times a few years ago and it wasnt pretty. I knew that there was a lot of horror and deaths coming.

And while i thought so, i suddenly switched position to the top and had again the „screen view“ while the body and scene went as always according to the dream. Than the speed increased as well. I had no interest in continuing the dream but it wasnt going to stop until its over.

So we were walking slowly and trying to find another person in the backyard of the field and we knew that this person was going to die.

The field was clear and you could see every trap but you just didnt knew what was going to happen. Between every trap was an invisible wall and it would override the entire scene if i was going above it. This meant only one thing, my dream was a following game script and i saw it too!

Because i didnt wanted to continue, i was constantly switching between two perspectives while i flew over every trap. Suddenly everything happend just as i dreamed it before. The people all died in the same traps screaming while they try’d to pull me with themselves. But fortunatly i had enough and i neither got scared or else. The one girl survived with me and we needed to get a helicopter from a waterpark but it exploded because i crashed with speed against it. The bald guy got his body drown inside quicksand and later chopped away by swords which were underneath the quicksand.

After the helicopter exploded, i was standing in the woods and the scene changed again to the top… That dream was bad… it was boring and really bad..

I cant get out of my body, and neither dream what i want. I dont know what is going on the last two years. It stopped out of nowhere and i feel that something is blocking me from the other side. I really have enough of dreaming bullshit.

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What is the real purpose of life ? – Here is the Answer!

You might think now that we will tell you the same crap, just like many others

Telling you „You give meaning to your life and you got to find it“ or whatever.

Lets cut that straight to the point.

Youre not a human and youre not here to serve a „greater purpose“ or be a slave to the robotic system.

Your a soul who came from very very far away. And now youre trying to find a reason why youre here but you really cant. The reason for that is amnesia. You cant remember what happend and since 99% of the population dont know WHO AND WHAT they really are, they start to struggle and they either continue to play this game of feelings, missunderstandings and many more things which screw around with their mind.

Or they just dont play and kill themselves but that is a different story and within their plan.

In the end, most of us are integrated in this game and they cant really get out of there because they didnt came close enough to those questions which wouldve changed their view to this world and themselves. They would be …happy.. and the system ..this planet itself, doesnt want happy people.

The reason why youre here is to REMEMBER who you really are. Get every piece of memory back and KNOW where you have to go before you die, otherwise you will fall victim again and land here, asking and doing all the same shit over and over again until you make it.

You might think that nothing except 3D exists because no one has proven otherwise? There are many who did prove.

You can have fun and all that stuff that is available here, but always focus to remember and ask yourself questions that you cant answer because the answers are all inside you!

You just have to remember how you opened those memory parts and see it again!

The deleted World of History

There was once a world before the modern day took the lights. A world before the counting.. Where animals and humans lived together, where no government was trying to restrict the movement of anybody across the country’s and no one had to fear consequences for rude behaviour.. there was no crime, no hate and many […]

Das Leben eines Nervösen

Es begann schon in der 5ten Klasse. Das Sprechen vor meinen Mitschülern war schwer erträglich weil sie entweder lachten oder ich es selbst tat, während ich gleichzeitig anfing zu heulen.

Das blieb so.

Bis zur 10ten Klasse war ich eine Suse wie meine Mitschüler mich beschrieben.

Aber sind wir ehrlich, kennt ihr das Gefühl nicht, wie es ist wenn man durch Menschenmassen läuft und sich unwohl dabei fühlt weil sie auf einen gucken?

Alle glotzen einen an .. aber man bildet sich das wohl ein.

Alleine Schuhe binden war auch nicht immer leicht auf der Straße, wenn sie mal auf gingen. Statt sie zuzubinden hab ich die Schnürsenkel einfach so gelassen wie sie sind. Das sah auch viel cooler aus.

Meine Eltern jammerten immer wieso ich keine Freunde habe, aber sie hatten selbst keine.

Mir passierte mal seltsames.. Ein Mädchen sprach mich auf der Straße an und fragte mich nach einer Nummer die ich nicht besaß.

Das lief ungefähr so.

Mädchen: Hey wie gehts ?

Ich: Schaue verwundert nach links und rechts und auch hinter mich um sicherzustellen, dass sie mit jemandem sprechen muss ausser mir.

„… ja?“ Und kratzte meinen Kopf.

Mädchen: super antwort, hast du lust mit uns was zu essen zu gehen ?

Ich: Nachdem ich fertig war mit umsehen zeigte ich den Finger auf mich welcher auch noch zitterte und sagte „Äh ja ok“

Und als ich gerade mitkommen wollte kam einer ihrer Freundinnen und zerrte sie am Arm mit. Danach gingen beide los und ich dachte ich laufe mit..

Freundin von Mädchen: Du lass mal gut sein, wir müssen jetzt los. Übrigens ist deine Hose beim reden runter gerutscht falls dus immernoch nicht bemerkt hast.

Das war der peinlichste Moment meiner Existenz.. Meine Hose rutschte von selbst runter ohne das ichs bemerkte.. Kein Wunder das die Leute so komisch glotzten.

Meine Nervosität war ab da unter dem Boden und jedes mal wenn ich unterwegs sein musste, überprüfte ich ob meine Hosen noch da waren. Wenn ich aber mal bei Besuch unter den Familienmitgliedern im eignen Haus war, überprüfte ich im Bad ob meine Unterhose noch da war.

Meine Probleme nahmen zu.. Ich war mir sicher das Nachts irgendwer im Haus war. Ich hörte Schritte und ein Kratzen neben meinem Zimmer aber war zu ängstlich die Tür zu öffnen. Am nächsten morgen sah ich unsere neue Hauskatze..

Ich ging wieder ins bad und überprüfte…

Herbstzeit- Vitaminmangelzeit? Wenn ja, welches denn?

Heute ist unser Wetter, so typisch Deutschlandwetter im Herbst. Und zwar so:

Photo by Valeriia Miller on

Fällt euch was auf? Richtig.

Keine Sonne, dunkel, Regen, windig, kalt.

So richtiges „Mistwetter“ eben.

Da nützt auch der, recht abgedroschene Spruch „es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur….“ ihr wisst schon welchen Spruch ich meine, der nützt da nix.

Überlegen wir nun kurz, welches Vitamin uns da fehlen könnte?

Richtig, ein Wohlfühlvitamin, welches hauptsächlich durch Licht und Sonnenschein in unseren Körper gelangt.

Dies ist Vitamin D3. Das 3 steht dafür, dass es im Gegensatz zu Vitamin D1, D2, D4 und D5 im Körper hergestellt werden kann.

Durch, wohlgemerkt Sonneneinstrahlung.

Fun Fact: Wer sich sonnt und danach duscht, hat leider keine Strahlung aufgenommen, da dies mehrere Stunden dauert.

Vitamin D1 bis D5 sind künstlich hergestellte Vitamine, wobei auch ein D3, welches wir kaufen dann logischerweise nicht aus der Sonne entstammt, welche auf unsere Haut traf.

Weiterhin muss ich hinzufügen, dass Vit D3 KEIN Vitamin im eigentlichen Sinne ist, sondern die Vorstufe eines Hormons, welches dann im Körper daraus produziert wird, in Leber und Nieren, dass sogenannte Cholecalciferol.

Da dieses Thema wirklich, so fast einer unendlichen Geschichte gleicht, werde ich mich wirklich kurz fassen. Und einfach mal erwähnen, dass man mittlerweile seinen Vitamin D3 Spiegel, auch ganz locker zu Hause / Per Post testen lassen kann. Sich also nervige Arztbesuche sparen kann, bei einem Arzt, der einem am Ende erzählen will, dass man entweder Vit D3 nicht benötigt, oder der Spiegel „völlig im Normbereich sei“.

Habt ihr schon einmal Euren D3 Spiegel im Blut testen lassen? Ich ja. Ihr müsst euch nur in den Finger picksen, auf eine Karte tippen, dass ganze einpacken und ins Labor schicken. Die Auswertung kommt per Post und Internet.

Wenn man vor hat, seinen Spiegel im Blut testen zu lassen, gilt es zwei Dinge zu beachten. 1. Muss man mindestens eine Woche vorher aufhören künstliches Vitamin D3 einzunehmen und 2. darf man die Blutprobe nicht in die Sonne halten, da das Ergebnis dadurch verfälscht wird.

Wenn man das Ergebnis bekommt (man kann damit auch seine Kinder testen lassen, auch wenn ein großer Teil der Kinderärzte gern erzählt, dass Kinder kein Vitamin D3 brauchen, dass stimmt nicht. Die wenigsten Kinder gehen heutzutage noch so ausführlich lange in die Sonne, dass auch Kinder schon Vitamin D3 Mangel haben – und andere Mängel)

wenn man also das Ergebnis hat und es besteht ein Mangel, sollte man auf alle Fälle zuerst einmal seinen Magnesiumspiegel auf Normallevel bringen, bestenfalls hat man auch hier ein Blutbild. Und darüber Bescheid wissen, dass Vitamin D3 ohne Magnesium fast schon sinnlos ist, einzunehmen.

Es gehört noch ein weiteres Vitamin dazu – K2- welches in guten Präparaten aus der Apotheke mittlerweile hinzugefügt ist. Wenn Ihr Euch das ganze in der Apotheke holt, geht aber nicht davon aus, dass die freundliche Dame hinterm Tresen darüber Bescheid weis.

Die meisten wissen es nicht. Wie leider auch viele Kinderärzte und warnen davor. Weil sie entweder nicht up to Date sind oder aus anderen Gründen nicht Bescheid wissen.

Ich werde euch übrigens keine Produktempfehlung geben, obwohl ich das könnte. Ich empfehle euch, dass ihr euch informiert auf den Seiten der Ärzte, die wirklich darüber Bescheid wissen. Das ist einmal Herr Dr. med von Helden, der in Deutschland die Aufklärerrolle übernimmt und dessen Seite ich jedem empfehle, der auf dem neuesten Stand sein will:

Und Herr Doktor Schweighardt:

Ich kann es nur noch mal wiederholen, was ich gern und oft sage. Wer sich informiert hat und hat testen lassen und den Mangel beheben will.. Hört bitte nicht auf die veralteten Meinungen uninformierte Menschen, sondern richtet euch nach wissenschaftlichen Expertenerkenntnissen.

Also nehmt genau dass, was ihr benötigt um einen entsprechend hohen Spiegel zu bekommen und sucht euch Menschen, die Bescheid wissen und es selbst so tun oder getan haben.

Schönen Tag und gutes Gelingen

The New Job – Escape ? …!

As i turned slowly around while my heart was pounding like never before, a being stood in front of me.

It had a foil over the head like a coat and i couldnt see the face. My feat were stuck of fear while i looked at it.

A few seconds later … my vision got blurry and the scene changed. Suddenly that damn thing was gone and i runned downstairs because the door was now a brick wall. I opened the door and thought that this would be the way to hell..

The hallway was full of … i dont know how to describe it.. it was full of bloody body parts that were alive. They were moving and the wall was bleeding while the shattered light bulps worked again.

The scene changed again infront of my eyes. It was like a split second… just like before… But why was this happening to me.. i just want to get the hell out of here.

The hallway seemed normal just as always and i was still panicking and hoping to find another exit.

„“CLICK – BOOOM““ – A loud explosion ? But where ? Nothing could explode here ? The generators?

My heart was racing even faster when i thought about it… but it was true.. the lights were turning off one by one. I needed to get my lighter, quickly!

I ran into my office and picked up the lighter „BAM“ – The door got closed on its own again.

Every step was fearful and something told me.. something had fun with me being afraid.

As i held my lighter and moved slowly forward, i thought about what would happen when i loose all my light resources.. The only thing left was my lighter dammit.

I opened the door and held my lighter upfront to see were i was going to. I still needed to get out of here somehow, but how when the damn door dissapeared ? ..

While i walked down the hallway, a door opened slowly .. And flash light was coming out of there.. like something making fotos in there?

As i approached the room, i saw that damn being laying down there with a coat and full of blood. I knew that this thing wasnt supposed to be here! It was laying on the metal plattform which was used to inspect the fresh dead bodys.. Was this the missing body ? I didnt cared but the camera was still flashing, i picked it up and looked through it while pressing the button… dont ask me why i did that, i thought i just needed to..

That thing suddenly was standing before me and i panicked, looking again through it and pressing the flash button. It dissapeared again and i could breath for few minutes.. How did this camera came here ? Atleast it had flash and was showing something in the darkness i thought.

So i ran through the floor with my lighter and the camera and whenever something strange appeared, i flashed it. Seemed to work so it had to work on the damn wall too!

As i ran, i heard a loud monstrous voice that was chasing me. I turned the camera around and flashed it i thought, but the scream was coming closer and closer as i approached the door.

Again i ripped open the exit door and looked through the glass, but the thing was gone.. I walked up the stairs and turned left .. There it was ..

The door was there again? .. i had enough and just in case, pointed the camera at it and pressed the button.

That damn thing was standing again in front of me..

I didnt run away.. instead i threw the camera at it and ran screaming towards it. The camera shattered … and so did my nose while i lost consciousness..

The next day ..

„HEY …HEY! what happend ? Can you hear me?“ a colleague of mine asked while i was still dizzy.

„What happend here ? Is everything okay? You didnt responded to any calls so the Headquarters called me to check“ she said.

„Iam so glad to see you jane!“ as i was standing up.

The door behind her was open and i could feel the wind.

„I quit! And you should too jane.. I would be dead now“ i said while i walked by her, outside.

„Finally fresh air oh my god.. i thought i was going to really die“ i said while i walked few meters away from the building.

„So you didnt took the pill? You saw it didnt you.. “ she said to me while she was smiling.

„You knew ? What the hell jane!?“

As she looked at me, i backed further away .. There it was .. That thing stood right behind her.

„BEHIND YOU JANE“ i screamed

She just smiled and got ripped inside while the door did shut loud… I just ran as fast as i could to my car and drove away without ever looking back..

They can keep their fucking money!

Dreams – Death Parkour

After falling asleep i found myself back in a once dreamed area with the same people. I didnt really knew who all these people were but i was sure that i needed to search my wife. We were all suddenly in a parkourish – texas chainsaw massacre movie alike place. It was a wide area […]

The New Job – The Truth about the Crematory

After few months of tough work, ive came to the conclusion that the pill was just a form of placebo for our minds.

Since everywhere cameras got installed, we were always watched and didnt risk to loose our jobs, but the toiletts seemed to be clear.

I mean what could happen if i let the pill slip just this once ? I was about to find out.

So i took out the pill, opened the capsule and flushed it down the broken toilett. It was a wonder, the first time the toilett was working. The pill seemed to help atleast something.

I went back to work and i felt normal.

I took my key from the locker and i wanted to go outside to smoke but ..the door was closed or stuck, i couldnt go out at all. Nothing odd about it, i’ll smoke later when i finish work i thought.

The list was long this shift.

So what do we got ?

1. Check the bodys inside cabin A1, A7, A3, B4, B6

2. Make sure that the decomposing bodys are all inside the chambers

3. Report all data to HQ

Even if that didnt sounded much, it was quite nerve wrecking to do this inside that enviroment.

I went down the hallway, left and right were always metal beds and every bed was seperated with a dividing sheet. What use had these things at all in a place with dead people i asked myself. It surely screwed around with our minds.

My steps were loud, and suddenly, in the brink of a sight, i saw a big dark figure infront of me and the lights got out…

„What the fuck was that !?!!? .. Did i imagine things?“ – while i walked down to the cabins, questioning what happend. I didnt let myself get distracted, ive had work to do.

A1,A7 and A3 were alright…

I opened B4… „What !? A body is missing ?! Was it stolen? There is no report either about a missplacement. Ive got to report right now!!“

While i was walking the hallway back to my office, i saw the same image of a monster again but this time it was longer „Ohh god… is this all in my head ?..lets fucking move“

I came to my office, picked up the phone and called the HQ in the city .. „Sorry right now we are unavailable and will call you back“ …

Suddenly the radio started playing a weird tone, i walked slowly towards it but it stopped .. a few steps i went back and the lamp of my office exploded „KSSSSSCHHH“ …

It scared the hell out of me, „Fuck this, i quit! I fucking quit big time, gotta get my key and get the hell out of this place“ while i was shaking in fear.

I searched my key inside the locker room but it was nowhere to be found, i was sure that i placed it tight in my pocket… What the hell was just going on ?

Suddenly the toilett doors openend.. The door was dark but in front was the key, hanging on a chain while swinging around.

Who took it from me and placed it right there? There was no one inside this building but i didnt cared anymore, i wanted to run out of this doomed building.

I walked up to the door, picked up the key and slowly walked backwards, the door got slammed loud and out of nowhere! I started to run back to the hallway towards the exit.

I ran for my life…. every step was bringing me closer but i felt a presence … or was it my imagination? I heard more footsteps while i was running, but when i looked back, no one was there until.. another light bulp popped and i saw a demon that started to chase me, while more and more light bulps started to explode.

„Nonononono run faster you cunt“ i was screaming inside me while i finally approached the exit door and went upstairs. I saw through the door glas but… no one was there.

Not thinking about anything else but to escape, i went up and around the corner…

My hopes of escape got shattered …

„The door… HOW ..“ it was all chained up and the handle was missing.

Ive heard a breath behind me …

The New Job …

I was a doctor in a nice city, had the best clients and never to worry at all.

But one day, my little bitch of a girlfriend left me because i wanted to do a job further out the city. They were paying me alot more …

Why didnt i listened to her? I should blame myself… She warned me about it..

Nothing good was heard from that place, but the payment was too good to say no.

As i started working in the crematory asylum, she said that my health was decreasing. I wasnt even looking at her or talking much at that time..

This place was just a living nightmare and every minute was managable with cheap cigaretts.

I thought i was acting normal, but i only was loosing my mind down there.

She left, and my world crashed.. Not because she left, but because she took secretly money from my account …


„Deep breath..“ – anyway.. lets continue on what happend there..

The first time i was inside the building, i was there with three colleagues which got supervised by one invisible boss.. We never saw our actual boss and every corner was filled with cameras.

I always wondered why.. It was like every step was watches specially to secure our health they said..

They gave us a pill but never told what was inside it. They only mentioned that this little red/blue pill would give us…more concentration and power at work. To be honest i didnt felt anything but it was calming the mind a little, so we all took it without asking too much.

The building was extremely rusty and dirty, the toilets broken and the corners stinky … This place had never been cleansed before ? I asked myself daily. The workplace itself was better than nothing but compared to my work in the city, it was an absolute nightmare.

The floor were long and hardly lightend, it was really scary when working alone often. After a time of working inside the facility, i was aware of paranormal activitys but those were little things to bother.

Our job was to check the dead bodys in the cooling room as a routine check up and to make sure that the decomposing bodys were in the right place.

It was always a real horror when it was raining loud outside in the middle of nowhere, every contact breached and the only working phone was to our boss or security which .. we never saw as well.

Following the rules was the key to not get insane in there. Besides the looks of that place, the working atmosphere was cold, every step was loud and even a little drop of water could scare you every second. It was a place for people with strong nerves, but the reality was different ..

My co-workers always worked together and when they left, i was going to my shift which i didnt liked at all.. Being alone there ..with flickering lights and dead bodys.. but hey.. money right?

One day two workers left and told that they were too scared working there anyomore, i was curious about what really happend, they were working already six months and now they were leaving ? Sounded strange but it was actually not uncommon here. Everyone left with mostly the same sentence

„Run as long as you can, the pill dulls the truth about this place“.

It runs chills down my spine … i shouldve never even thought about it..

To be continued …

The Room on the Hills

I was with a group of 6 people. Three guys and three girls.

We were walking casually around and the area seemed unfamiliar. While it was getting dark, we came across a splitting route which lead either up or to the right, down the city.

The two girls and a guy went up and i told them not to go because i felt something bad up there.. They didnt listen..

Than a old lady started screeming to never go up there but it seemed already too late.

The other two wanted to go up when they heard that they might dissapear but i really wanted to not go there because i knew what was going on from the first time i had this dream.

So we went up because i still was unconscious to realise the dream.

We came to a rather rusty and old looking house with a little see around it. Everywhere was plastic and dirty pollutions, it looked all contaminated.

Suddenly we all fell asleep and woke up inside a container where we were lying down on our backs side by side.

We stood up and suddenly a movie on the wall was shown out of nowhere. The movie showed how we killed and cut up two people but i knew that this place was fucking with our minds.

Than two woman and a guy appeared naked, bloody faces and many cuts around their bodys with sharp teeth.

The woman was laying down and ready to be fucked while it looked straight at me .. I only knew that this bitch was going to do something else for the next victims, so i stepped back and watched from an outer perspective what the others did.

The ugly monster guy was telling that everyone likes to be poked in their ass and i felt like watching tv but more with interactive options, i said „What the fuck NO!“ – while i tried to pull back the guy and girl from those freaks.

And yes, i didnt knew their names at all.

After i couldnt pull them back, i started to move backwards and now something weird happend again, just like many of my dreams.

The screen pushed itself forwards and backwards for a second and i was „back inside“ the dream. The scene changed and everyone including those freaks dissapeared. The two were lying on the ground unconscious but back with their clothes on.

I was standing outside out of nowhere and i saw how these freaks made the little movie. They used wood puppets and threw an illusion over it, so the wood bodys couldnt be seen. Than they trapped their victims and showed what they did, after the movie was finished, they wanted to give them their punishment .. or as i say, some freaks were horny for your energy.

We all were standing back in the room and i was pissed about the dream, neither could i wake up so i needed to finish the dream quickly.

I started to throw mannequins into white containers until the room was clean and the doors opened. We all went out and knew that all this, was just a hallucination ..but where did the other three go?

I forgot to mention the pool full of blood, body pieces and heads.. Maybe there ?

What is the real purpose of life ? – Here is the Answer!

You might think now that we will tell you the same crap, just like many others Telling you „You give meaning to your life and you got to find it“ or whatever. Lets cut that straight to the point. Youre not a human and youre not here to serve a „greater purpose“ or be a […]

Happy Birthday to me

Und ein Geschenk für euch!

A Killers Diary – The Eye Garden

Hello Diary,

Today was another big day …just as always.

My doll collections are ready and another joung body was just brought to me.

This body was perfect for the new garden! A childrens young and juicy organs and body parts

First i smashed the head in two pieces and took out the brain.

The brain i put on a stick and placed it next to the eye collection in the lower left side. I was forming a picture with the brains but i needed more for it. It was rotting away and i needed those fotos to sell it on the dark web. Many liked my collections and sent me more bodies for free.

Anyway, today its all about eyes! So i took the eyes out of the head and washed them in the contaminated blood from the other bodies. It gave the eyes the perfect rotting effect.

After that, i made juice of one eye and injected it in the doll collection body’s to increase the horror when i should get captured.

The other eye i stabbed trough with a fork and hand it on the tree of suicide.

YES i do have names for anything in my garden and house. But what people really love is the yearly roundhouse visit.

You know diary, the problem with these people are their stupidity. I just placed fotos of dead people online and just wrote on it „Self made silicone death body“. That was and still is enough to convince these dumb fucks that all of my collections are silicone figures, but in reality its the real nightmare.

Now stop! I know what you might think. You may ask now how no one is noticing the missing children and woman right?

It is very simple, just read the text again, my injections of rotting effects the entire bodys and faces dissapear… quite fast!

Theres a reason why my park is presented only once a year! XD

Enough for today diary, next time it will be more fun!

Ill head out and rape my screaming doll collections.. bye.

Oh and dont worry the wallpaper, thats how my doll collections look for me!

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Das Leben eines Nervösen

Es begann schon in der 5ten Klasse. Das Sprechen vor meinen Mitschülern war schwer erträglich weil sie entweder lachten oder ich es selbst tat, während ich gleichzeitig anfing zu heulen. Das blieb so. Bis zur 10ten Klasse war ich eine Suse wie meine Mitschüler mich beschrieben. Aber sind wir ehrlich, kennt ihr das Gefühl nicht, […]

An’s Crystal Puzzle Pieces

There was once a soul who was very corrupted by power and greed.

This soul caused several super solar system war’s and many planets were burning..

There was a team of eight … he was one of those eight but haunted and afraid of the black dimensional beings.

Through the unlimited ways of playing this game, they opened a portal to a different dimenion but everything they knew was reversed.

Good was pure evil – Food was pure flesh – Death was pure joy.

These beings were unstoppable and they killed and corrupted everything.

An was afraid and so we were too.. These beings were dangerous and they could harvest all energy for themselves and bring forth the evil side of a soul.

Before An bursted into many crystals, he sent himself away into the universe and exploded in manyfold pieces.

These crystals are now being searched and used by those who knew there powers from rumors.

The dark beings are everywhere now and no one really knows where the rest of the team is.

They have to remember .. That they have to get the fuck out of here, and that bullshit in their minds are far more dangerous than the beings from the other worlds.

An is probably housing somewhere chilly, or he is trapped in a different dimension, waiting for someone to collect and bringing him back..

Well An .. That shit was caused by you, this is a game, find your way out of the labyrinth..

And to everyone who remembers … You know where the meeting table is

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Bist Du eine „alte“ Seele?

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Katjas Bauchladen:
Ich werde oft gefragt: „Was ist eigentlich los mit mir? Ich fühl mich hier so fehl am Platz, was stimmt denn mit mir nicht?“ Nun eigentlich stimmt alles mit dir. Es ist nur so, dass viele von uns dieses Leben nun eben nicht zum ersten Mal leben, sondern…

Die verloren gegangene Seele – Kurzgeschichte

Es war einmal, vor unglaublich langer Zeit, eine Seele. Die gerade erst frisch erschaffen worden war.

Diese Seele, war nicht wie all die anderen Seelen, die er erschaffen hatte. Sie war irgendwie anders. Einzigartig.

So kam es, dass er diese Seele teilte, um von ihrer Schönheit zwei zu haben.

Dies gefiel den anderen Seelen natürlich nicht und sie fragten, warum er nur diese eine Seele teilte und nicht ihre Seelen auch.

Diese Seele ist anders als ihr, sprach er, ihr seid vollkommen, diese aber ist so strahlend und rein und leuchtet wie eine ganze Galaxie voller Sterne.

Ihr seid zufrieden mit euch selber, diese aber, wäre alleine niemals mit sich selbst zufrieden, so kam es, dass ich sie teilen musste.

Die anderen Seelen, fanden das nicht gerecht, beschlossen aber zu schweigen.

Die frisch geteilte Seele aber, begann ihr Gegenstück zu betrachten und zu fragen „willst du dich wieder mit mir vereinen?“

Ihr Gegenstück betrachtete sie und sagte „irgendwann vielleicht, aber zuerst lass uns Erfahrungen sammeln.“

Der Seele gefiel diese Antwort nicht. Sie war ja nun auch nicht mehr vollkommen. Sondern hatte nun Charakterzüge, die man nun als Dualität feststellen konnte.

War sie sanft und leise, war ihr Gegenstück laut und frech.

Sie waren Yin und Yang. Immer das Gegenteil vom anderen.

Die anderen Seelen betrachteten beide, wie ein Schauspiel und tuschelten leise, so dass ER, der die neue Seele geteilt hatte, es nicht hören konnte.

„Schaut sie euch nur an. Männlich und weiblich. Was auch immer, aber keinesfalls vollkommen.“

Die halbe Seele aber, hörte dies und flog zu ihrem Gegenstück „hörst du was sie sagen?“ Obwohl ihr Gegenstück dies durchaus gehört hatte, sagte er nichts weiter dazu.

„Lass sie reden. Sie können nicht unsere Erfahrungen machen und sind eifersüchtig, weil sie niemanden haben, der ihnen für immer gehört und ihnen Gesellschaft leistet.“

Die halbe Seele war zufrieden.

Ein paar Jahrtausende ging dieses Spiel. Sie waren ununterbrochen zusammen und gefielen sich sehr und ignorierten die anderen Seelen, die außer sich selbst niemanden hatten.

Er aber, der den beiden halben Seelen gern zuschaute, hatte schon längst begonnen, ohne große Weitsicht, auch die anderen Seelen zu teilen,

Immer männlich und weiblich. Immer jeweils ein Paar, welches für immer zusammen gehören würde.

Allerdings rechnete er nicht damit oder ignorierte den Fakt, dass in der Dualität auch negative Energien entstanden, welche begannen den Seelen, unschöne Dinge einzuflüstern.

So begab es sich, dass die Paare sich trennten, auf der Suchen nach einer Hälfte, die wohl besser zu ihnen passen würde.

Was für ein Chaos. Was ein Fehlschlag.

Mittlerweile hatte auch unsere erste halbe Seele, dies bemerkt und war darüber traurig. Musste sie doch nun mit ansehen, dass sich andere Seelen, an ihre geliebte zweite Hälfte heranwagten und ihr unschöne Sachen zuflüsterten.

Irgendwann erklärte ihre zweite Hälfte auch das ganze nicht mehr, so dass die Seele dachte, es wäre besser zu verschwinden. Man kommt bestimmt auch alleine zurecht.

So geschah es eines Morgens, dass die halbe Seele weg war. Verschwunden.

Niemand wusste, wo sie abgeblieben war.

Ihre zweite Hälfte erkannte, was sie falsch gemacht hatte und begab sich auf die Suche nach ihr.

Nicht ahnend, dass diese Suche alle Welten durchlaufen und alle Zeiten durchdauernd würde.

Die zweite Hälfte war enttäuscht und wollte nicht gefunden werden. Auch ihr hatten negative Seelen viel Unsinn eingeredet und sie wusste nicht mehr, wem sie glauben soll.

Zum Glück, hatte er, der beide erschaffen hatte, immer ein Auge auf sie, so dass ihr nie etwas wirklich schlimmes zustoßen konnte.

Aber ob ihre zweite Hälfte, sie wiederfand oder sie selbst beschloss zurück zu kehren, dass ist eine andere Geschichte.

Experiment M – Teil 2

Kapitel 1 – zum nachlesen :

Lets go.

Ich weiss nicht, wie lange ich ohne Bewusstsein war.

Es muss Jahrhunderte gewesen sein. Als ich wieder zur Besinnung kam, fand ich mich inmitten einer Menschenmenge wieder.

„Verdammt“ dachte ich. „Soll das so sein?“ Als ich an mir herunter blickte, bemerkte ich, dass ich genauso aussah, wie die Menschen die um mich herumwirbelten und an mir vorbei stürmten.

„Jetzt wären Informationen und Anweisungen schön“ dachte ich, aber noch ehe ich mich versah, tippte mir jemand auf die Schulter.

Ich fuhr herum. Hinter mir stand ein alter Mensch, ein Mann. Mit Hut, Nickelbrille und wissenden Augen, sowie einem schelmischen Grinsen im Gesicht.

„Hey, ich habe auf Dich gewartet. Folge mir.“

Er drehte sich um und ging durch das Gewimmel von Menschen, in einer Geschwindigkeit, die ich ihm gar nicht zugetraut hätte. Während ich versuchte Schritt zu halten, Laufen als Mensch unterschied sich zum Glück nicht sonderlich von unserer üblichen Fortbewegungsweise, fing in meinem Kopf an ein Gewitter aus Gedankenblitzen zu entstehen.

Eigentlich wollte ich in diesen Momenten stehenbleiben oder sitzen und sie sammeln und sortieren und einordnen, aber ich lief immer noch hinter dem alten Mann her und musste mich bemühen, ihn inmitten der Menschenmenge nicht zu verlieren.

„Wo kommen all diese Menschen her?“ Das es so viele waren, war mir beim planen der Expedition irgendwie gar nicht aufgefallen.

Zum Glück wurden es weniger und der Mann hatte schon bemerkt, dass ich Mühe hatte ihm zu folgen und so drosselte er sein Tempo und lief mittlerweile neben mir.

Ich begann zu schnaufen. Dieses Sauerstoffaufnahme und Atmensystem war mir unbekannt und ich hatte Angst, mein neuer Körper könnte einfach versagen und ich wäre gezwungen mir einen neuen zu suchen.

Der alte Mann schien meine Gedanken lesen zu können und schlug vor, eine Pause zu machen.

„Wo führen sie mich überhaupt hin?“ fragte ich ihn. Er schaute mich grinsend an. „Keine Frage, wer ich bin?“

Ich schaute ihn leicht unwirsch an, „Wer schon auf mich gewartet hat, wird mich wohl kennen und sich gleich zu erkennen geben.“

Das Grinsen in seinem Gesicht wurde zu einem lauten Lachen.

„Ich erkenne an deiner Mimik, Du bist genauso mies drauf, wie immer.“

Leider hatte ich tatsächlich noch keinen Plan, wen genau ich vor mir hatte. Allerdings hoffte ich schon nicht mehr, dass es mein Mann sei. Der hätte mich nämlich richtig begrüßt und sich zu erkennen gegeben.

Dementsprechend, war ich tatsächlich schon frustriert und angesäuert, dass es wieder nur einer der Typen sein konnte, die mir schon auf dem Schiff immer auf die Nerven gingen.

„Womit hab ich das verdient“ seufzte ich leise und setzte mich zu ihm, der sich mittlerweile auf etwas gesetzt hatte, was die Menschen Parkbank nannten.

Da ich ja nun wusste, dass dies nicht mein Mann war, setzte ich mich mit gebührendem Abstand neben ihn, er grinste nur. Alle auf dem Schiff wussten, dass meine ganze Liebe und Aufmerksamkeit meinem Liebsten galt und ich mich, genau wie er auch, niemals auch nur auf eine Anmache oder gar einen Flirt einlassen würde. Geschweige denn, mich innerhalb meines Distanzbereiches zu einem anderen Mann setzen.

Trotz allem musste ich jetzt herausfinden, wer neben mir saß und wie es nun weiter ging.

An der Planung war ich leider nur auszugsweise beteiligt, da Brian und Torben diese Pläne gern ohne uns ausdiskutierten und schrieben. Und ja, ich hasste das durchaus.

Andererseits, hätten wir unsere Pläne selbst schreiben können, hätte ich vermutlich erst einmal 1000 Jahre Urlaub mit meinem Mann hineingeschrieben. Vermutlich wussten die zwei, dass ganz genau.

Meine Gedanken wanderten zu meinem Mann und da der alte Mann neben mir, auch seinen Gedanken nachhing, begann ich telepathisch nach ihm zu rufen.

„Hmm.. nix.“ Seufzte ich, leider etwas zu laut, denn mein Banknachbar blickte mich fragend an. „Nichts, schon gut.“ Sagte ich.

Um dieses unangenehme Schweigen zu benden und da ich auch nicht glaubte, dass der Kerl sich freiwillig outen würde, wer er denn nun ist, schaute ich ihn an und fragte ihn „Na Chef, wie gehts jetzt weiter?“ Okay. Das Grinsen kannte ich und wusste nun auch, wen ich vor mir hatte.

„Wir warten“ sagte er. „Ja, nichts,was ich nicht jetzt schon wüsste.“ Ich zog eine Augenbraue hoch und schaute ihn Stirnrunzelnd an. „Wie lange warten wir nun und auf wen?“ Ob ich darauf eine klare Antwort bekommen würde, war fraglich.

Um uns herum brach schon die Dämmerung ein und alles was noch da war, waren wir zwei auf der Parkbank und ein paar Vögel, die vor uns hin und her liefen und scheinbar darauf hofften, etwas zu fressen zu bekommen.

Da fiel mir etwas ein.

„Brian, sag mal. Menschen müssen doch essen und trinken und so weiter. Haben wir doch drüber gesprochen. Wann müssen sie das eigentlich. Und eigentlich leben die doch nicht auf Parkbänken?“

Brian grinste und meinte, „ja du hast recht, aber wir müssen warten.“

„Pfffff.. ich schnaufte und schaute wieder zu den Tauben. „Worauf wir warten, auf wen, kannst du mir wohl nicht sagen?“ Brian lachte.

„Okay, ich vermute Du weist es selber nicht.“ Lachte ich nun, weil der Gesichtsausdruck den er machte, mir das tatsächlich bestätigte.

„Nun hocken wir hier, wie zwei Penner und warten offenbar auf den Chef.. der wie immer schon auf sich warten lässt, damit er einen großen Auftritt hinlegen kann.“

Brian lachte immer noch. Und mittlerweile glaubte ich fast, dass der alte Mann, in den er gestiegen war plötzlich um Jahre verjüngt aussah. Da wir diese Technologie auf unseren Schiffen hatten, vermutete ich, hatte Brian diese irgendwie mit auf die Erde nehmen können und nutzte sie nun.

Schweinerei. Wieso musste ich immer die Körper nehmen die mir zugeteilt wurden. Ich wusste bis dahin noch nicht einmal wie ich aussah, geschweige denn ob ich männlich oder weiblich war. Verstohlen begann ich mich abzutasten.

Brian bemerkte es allerdings doch und begann nun zu so laut zu lachen, dass die Tauben vor Schreck aufflogen. Er wischte sich vor Lachen sogar die Tränen aus den Augen.

„Was glaubst Du, wer oder was du bist. Wir haben dir natürlich einen weiblichen Körper rausgesucht, ich dachte, wir könnten auf diese Art vielleicht unseren Spaß…“

Weiter kam er nicht, denn ich war außer mir vor Wut aufgesprungen und hatte ihn an den Schultern gepackt. Von der Power des weiblichen Körpers überrascht, verzog er vor Schreck und Schmerz sein Gesicht und sah mich mit angstgeweiteten Augen an.. Er kannte mein Temperament und bemerkte zeitgleich, dass er diesen Witz nicht hätte reißen dürfen.

„Ich glaub ich höre nicht recht. Sei froh, dass mein Mann nicht…“

Jetzt kam ich nicht weiter, denn mir tippte wiedermals einer auf die Schulter.

Tja … wie geht es weiter? Bleibt dran 😉

Beyond contacts and channeling

So, today a short blog about channeling.

Channeling means, that there is a medium, which is able to communicate with the otherworld – BUT it normally doesn’t „call“ a known „spirit“. But it (he or she) enters the frequency of the spiritual world (trance) and simply expects the one who wants to communicate with it.

The whole thing also works without trance, but this version requires a good talent or much practice. I personally don’t care about trance, because I can do the whole thing without numbing my senses.

So what are otherworldly contacts, this is the conscious establishment of contact or let’s say rather the „attempt“ to get in contact with a – to us or our clients – known, already deceased soul of a deceased person or animal.
With Channeling comes – who wants. That is the danger of it.

Channeling is for example also Ouja Boards with which we simply „spark“ into the astral worlds and everyone who wants to answer us.
This can be a real mental disaster for inexperienced people or even young people or children who just want to have „fun“.

Be aware that the attempt to contact you is almost always reciprocated and even if you have such a contact in your soul plan, sorry, normally you have forgotten this part of your plan!

So it can happen that you suddenly believe „God is speaking to you“ or you have invited an entity to come to you, which then hangs on you like an energetic burdock.
All of this is already planned in the life plan, but it also says that some people may not be able to cope with it mentally and may become ill.

This risk is not given with planned afterlife-contacts to known and dear deceased people.

Nevertheless, I love channelings, however, I also have appropriate training, yes there really are! received and could do a lot of things even before the training.
I am not only able to feel who or what is communicating with me, I can also see and hear it on good days.

I like to communicate with the spiritual world and also with so-called extraterrestrials. A few years ago I got my personal spiritual team „back“ with which I can do spiritual healings.

If you have experienced „supernatural phenomena“ that you could not explain to yourself or want to know more about. Ask us and follow us!